(1941-11-18) It's Just Tea
Details for It's Just Tea
Summary: Tom Riddle and Samira Prince's not-a-date at Puddifoots is interrupted by Oberon…and half the school.
Date: 18 November, 1941
Location: Madam Puddifoots Teashop, Hogsmeade Village
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As the days grow shorter, dusk settles earlier and earlier still. Though lamps are flickering to life throughout the village, students are only just filtering in from the Hogwarts Castle to savor their Hogsmeade freedoms. Madam Puddifoots Teashop has yet to fill with its usual array of tea-lovers and …well… lovers.

Eyes closed, trying to shut out the lurid decor, Samira inhales the scent of her tea before taking a slow, small sip. She releases a soft sigh. Still she doesn't open her eyes, but she murmurs to her companion, "It reminds me of the desert. The stars and the endless sands. This tea, the wanderers- the nomads would drink. A gift from my parents for caring for me."

Riddle is typically very neutral or at the most pleasant in appearance and interactions. But this chintzy place could be a horcrux for the things it does to his soul! But he's here because the tea is supposedly the best in Hogsmeade. He's not really paying attention to the amount of sugar he's pouring into his tea. Gaze locked on a particular cherub that is in his point of view the most annoying of them because he keeps shooting at Tom! Then making stupid googly eyes between him and Samira. "Do you think the killing curse would work on them?" Is offered through clenched teeth towards Samira.

Oberon strolls through the streets of Hogsmeade, whistling the operatic 'Dirge of the Harpies' to strike a little terror into any Muggle-born ears that hear him. But his musical torture cuts off suddenly as he stops dead in his tracks in front of Puddifoots. Staring through the window and it's ridiculous lace curtains, his eyes could burn holes in the glass. What. In. Hades. Is that Tom Riddle and Samira Prince in there? He snorts and pushes the door open, nearly barreling right into a poor couple on their way out. Without apology, he strides up to the table where his housemates are enjoying tea. "This…this is pathetic. Honestly, you two have no shame."

Passing by the window, Mackenzie catches sight of Tom, Samira, and Oberon at a table. She smiles to herself and takes a breath before entering the tea shop. Walking up to the table, she stands beside Oberon and smiles pleasantly between the three. "I saw you guys in here," she says, "Thought I might join you, if you don't mind." She looks hopeful, folding her hands in front of her. She hasn't bothered to strip out of her coat and scarf yet.

Samira opens her eyes at last to blink across at Tom Riddle. But before she can look to see what he's talking about, she squeaks with alarm at the amoung of sugar he's adding to the tea. "Ah! No, that's so much. It will-" But she stops short as she catches Oberon pushing into the shop. "Tea. Oberon, would you care for some? It's quite good here." There aren't extra chairs. Most of the tables are set up for just two. But surely he could pull one over. Catching sight of Mackenzie, she blinks. It's filling up quicker than usual. She casts a hesitant glance at Tom.

Enjoying is about the furthest thing Tom Riddle is doing in this place. "We're just having tea." He truly sounds like he wants nothing more then to be put out of his misery. He does house stop making the contents of his tea cup look more like soft caramel than tea. "Maybe Madam Puddifoot would be willing to Owl you some of this tea? You can then have it in a more … comfortable setting?" He stands up when Mackenzie comes in and he gestures to one of the empty chairs from the next table over that he pulls over. "Please." The less this looks like a date to Oberon, Tom hopes it'll make it less likely to get a ribbing from his friend. "It is very good tea. You should try it."

Oberon snorts derisively at Samira. "Spare me. It was bad enough before. But…Puddifoots? This is beyond nauseating." He smirks at Tom, shaking his head as if reading his mind. Nope, the ribbing is just beginning. "You two ought to get engaged already. You could have a themed party: Robbing the Cradle. All the girls can dress up in Azkaban prisoner uniforms, and the boys can wear nappies! It'll be just the cutest thing." His tone suggests he would find it anything but cute.

Mackenzie smiles her thanks at Tom, taking off her outerclothes and hanging them on the back of the chair before taking a seat. She's just settled in as Oberon goes off on his rant and she blinks, looking up at him in surprise. Raising her hand to cover the grin on her face, she glances over between Tom and Samira with mirthful eyes but, wisely, says nothing.

Hogsmeade weekends are not QUITE as exciting for young Billy Marlowe as they are for some of the other students, especially since the muggle-born Gryffindor lives in the village at the Three Broomsticks with his sister when not at Hogwarts, but he still tags along with his friends none the less. Excuses to be in Madame Puddifoots are a tad bit more of a stretch for the proud little lion boy. What brings Billy into the lacey nightmare disguised as a tea shop is anyone's guess, but a good wager would be that he spotted Oberon walking into the building and he couldn't miss the opportunity to have a bit of a laugh at his self-claimed nemesis. The door of the teashop tinkles in announcement of Billy's arrival, the youngsters eyes scanning the tea shop and settling on Oberon and the rest of the Slytherins and casting a pleasant smile in their direction. "Nice to see Hogwarts out supporting the local businesses," he says in a chipper voice before moving over to a table as near to the Slytherins as he can get.

