(1941-11-14) Late Night Supper at the Cauldron
Details for Late Night Supper at the Cauldron
Summary: Bit of a late night at the Leaky Cauldron when two M.L.E.rs come to the pub hoping for a bit of Elly pampering.
Date: November 14th, 1941
Location: London - East End - Leaky Cauldron

The sound of the slow fall rain onto the streets of London can be heard just outside the Leaky Cauldron. The sun long since retired for the night, the inky blackness seems to be crawling and creeping up battling the light for supremacy. The door slowly opens and Arthur enters, stopping for a brief moment before shaking the rain off him, his hand moving up and running across his hair staring at the water on his hand for a moment, before muttering and pulling his trench coat closer to him, his brown eyes moving across the place for a moment.

After a long moment he shrugs and moves over to the bar and slips onto a bar stool. His hand moved across the bar top for a long moment as if he was thinking about something long and hard, before shaking his head. The Leaky Cauldron, seems to be doing as well as it always has, people coming and going, ordering drinks and such. Arthur's hand comes up and he rubs the bridge of his nose and eyes at the same time.

Not long after, another person comes into the pub from the Muggle side. It is a grey-clad witch, though her hat is folded over to look like a rather ugly evening hat, her robes are kirtled up to look like a longish dress and her cloak is draped like a shawl. Once through the door, though, she brushes her clothing back into its proper shape. She is wet, though not inordinately so. She sighs and makes her way to another bar stool not far from Arthur.

Elly comes bustling out of the kitchen giving her husband a kiss as he passes her in the door, he's going in while she's going out. "Evening loverlies!" She greets the entire crowd present as she slides on her apron and takes up her tray. "Specials are some yummy Mulligatawny soup and for the dinner special, Lamb pie. In ye come! Let ol' Ells take good care of ye." The newcomers are addressed with the last bit and as per usual on a wet day, Elly angles a warm and toasting drying charm at them as she winds her way through the tables to help them get settled down.

Arthur looks like he is thinking for a long hard moment before he begins to tap his finger on his chin, "Dhinken dhat I going da have da, tongue hash an ah knotgrass mead, Dhank Ye Elly, ye know I'd strave iffen it wasn't fer ya." he says slowly giving her a small wink and a small nod, looking over at Effie, as he pulles out a small silver cigarette case and slips one of the Lucky Strikes out and slips it in his mouth and lights it taking a long hard drag off of it and blowing the smoke up towards the ceiling. "Raining." he says to Effie with a small nod, taking another drag and reaching over and pulling the ashtray closer to him.

"Could be worse. It could be snowing. Wouldn't be surprised to come home to snow soon. Winter! When I get traded the Highland cases." Effie clears her throat, then glances over at Elly. "Wouldn't happen to have parsnip soup and brown bread, would you?" She stretches a little, then shakes herself. "Actually, a table would be more comfortable. Would you like to join me?" she asks Arthur. "Those new forms for intake… not sure if they cause more work than they take away."

Elly gives a bit of Effie's hair a little sisterly like fiddle with, she ruffled it out of place when she dried Effie so it's only right that she preen it back into place. "Aye, for certain loverly." If it does seem like Effie is joining Arthur then the wench waits for the Auror to place the cigarette to a rest on the ashtray and then she slides it away while she leans over and fiddles with the settings. "Aye, starve and turn into something a sweep needs to jump in your gullet." Usually Elly is not such a prude about smoking, it seems like Effie sitting with Arthur is the catalyst in the change that Elly stubs out the cigarette and slides the bread basket closer in a 'eat this instead' manner. "Coming right up ye two." Then it's a bustle of purple skirts as she heads off to get their orders served up.

Arthur takes another long hard drag off his cigarette and slowly exhales the smoke, running his free hand across the top of his head slowly. "Eh, snow or rain, both just as bad." he says slowly with a nod to no one but himself really. "Both 'ill get ye wet." he simply says as he takes another drag, watching the bluish-grey smoke for a moment before, tapping the butt of his cigarette and watching the ash fall into the ashtray, before looking back up at her. "Eh, nah. I prefer dis." he simply says with a shrug. "Don't really pay addention da forms, do em when I have da, dhen I do em." he says as he rests his cigarette in the ashtray. "Wha case ye worken on?" he asks as he reaches to pick up his cigarette again and it's not there, and it's snuffed out, but there is bread, he looks at his dead cigarette then the bread, "Hoy! Hoy!" he says picking up the cigarette and staring at it for a moment, "Hoy…" he says in a heartbroken sounding voice.

