(1941-11-18) Arrows and Outlaws
Details for Arrows and Outlaws
Summary: Mackenzie and Bowen take some time to get to know one another.
Date: 1941-11-18
Location: Slytherin Common Room

Mackenzie sits alone on the couch, Transfiguration book open on her lap to study from. She seems much more interested in the fire, staring blankly at it, work forgotten. She's pulled a blanket over her lap to keep herself warm and her hands smooth the pages of the book in a habitual motion, as if she can't keep herself still for long. It's just past lunch time and she's on a break between classes. She really -was- trying to study. Sincerely.

Bowen enters the common room and is unsurprised to see that it's filled with 6th and 7th years all sitting quietly and studying. He looks over to the fire to see Mackenzie Lestrange staring at the fire. He swaggers over trying to seem impressive.

It takes a minute before Mackenzie even registers Bowen's presence near her, and she startles when she does. Clearing her throat, she grins at him. "Good afternoon, Mister Nott," she says conversationally, "How are your classes going?" She reaches up with a hand, running it through her long black hair and mussing it around her shoulders roguishly.

Bowen smiles, "Hello, Lestrange. My classes are going mostly terribly. But I think I'm hanging in there. The work load is killer. How are you holding up?" He then gestures at the open spot next to her with his eyebrows raised, asking for permission.

Mackenzie gestures to the spot beside her, an invitation to sit. "I'm surviving," she says, "It helps that I'm taking only classes I'm -interested- in this year. My grades have certainly improved for it." She gives a short laugh and a bright smile. Sliding a bookmark in between the pages, she closes her Transfiguration book in her lap and lays both hands on the cover. Absently, she traces her fingers lightly over the embossing on the cover, giving her hands something to do.

Bowen takes the seat promptly. He then notices the book, "Transfiguration? How are you doing with that Arrow-shooting spell?"

Mackenzie picks up her wand from out of her pocket and points it at the fireplace in front of them. "Sagitta!" she mispronounces slightly as she waves the wand appropriately. Out of the tip comes an arrow - the shaft is a bit uneven and it's missing some fletching; it clatters to the ground harmlessly. Turning back to Bowen, she gives him a helpless look. "I have no idea why I am so stuck on this spell," she says, "They usually come so easy to me."

"It is a rather difficult spell," he consoles, "I've been working on mine but it doesn't work much better." He then takes out his wand, aims at the fire place and as clearly as he can manage says, "Sagitta." He fully hopes that he does it well enough to impress Mackenzie. Out of the tip of his wand comes a long piece of wood. It isnt the most aerodynamic and it definitely pulled to the right, but it definitely reached the fire. A satisfied smile reached Bowen's lips.

Mackenzie gives Bowen a lopsided smile. "You're ahead of me on it," she says, stowing her wand away again. The arrow in the fireplace catches aflame, sending a puff of smoke up as it swiftly burns away. "I'm determined to make an Outstanding in both of my classes this year," she says, "I have done so with these two up until now, but the NEWT courses are considerably harder than the general ones." Rolling her shoulders in a shrug, she adds, "Well, at least the study is keeping me a bit more out of trouble." Known for sneaking out at night and occasionally blowing off classes, Mackenzie has cost the house points on more than one occasion. She's true to her words, though; this year she hasn't gotten into any trouble so far. Or at least hasn't gotten -caught-.

Bowen gives Mackenzie a smile and raises his eyebrow, "The notorious Mackenzie Lestrange not in trouble? I struggle to even imagine that…" he lightly teases.

Mackenzie grins toothily at Bowen. "Not lost a single emerald because of me this year," she says cheesily, "Though who knows how long it will last. I'll get caught eventually - I always do." She turns on the couch to better face Bowen, one knee coming up in front of her onto the cushions.

"Maybe you should invite me along. We could be outlaws together. I'd have your back," Bowen suggests.

Mackenzie laughs at Bowen. "Outlaws!" she repeats with a laugh, "Perhaps. I suppose it could be fun to have a friend along."