Samira lowers her gaze at Riddle's suggestion. "I might try that. Yes." Outside of the Domestics Club, there isn't really a place to brew tea. But this isn't turning out well. Her hands tighten around her cup and she glances up at Oberon with narrowed eyes. "You think Tom a child? An infant?" she asks in a low, quiet tone before Billy's chipper voice breaks in. Quite a contrast. She glances at him without a word.

The front door of the teashop swings open abruptly. "—bility is clearly more important than the potion's potency, don't be absurd." Tavish's brows are drawn together as he gestures back at Alexander, who follows closely behind. "If it blows up before it can be administered, what's the use?" The Ravenclaw pauses to take in the decor, and then the grouping of other students, botch of which gets a faint, unhappy twitch of Tavish's mouth, but it's obviously not enough to put him off entirely because he slides into a chair at an unoccupied table and continues to talk. Or argue, maybe, by the sounds of it. "Concentrated starthistle essence isn't a breakthrough, it's a gamble. You'll throw off the entire—" His voice drops off, turning flat. "Why are there cherubs."

Riddle has never really shown Mackenzie much notice at all. But now he's focusing in on her like she was the one he brought here instead of being here with Samira. Another attempt to dodge Oberon's ribbing. "You look very nice to day Lestrange. Here, let me pour you some of this tea. It's quite good." Mackenzie's cousin is rather getting ignored as much as possible. The only sign that he did actually here Oberon's great proposal for a party is what he says next to Mackenzie. "You don't happen to have access to family photo albums? Oberon in a nappy is something I would love to see." Blackmail! But then his ultimate hope of veering Oberon's attention away from this NOT-date arrives. "Never thought I would ever be pleased to see him." Is murmured quietly to his table before he smiles genteelly at Billy. "You know us, we enjoy patronizing the better of the business." Yes, Tom just said the most miserable place (to him) in the village is better than say, the Three Broomsticks. Further relief when the cherub that kept shooting at him finds a new target in the one questioning their existence. He sighs with relief and then lifts up the tea pot with it poised to serve Mackenzie.

Alexander follows closely behind Tavish, clearly arguing feverishly that potency is better, before noticing exactly where they're going, "Wait, Tav-" The door nearly slams into his face, Alexander barely catching it, but it does cut off his words. Tavish continues to enter this pink filled purgatory. He growls under his breath, but follows Tavish as the shorter teen goes to sit down, attempting to get his attention before he does, but it's too late. Tavish sits down. There is no way out. Alexander sits down with a groan, not even bothering to listen to the point his friend is making, but raises an eyebrow at his question. Leaning across the table, he asks, "You've never been he— Scratch that, I know you've never been here before." He sighs lightly, shaking his head, before muttering, "This is a place to snog, why did you decide to come here." His eyes slide across the room to the Slytherins and poor Gryffindor that is most certainly going to be eaten alive.

Oberon's predatory gaze turns slowly upon Samira. It is soon followed by a broad, tooth-baring smile. "What I think is that it was already bloody creepy to see a Seventh Year tossing herself at a Fifth Year. But now you drag him in here? That's just desperate, Prince." Oberon glances in the direction of Riddle's gaze to his cousin, Mackenzie. She gets a respectful nod in greeting: family solidarity and all that. Billy, as usual, is ignored.

"I.. could probably find.. something.." Mackenzie says uncertainly, glancing between Riddle and Oberon. She licks her lips and straightens her back, clearing her throat once and forcing herself to relax. She slides a cup out for Riddle to fill with tea before focusing on Oberon. "It's hardly throwing yourself if you're perfectly well invited," she says, "And what's wrong with it? They're only two years apart, my own parents are five."

Billy's eyes meet Samira's as she looks at him with a twinkling, the smile on his face causing the corners of his eyes to crinkle. "Oh yes… if there is anything I know about the Slytherin's it is that they are quite concerned with supporting local business! And that tea does look good!" he agrees, turning his attention to Riddle. "Think you're ready to get beaten by Gryffindor this season, Lestrange? Erm… boy Lestrange, that is," he says, eyes shifting back and forth rapidly between Mackenzie and Oberon.

