(1941-11-17) Tip Toe Through the Dungeons
Details for Tip Toe Through the Dungeons
Summary: On a walk after dinner through the Labyrinth in the Hogwarts Dungeons, Samira and Riddle discuss their ambitions for the near future.
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1941
Location: Labyrinth

Throughout dinner, the ceiling above flashed and rumbled with the storm raging across the Hogwarts Grounds. Rain fell, but never quite reached the students. Still, under such weather, Samira tends to return to the Slytherin Common Room as soon as possible. The halls leading to the dungeons were quiet, almost deserted, when Samira ran into Tom Marvolo Riddle. And somehow, on their way back to their common room, they got to meandering about the Labyrinth.

Gaze lowered, Samira lingers close at Riddle's side. Although he is two years younger, he exceeds her now in height. "It's a daunting thought, stepping out in the world. But at the same time… I look forward to those new freedoms. Working at last as a healer - well, a trainee. Also, spending my evenings in studies of my own choosing."

Riddle hops gracefully over a gutter that crosses the stony path. Turning about he offers both of his hands to Samira to aid her in hopping over it herself. "I do envy you. I plan on remaining through N.E.W.T.s, but it won't be easy. Particularly with many of my closest friends being gone already. I do hope you'll still write."

Samira holds tight to Riddle's hands to hop over the gutter. She lands with catlike grace and glances up at him with a smile. "Of course. And I imagine we will still see each other on Hogsmeade weekends. I think life would be dull otherwise." Continuing down the stony path, close at Riddle's side, Samira peeks up at him with a tilted head. "Have you decided which N.E.W.T.s you will take?"

Riddle offers his elbow to her for the taking once she's on the right side of the gutter. "I would like that very much. Certainly would make Hogsmeade Village something to look forward to. As for N.E.W.T.s I'm not entirely sure, Charms and Transfiguration is a given, plus Defense Against the Dark Arts and possibly Potions as well. I want to be fully prepared with as much as this place can do so."

No doubt the envy of many girls, Samira slips her hand into the crook of Riddle's arm with natural ease. "I suppose the defense course had its uses. To take four courses - your ambitions must be great ones." Her soft smile quirks wider as she peeks up at him. "Though this, I already sensed. But what of your Ancient Runes? That was the fifth course I wish most I could have taken."

Riddle's back goes a bit straighter when she says that she has sensed his ambition. "What good Slytherin would I be if I did not have lofty goals and ambitions." He looks down at her, "What about you? I know that you want to be a healer of course, but do you have any specialties in mind?"

"Last summer, I had a chance to work close with Master Healer Goshawk on magical bugs and diseases. But it's trauma where I think my true fascination lies. To snatch people out of death's grasp?" Samira smiles up at him with a little spark in her eyes. "I think that will be my first specialty. And, I think Spell Damage would be my second."

Riddle opens up a door and lets Samira enter first before he follows her and they have arrived at a corridor that leads to the Common Room Doors. "I am glad to hear that you will be staying. Certain as I was that your brother had come to take you back home. I quite annoyed Niles worrying aloud all summer after hearing that he was here. If anything your presence at least makes be feel safer at any prospect of ending up in St. Mungos."

Samira slows as Riddle mentions how he'd worried. As the two come to stand at the entrance to the Common Room, she peeks up at him with a subtle, curios tilt of her head. Smiling softly, she murmurs, "I appreciate your concern. That had been my fear when I first saw him waiting for me at the station. But no… he has his own ambitions here. So I will be staying. At least, for now." She pauses as someone exits the Common Room before glancing back up at Riddle. "The fireplace is calling me. Shall we soak up its warmth?"

Riddle sees that Samira is well cocooned, however, "I am afraid I must leave you to your basking. I did promise to help with that plant again. Monitor the feeding." He gives a 'what one must do for housemates' expression. "I wish you a very warm and cozy note Samira. I hope that we could make it a habit. A walk after dinner."

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