(1941-11-18) Mutual Interests
Details for Mutual Interests
Summary: When Samira expresses reservations about teaching a specific new dark arts spell to the Knights of Walpurgis, Riddle offers reassurance.
Date: Friday, November 18, 1941
Location: Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade
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The bitter cold and the rain had kept the students indoors for far too long. Particularly the younger students seemed to bounce off the walls like bludgers. But when the afternoon skies cleared up to allow a trace of warmth to shine across the grounds, the entire castle seemed to empty out. But taking advantage of the utter stillness inside, Samira wanders alone through the corridors, eyes closed, savoring the silence.

Sun filters through a closed glass window, bringing warmth without the nip of the November breeze. Samira stands basking in it. She gazes out across the forbidden forest, but doesn't quite seem to see it - lost in thought.

No matter who you are, if you've just come from the restroom and come across a member of the opposite sex, there is a bit of awkwardness. Especially in the mid-teens. So for once Tom Riddle is a touch flustered as he approaches Samira after seeing her from a distance. "Not outside basking? I suppose it is probably warmer in here, hmm?"

Most other voices disturbing the perfect silence might have irritate Samira. However, Riddle's approach is met with a content smile. "Yes. Much more. I can see the trees swaying in the wind." For him, the leader of the Knights of Walpurgis, she slinks out of her sunbeam to drift towards him. "And you? Not keen to seek out the fresh air?"

Riddle points upwards and in the general direction of the Clock Tower Entry. "I was, came inside." To use the facilities is skipped right over. "You make me think of the Cat Goddess, Bast if I'm remembering right? I think you might even out feline that cotton puff of yours." He leans lightly back on the edge of the window so she doesn't have to come too far out of her sunbeam. "Happy for the weekend? Any plans for Hogsmeade?"

Samira's dark gaze widens a touch at Riddle's compliment. It draws a soft, pleased smile to her lips. Though she lingers close, as he settles against the edge of the window, the sunlight's warmth draws her back in.

For some time, Riddle has seemed to favor her among his followers. No longer is she the only girl among the Knights this year. However, having been chosen among the female Knights to accompany him to the recent Halloween Ball, and always finding a seat saved for her beside him or across from him in the Great Hall, her favored place has grown all the clearer. But then, she is the one among the Knights who holds the key to new, forbidden magics. And this year, she returned with secrets darker still to share.

The true motives behind his compliment and favor remains hidden from Samira for now. Smiling up at Riddle, she nods. "Yes. The freedom it gives us is always welcome." She pauses and sneaks a glance off down the hall, to the left and right. The castle remains perfectly still and silent save for their conversation. Looking back up to Riddle, she speaks for his ears alone, "There are plans, yes? You have them for us?"

Riddle suddenly snaps out his hand to enclose his fingers into a fist in the air between them, a particle of dust was beaming brightly in the sun and it was annoying him. It's dead now and he shakes out his hand casually and continues with conversing. "There are plans. Things have really begun to settle into a rhythm, so I think it is a good time to focus on our mutual interests again."

Samira blinks, but doesn't quite start as Riddle's hand lashes out to snuff out a bit of light. But as the conversation continues, so does she follow. She offers a small nod. "Yes. Mm. I know you wish to cover more of what I learned from my brother. But… perhaps there isn't time before the Christmas Holidays? I might suggest we spend time in review. Master further what we've studied… and then… prepare?"

Riddle's lips go thin as he considers, "I think we should seize on thee time we have together. Make the most of it. You will be missed next year and I don't want to waste one moment of the time we do have." He offers his elbow to her as he straightens up and seems to be moving them along somewhere, "Let's get you some warm layers before we go out."

Samira drifts close to take the offered arm. As he mentions finding her warm layers, she blinks, peeking up at him with a hint of surprise. It would seem they are leaving the castle. And though she might prefer to bask in the quiet of a sunbeam, she nods.

The rest of the castle proved not quite as private as that particular hallway. And so, their conversation remains paused. Even once out on the road to Hogsmeade, the pair encounter a number of other students on their way to take advance of the first Hogsmeade afternoon. Bundled up warm against the chill of the autumn winds, Samira keeps quite close at Riddle's side.

As popular as Tom Riddle is, it takes some time before he and Samira are meandering alone once more. Their footsteps rustle leaves underfoot that have blown across the path. On the outskirts of Hogsmeade, the trees almost all stand bare, with the full splendor of their fallen leaves arrayed at their roots. A breeze stirs the leaves and the naked branches above, and closing her eyes, Samira presses closer still with a little shiver.

Once the stillness settles at last, Samira peeks up at him, and in a soft tone, almost meek, she murmurs, "I know well that time is short. But… we will still have our weekends, even after I am gone. The spell… its learning should not be rushed. At Heka, to learn it takes months of preparation. It is a sacred art."

Riddle rips a little cluster of autumn blooming flowers that were in a window box they passed by on their way through the village. The southwest side of the village is typically the quietest and the road between the village and the train station is where it gets the thinnest. At the base of the statue of the muggle avoiding wizard that founded Hogsmeade that has a brazier to light it is where he finally slows down and takes to leaning against the statue base.

"Then we best start to learn it. Don't you think? I understand your reluctance. I do." Riddle pats her hand hooked around his elbow. "I am sure you are worried about how the likes of some in the club will handle something that is as you say, sacred to you. Those in this club however are serious about this level of education. So, I doubt you will have any trouble with any of them. If they disrespect the arts we strive to master, they will be handled."

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