Samira sits quite still as Oberon fixes her a dangerous smile. And yet his words draw a soft hiss. "Desperate?" She catches Billy's smile and her eyes narrow further. A bit caught up in the memories brought by the tea, Samira forgets herself, leaning towards Oberon. Her words come with a more pronounced Arabic accent. "Shai. Tea. Are you a fool? Or is it you are jealous?" The moment such words escape her lips, she seems to freeze, staring up at Oberon.

Tavish, meanwhile, has already both requested and received a pot of tea and busies himself with pouring a cup. "Don't be absurd," he replies, and levels Alexander with an obstinate look that clearly says how much he thinks his friend is full of it. "Why would anyone in their right mind want to do something like that here? Wouldn't the atmosphere be entirely off-putting?" He pours Alexander a cup, while he's at it, and then sets the pot aside. "Look, see, this is clearly just some sort of social meet-up spot," he says as he lifts his cup to his mouth, motioning with his eyes towards where the other Hogwarts students are sat. And then he gets showered with gold confetti. "…I believe I am beginning to see your point."

Riddle's dark and thick brow furrow some. "No one is throwing themselves at anyone Oberon." He for once doesn't use surnames (like Billy) because that could now get confusing with two Lestranges in the Tea Shop. Then more insulting and provocative banter follows and the cool genteel demeanor blinks out and then back after the first two words. "That's enough, everyone sit down and enjoy some tea. That is the only reason we are here. The only reason." He waves Alexander and Tavish over, the less this looks like a date the more he hopes that things will settle and they'll just focus on mocking the place instead of the people.

Oberon rolls his eyes, and they land back on Mackenzie. "Your parents are adults. Don't think that makes a difference? Well, why not a Fifth Year and a Third Year? How about a Third Year and a Second Year? Thirteen and twelve? I mean, they're only one year apart. That's not creepy at all, right?" He's ready to continue on with Mackenzie, but then Samira brings out the barbs. Oberon's glare turns back to her, boring in her. "You've forgotten yourself, Prince." His voice is cold as ice. He gives Tom a sad shake of his head. "She's really got you spun, Riddle." He reaches over to another table, snagging the chair and sliding it over to join Tom and Samira. Hope no one was using it. As he sits, he leans close to Samira, murmuring something in her ear, smiling brightly at her as he settled back in his chair.

"We're damn near adults ourselves," Mackenzie argues, her brows furrowing at Oberon, "Even Tom could quit school and go on to find himself a job at the end of the year, should he so choose. The only thing I see wrong with their relationship is…" She pauses, looking around the tea room. "Being at -this- place. It's a bit.. unnerving." She gives a short laugh, though she looks terribly uncertain.

Samira's shoulders lift with tension as Oberon leans so close. She closes her eyes, bowing her head slightly as he murmurs something in her ear. As he draws back, she seems to calm. She doesn't answer, but settles back in her chair. "Apologies," she murmurs at last in a soft tone. She takes a small sip of tea with a glance to Riddle, before her eyes flit to Mackenzie.

"Someone seems touchy," Billy comments to no one in particular as he watches Oberon pull the chair from the opposite side of his table. "You would almost think it was jealousy," he snickers as he lifts a hand to order his own tea and cup.

Riddle's voice takes on a tone very similar to Oberon's he learned from the best after all. "She is not the only one out of line." He explains calm and cooly to Mackenzie since she might be the only one that will listen to reason right now. "The relationship is nothing more than two people that share common interests and enjoy talking about them. I have no mind or desire for the sort of relationships that either of the Lestranges at this table are assuming is going on. So while I very much appreciate the support. If we could not fuel him with any idea that he might be right, it would be appreciated. Thank you. Would you like some cream?" He slides the little pink china milk container closer to Mackenzie's reach.

Alexander stares at Tavish with a bored expression, finding himself not surprised that he would deny the truth. He simply leans against the table, his chin against his fist, watching Tavish pour both their teas. He keeps the look of boredom until gold confetti sprinkles on both of them, causing him to instead to glare past Tavish. Which was slightly comical, considering the gold specks all over him. "This is why you should listen to me more often, I'm more intelligent than you take me for." Alexander shakes his head, chuckling at Tavish. He picks up his tea and goes to take a sip when Riddle, waves them over. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, Alexander turns to Tavish with a grin, "Let's make this not date into a real not date, want to meet Mackenzie's friends?" He asks, leaning across the table eagerly.

Tavish stares despondently at his tea. "I thought it was just a shop," he says, quietly, as he pushes a few pieces of confetti off of the table with his fingertips. It drifts slowly to the floor, which is about where Tavish himself would like to be, right now. "The tea is really good though?" This doesn't seem to improve the situation, and he groans when Alexander twists the knife. "Must we?" He's already shifting his teacup and saucer into one hand so he can pick up the teapot and transition over to the other side of the teashop, settling into a table near Riddle instead. "Hello," is literally the best he can manage right now.