"That is such a Gryffindor thing to say, Lestrange," Bowen laughs, "But I can assure you, that I'm a treat to cause mischief with."

Mackenzie snorts at Bowen. "Please, don't insult me," she says jokingly of the Gryffindor comment, "And you can call me Mackenzie if you want. No standing on formality if we're going to be outlaws together."

"Apologies, Mackenzie. It's just habit at this point. You know Slytherins and those last names. Have you gotten lunch, yet?" he inquires.

Mackenzie waves off Bowen's apology with a smile. "I have eaten, yeah," she says, "What class do you have next?"

"Care of Magical Creatures with that lunatic Kettleburn," he says, "And you?"

"Lunatic!" Mackenzie laughs aloud, "Ah, I have Charms class. One I'm -not- struggling in." She shifts her weight on the couch and toys idly with the book in her hands, as if she can't keep herself from being in motion.

"You are quite charming," jokes and then seems to realise what he said and he can be seen visibly cringing at his words, "That was extremely corny. I apologise to you and your family. Should I take this very embarrassing turn in conversation as a disinvite?" He asks trying to mask his embarassment with humour.

Mackenzie seems thoroughly amused by Bowen's slip of the tongue, struggling, and failing, to hide a smile. "Why would I disinvite someone who compliments me so?" she teases.

"I don't know, perhaps you're averse to terrible puns?" he asks with consideration weighing in his face.

"Perhaps," Mackenzie says aloofly, though the smile remains on her face. She pulls the blanket up higher on her legs, making certain to cover her knee before leaning sideways onto the back of the couch. "Tell me something interesting about yourself, Bowen," she orders.

"I don't actually break the rules, as I had recently led you to believe. Although, I'm quite willing to try," he offers tentatively, "Your turn, tell me something interesting."

Mackenzie sucks on her teeth a moment. "I've been getting more and more bored with sneaking out, and therefore doing it less often," she says with a shrug, "It has lost its thrill and there seems to be no point in it anymore. I have little to do these days, since I've explored the whole castle."

Bowen looks at her for a second, "How do you plan on getting ypu thrills, otherwise?"

Mackenzie ponders Bowen for a moment before answering flatly, "I don't know." Whether or not that's the truth is difficult to discern by her relaxed expression.

There's a beat of silence before Bowen adds, "Another interesting thing about me is that I'm looking to get a new wand."

"Oh?" Mackenzie says, clearly interested, "What is wrong with your current one? Blaming it for your spellwork?" She grins at Bowen teasingly.

"My brother suggested it. I insisted on this wand in first year. Ollivander told me it wasn't a good fit but I was dead-set, and now I dont feel like we're compatible," he explained.

Mackenzie raises her brows. "I'm surprised Mister Ollivander even let you -buy- it if it were the wrong wand," she says, picking idly at the corner of her book, "He's so picky with his 'the wand chooses the witch, Miss Lestrange' business." She does a fairly good impression of Ollivander when she speaks, and smirks a bit afterward.

Bowen laughs heartily at the impression, "I didn't offer him much of a choice, actually,"

"So why were you so determined to get the one you have now?" Mackenzie questions, cocking her head to the side curiously.

Bowen blushes, "It's rather quite embarrassing, I must admit."

Mackenzie raises both her brows. "You have my -undivided- attention," she says solemnly. There's no doubt that she's thoroughly interested now, and for a brief moment her expression glimmers cruelly, but swiftly settles back into amusement.

Bowen's eyes narrow at the quick cruel flash he sees and he decides that perhaps it would be better to not tell her, Who knows what she might use the information for. "As a child, I heard stories that this exact combination of wand would make the most powerful wand ever. It was ridiculous, honestly. Anyway, I'd like to make a quick swing by the Great Hall for lunch before Care of Magical Creatures. Thank you for this, Lestrange. I enjoyed it." He then got up from the couch and made a gesture towards the book, "Happy studying," and then turned to leave.

Mackenzie nods her head once at Bowen. "Enjoy your lunch," she says congenially, "And good luck in your classes." With that, she opens her Transfiguration book back up and begins reading again.

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