(1941-11-21) Guilty Liaison
Details for Guilty Liaison
Summary: Bowen makes a secret early morning trip to the Owlery.
Date: 1941-11-21
Location: The Owlery
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Bowen must be crazy to even consider this. What would his friends say. She's not a pure-blood. She's a Gryffindor. She's just generally annoying and weird. Though, he knows that doesn't mean he doesn't need her help. That's why he's trudging to the Owlery in the cold and snow before breakfast. He's actually at risk of failing N.E.W.T Care of Magical Creatures. And he just can't. He needs to pass everything and then his brother will be proud and his father will be proud and everything will be great. And sure, he knows that Alexander kid in Slytherin is also pretty good in Care of Magical Creatures, he also knows that Phoenicia is a much better teacher. And he doesn't need someone to tell him what's going on, he needs someone to teach him so he can see what he's missing.

So, he carefully climbed the stairs that were slippery due to the ice. Why hadn't anyone come up with a spell for that? Or maybe they have? He'd have to look into it. He went up to levels and then he saw Stygian sleeping with his face tucked under his wing.

"Hey, there, Stig," he greeted and the bird lifted his face to look at him, "I need you to deliver a message for me," the bird hooted distastefully, obviously protesting due to the cold.

"I know it's cold," he assured her and pulled out a few Owl Treats from his robe and fed it to her. She ate the treats vigorously and Bowen patted her head affectionately. If only all other creatures were as easy as owls, "It's not far," he promised as he tied the message to her leg. He then told her the destination. He gave her one last treat for good measure before he watched her fly off. He then hurried off to breakfast.

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