Oberon lolls his head lazily toward Riddle. "Tom, I'll believe that you don't want it. But that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. You need to open your eyes, mate. I mean, for Merlin's sake…look at where you are." He lets out a heavy sigh. "Don't ever say I haven't always looked out for you, Tom."

Mackenzie nods slowly to Riddle; it's very clear she's not certain whether or not to actually -believe- him, but she at least publicly accepts it. "Alright," she finally acquiesces. She looks over at Tavish and Alexander's approach and closes her eyes to keep from rolling them. She opens her mouth to respond to Oberon but immediately closes it again, literally biting her lip to keep herself in check be giving Samira a bit of a pathetic look.

Samira doesn't so much as blink as Riddle clarifies the nature of their relationship to the group. She merely sips her tea, listening with detached calm. She glances back at Oberon as he speaks, but this time she remains silent. Lowering her gaze, she sets her empty cup on its saucer.

Billy pours his cup of tea once the pot is delivered and takes a tiny sip. His young features twist slightly as he shakes his head and says to himself, "No way is this place better than the Three Broomsticks." With that he pushes himself to his feet and then looking toward Tavish and Alexander he gestures toward the pot on his table. "You're welcome to it if you want it," he says toward them. With that, the young Gryffindor turns on his heel and heads out of the shop.

Alexander chuckles at the opposition coming from Tavish, shaking his head as he looks over at the group of Slytherins. No doubt it would be incredibly awkward if they went over there, so Alexander turns back to Tavish while he speaks, "No, I was just jo—" Tavish is gone. Alexander blinks before swinging his head back to the Slytherin table, Tavish actually going over to them. He gives him a deadpan stare, a hand wiping down his face as he holds back a groan. "I was joking. That's all. Joking." He mutters underneath his breath as he picks up the tea in one hand and the saucer in the other, quickly covering the distance and sliding across from Tavish once again. He sips his tea as he resists the need to punch Tavish in the arm again.

Carol's strategy was simple, but elegant. Look pretty, sit alone in a place for amourous people, study. She could project an image of intelligence (or at least nerdiness) without looking like she didn't want to be bothered. And, if somehow this failed to attract the sort of person she'd be interested in, then no time would be wasted as she would still get some studying done. Besides, the tea wasn't bad here, honestly. It was nice to have something of a different variety.

Riddle nods his head slowly, "I'm very aware Oberon. Thank you." The fact that they are in public among those not exactly in their little cadre has Tom very willing to deescalate the hostilities and truly, "Let's just have tea and talk about plans for the winter break?" His gaze sweeps the growing group and he picks out the one looking even more miserable then he is right now. "Alexander, do you have any plans yet?"

Tavish meets Mackenzie's closed eyes with a small smile, but says nothing to her, only nudging the chair opposite himself out from underneath the table for Alexander to join him. "Yes, you're hilarious—," he begins, but then pauses when he's being spoken to by an unfamiliar younger student. "—oh, thank you." He pauses, sips his tea, and stares contemplatively at the extra pot that is apparently now within his care.

Samira glances across the table at Riddle with a bit of a smile. "The tea has gone cold, I think. And this place will start to fill up with those not quite so interested in tea." She sneaks a hesitant peek at Oberon before glancing around at the others.

Mackenzie drinks her tea quietly now until she finishes it and sets the cup down on the saucer in front of her. "This has been fantastic," she says, "But I think I need to head out now." She gives Riddle a sincere smile. "Thank you for allowing me to join you for a time, Mister Riddle," she says. Pushing herself up out of her chair, she takes a moment to redress in her coat and scarf before giving Samira a slight wave. "It was good seeing you again, Miss Prince."

Oberon flashes Samira a smile of disturbingly genuine warmth, considering he was berating her just a minute ago. "Yeah, the parade of snoggers. This place…" He looks around the tea shop and gives a shudder as a golden cupid flutters by. "I hope it isn't contagious. I think I can already feel doilies growing on my arse."

Oberon gives Mackenzie a wave as she rises. "See you around, cos."

Alexander nods in agreement, "I am hilarious, thank you for finally noticing." He mummers into his tea, smiling slightly at the debate most likely occurring within Tavish's head. He turns at the sound of his name to meet Riddle's eyes, the smile transforming into a bored look as he raises his eyebrow. Rather than answering right away, his eyes slide over to Samira and Mackenzie, before turning back to Riddle, "Yes." He replies with a short, curt nod before rising from the table. He throws down some coins before, quite literally, grabbing Tavish by the collar and dragging him out of the teashop with a dismissive wave.

"But it was good tea!" Tavish says, forlornly, as he's dragged away.

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