(1941-11-17) Prejudices of the Founders
Details for Prejudices of the Founders
Summary: Coming in from the cold and wet, Samira and Mackenzie settle in for conversation by the fireplace.
Date: 1941-11-17
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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The Slytherin Common Room wasn't quite as cold or wet as the Owl Tower, but after shedding her outermost layers, Samira went off to fetch her blanket. Once a couple of second years had offered up their seat to an expectant Samira, the seventh year wrapped herself well in her blanket and settled down on her favorite couch. "Mmmm… warm. At last," she murmurs, sinking deep onto the sofa.

Mackenzie strips out of her outerwear and leaves it near the fire to dry before taking the few steps over and joining Samira on the couch. She settles in comfortably on the other side before turning to face Samira, one knee coming up onto the cushions in front of her so she sits with her back against the armrest. Leaning sideways against the back of the couch, she smiles warmly at Samira. "The rain only makes the cold allthemore miserable," she complains lightly.

Samira nods before glancing over at Mackenzie. "Mhm. Makes it sink into your bones. Awful." With a bit of a smile, she shifts to mirror Mackenzie's sideways lean against the back of the couch. Except she sinks lower and lower still until her head rests on the armrest. Legs folded, her feet encrouch onto Mackenzie's half, sneaking in just past the other girl's ankles. "Someone told me once that our common room is the coldest. Our windows look out into the lake."

"I believe it," Mackenzie says with a wry grin, "They stuffed us way down here in the dungeons and barely gave us any fire to warm ourselves with." She shakes her head, shifting a bit to give Samira enough room before looking over to gaze into the fire.

"You know," she says lazily, changing the subject, "Sometimes I wonder how they decide what to teach us and what not to. The information they keep hidden afraid we'll all grow up to be evil witches and wizards one day instead of giving us the opportunity to choose for ourselves what we want to be and how we want to behave."

Samira follows Mackenzie's gazes to the fireplace. A subtle smile quirks upon her lips. "I would imagine the prejudices go back to the founders. The curriculum at Heka is quite ancient. Hasn't changed. Tradition is quite important where I am from."

"Yes, I understand the curriculum there is quite different from here," Mackenzie responds. Her voice is thoughtful but not pressuring. "I think I would change things, if I were in charge. Teach some of the so-called forbidden magic. Arm people to defend themselves if needed." She gives the fire a smirk. "Because if you try to kill me, I -will- kill you first."

"Mm. That was not how such things were taught at the Heka School of Ancient Magic," murmures Samira in a rather soft tone. Her words won't carry much further beyond their sofa. "First, we are taught magical theory for many years. We learn of the weight we will bear should we learn such magics - the responsibility of their well measured application. Not all students go on to learn them. Only those judged capable."

Mackenzie nods slowly, considering this application. "Yes, that makes a great amount of sense," she says after a moment, finally turning to look at Samira, "Responsibility. That is what is deprived of here. The chance for responsibility. They don't trust us." She shakes her head and gives a lopsided smile. "But I rant on things that will never be changed," she says.

Samira glances over at Mackenzie, watching her out of the corner of her eye. "Mm. Quite true. What is and isn't permitted here was made quite clear to me. But yes. It surprises me that not even some healing magics are taught here. I had to work hard for Madam Spleen to teach me. I would have been useless as an intern at St. Mungo's otherwise."

Mackenzie licks her lips. "So that is your career goal, now? Healing?" she questions curiously, her eyes flicking over Samira in silent consideration. Reaching up, she scratches at her neck where her tie is loose and shirt unbuttoned, and has been all day. She then folds her hands in her lap, fidgeting idly with them as if she can't stand to not be in motion at all times.

Samira laughs with a light nod. "Yes. I'd not waste my time in the Infirmary otherwise. More than to be a healer thought - I'd like to research new healing magics. To develop spells. But to do that, I need to better master the healing arts." With a soft sigh, she sinks a bit lower and tries to sneak her feet (wrapped in the blanket) in between Mackenzie's side and the back of the couch. "I imagine it will take many years before I can develop such spells."

Mackenzie shifts, allowing Samira's feet behind her before laying back on them to keep them warm. "I wish I had any idea what I wanted to do in the future," she says wistfully, "I always just imagined Mother would marry me off to someone and my job would be running the household. She hasn't been making any effort to do such, though. Suppose I can actually pick my own husband." She gives a short laugh at this realization.

"Mm. You're fortunate," murmurs Samira with a bit of a smile before averting her gaze to the fireplace. "I'm expected to marry. But, I don't intend to let that impede my work and research. I imagine that I will marry someone with enough wealth to hire staff to run the household. Or perhaps he will even inheret a house elf."

"Never really considered myself fortunate," she says with a snort, though she doesn't argue Samira on the point, "If my father were still home, I'm sure we would have a much more collected household and she would be making arrangements. She imagines herself a pariah, though, and behaves like one on the fringes of society now, so it is unlikely anyone will come to her for a match." Her eyes fall down to her hands, still fidgeting in her lap. "Suppose that leaves it up to me, then, to secure the family's honor."

"It seems the world is open to you. And you can sieze your opportunities as you choose. Fortune smiles, yes? You have wealth to give you time enough to find what you wish to do. And for whom you wish to work." Despite the hint of an Arabic accent, Samira's English is impeccable - quite polished. "You are a Slytherin, yes? There must be ambition in your heart. Might be you haven't found it yet. I didn't know mine at first. But there is greatness waiting for you. For each of us in this noble house."

Mackenzie lifts her chin a bit as Samira talks, taking some pride in her words. "Perhaps I ought to start thinking about the future now," she says in serious consideration. Reaching up, she tucks some of her long hair behind her ear before flicking it over her shoulder, keeping the dark tresses out of her face. "Tell me, were you happier at Heka?" she questions in sincerity.

Samira blinks at the sudden question. She gazes at Mackenzie, as if measuring her. At last, she lifts a shoulder. "I was the foreigner there as well. The name 'Azam', the family name of my mother, meant something. But not Prince. And… mm… traditions were rigid. The 'asatidha - the teachers, it was such a battle for them to control me." Her smile grows as she remembers her younger years when her rebellion was more overt.

"I cannot stand the rigidity here," she says, shaking her head, "It's amazing that I've made it this far into the year without getting into trouble; usually it happens on day one." She gives a short laugh and looks back down to her hands. For a long moment, she's quiet as she thinks, finally taking a hand and running it through her hair over her head, mussing the neatly placed strands.

Samira laughs a bit, shaking her head. "Mm, it isn't so bad here. We are left to ourselves to wander the grounds. We choose our own clubs. We take whatever classes we please. No, things are far stricter at Heka. In our common rooms, we are left to ourselves, but all other times we are watched close. So… I suppose I wasn't happier. There were things I liked, but when my mother's family tried to return me home, I wanted to stay."

Mackenzie nods through her large yawn. Her eyes flutter closed for a moment and it looks like she's dozed off, though she opens them again to focus on Samira. "I'm afraid that bed calls to me," she says, "I had planned to do some homework but.. this was better." She smiles warmly at Samira. "It is good getting to know you better."

The yawn is quite contagious and Samira finds herself overcome with an enormous yawn of her own. "Mmmmm… bed. Yes. I think I will also come." Still wrapped up in her blanket, she rises with lithe grace. Grinning up at Mackenzie, shuffles off with her to the Girl's Dormitory.

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