"I'm in between cases," answers Effie. "Just closed a couple. I take the Tittinsor case rather personally…. but admittedly there are some who think it's no case for a woman. Putting out feelers about the Collector, too." She looks at the bread, then takes a small roll. "What are you working on?" Elly gets a small, half-startled, half-appreciative smile. "It *did* smell rather ghastly."

Elly bends over to give a little peck to the top of Arthur's head and she moves to pluck the cigaratte he's mourning about out of his hand. The great thing about the Leaky Cauldron is it's set up to rather quickly have the orders avialable. Even at this late out Elly has quickly returned and now as she once again tries to deprive Arthur of his cigarette she replaces it with his orer. "Affects the taste as well." She gives Arthur a sweet little smile. "Ye don' wish to nah be able to taste anyfing ye eat 'ere, ay?"

Arthur simply picks up a bite of bread and takes a small bite off of it, chewing on it for a moment before swallowing it, "Ilbert Carrow." he says simply. "Worken on dat, when dhey don't got nuffin else da doss on me plate." he says as he looks over Effie's face for a moment, staring at that smile of hers for a long moment, as if studying it. "Do ye realize yeh do dhat or is dhat unintentional?" he says pointing at her face, "Wit yer smile, I mean, is that your natural one or a trained one?" he says slowly, staring at her lips again slowly. Looking back at Elly he offers her a wink, "Tasde wha? Mayhaps, I like da hash da taste like cigarettes." he says picking up his mead and taking a sip, "Elly, ye spoilen meh ya know?" he says with a chuckle.

"Oh, and may I get some mulled mead?" Effie asks Elly. She tilts her head, staring at Arthur. "A trained smile? I beg your pardon? Oh. Oh, I see. No, it's a real smile. Why? Does it look odd or something? Smiles make the world a brighter place." She sighs, taking another bite of the bread. "And we could use some brightness. Some days it's been stressful enough to turn my stomach."

Elly smiles brightly at Effie, "That they do loverly! That they do!" It really is a rare day that Elly can't be found genuinely smiling. Especially with Jack home safe now. Never one to get an order wrong, but what she bustles back in a steaming mug is some warm apple cider with some honey in it for Effie. There is broccoli around her parsnip soup for dunking as well. It's not like Elly doesn't give little treats and tweaks to food for her favorites. And those in the M.L.E. are admittedly the folks that often receive the wenches accolades.

Arthur shrugs, "No reason." picking up his fork and taking a few bites of of his hash, he thinks about what she says for a long moment, before commenting. "World's as bright or as dark as we make it." he says simply with a nod. "Iffen yeh be haven a bad day, dhat just means some un is having a worse un." he says with a shrug, "Iffen ye woke up tomorrow an da headlines said, "No Dark Wizards Left" wha would ya dhink?" he says before taking a few more bites pulling out a cigarette and sitting it next to his plate.

"That the Daily Prophet editors had been drinking too much firewhiskey the night before. It's not like they're the most truthful…." Effie takes a sip from the cup, then tilts her head. "Mead all gone?" she asks softly. No angry protest here, just mild confusion. She takes a piece of broccoli to dunk, though as with her bread, she nibbles at it cautiously. "But if it were true? Really true? I'd be very, very happy."

Arthur can't help but chuckle a bit, he says quiet and simply takes a sip of his drink. His fork poking through the food slowly, before closing his eyes for a moment. "Any way on da lighder topics." he says with a nod. As he stands up and reaches into his coat pockets and pulling out a few coins, enough to cover the meal and of course a bit extra for Elly as always. "Back to da rain id seems." he says as he pulls his coat down and tighter around him, "Yeh, lovely ladies stay lovely." he says with the first playful grin of the night, "Especially you Inspector Grant, dry not da hide dhat smile of yers away?" he says with a chuckle, "Why iffen I can make a bet, all yeh need da do is smile at dhem and dhey just drop dhere wand and give up." he says as he starts to head out, shaking his head a bit.

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