(1941-11-23) Conversation Around the Fire
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Summary: Aiden returns to the Common room to find Mackenzie sitting in a couch by the fire. He approaches and conversation ensues.
Date: 1941-11-23
Location: Slytherin Common room

The weather outside is freezing cold and it seems to creep its fingers into the Slytherin Common Room, filling the entire place with a chill. The fire burns brightly, trying to stave off some of it.

Classes are over for the day and Mackenzie has found herself on a couch, reading through her Charms book. The sixth year is fully engrossed in her studies, the entire world blocked out. One hand traces under the line that she's reading, while the other is at her side, scratching lightly against the fabric of her pants.

Aiden enters the common room and upon his entrance he does briefly sort of trip himself up he stumbles slightly catching his balance quickly and trying to play it off like nothing happened. Hes not usually clumsy but his nose is buried in his Defense Against the Dark Arts Book. He makes his way over to the chairs and such by the fire he briefly glances up to make sure he doesnt trip again and he notices Mackenzie. "Oi Im sorry I didn' know ye' were here miss. Are ye' moindin' terribly if I take a seat?" He asks with a cautios smile as he lowers the book some more as he looks at Mackenzie with his Golden eyes. "Ock where are me manners, Im terribly sorry abou' tha' me name is Aiden, Aiden Merrythough' i's a pleasure tae meet ye'" He says happily as he holds out his hand in an offer of a handshake.

Mackenzie looks up from her book and for a moment she's in pure confusion, staring at Aiden blankly. She blinks and shakes her head roughly, clearing it from her thoughts of Charms class and gives Aiden what is supposed to be a pleasant smile. It would be moreso if she weren't staring him down appraisingly. "Merrythought, eh?" she says, reaching out to take Aiden's hand, "Mackenzie Lestrange. You're welcome to sit."

Aiden when they release hands he does in fact sit he looks at her for a few moments before finally closing his book and setting it aside. "Aye Merrythough' an' Moody as well tha's me mums family. A bi' O' a shock ferem when I was sarted intae Slytherin instea' O' Ravenclaw er Gryffindor tha's wha' houses they all were mos'ly." He says matter of factly. "So hows yer day?"

Mackenzie nods slowly, almost approvingly. "My day has been going well enough," she says, "A bit of difficulty with the new spell in Charms class, but I'm getting there." She gestures to the book in her lap as if in indication. "How are you doing today, Mister Merrythought?" She cocks her head to the side curiously, her gaze intense and focused solely on Aiden.

Aiden nods his head smiling to himself. "I's been alrigh' I cannae complain much. Im enjoyin' an' doin' well in Defence Against The Dark Arts, Transfiguration an' poitions. History of Magic Jus' makes me wan' tae sleep though I love History the class bores me. Im assumin' tha' most' people 'ave trouble with the new spells they learn yes?"

"I'm one of the best in Transfiguration and rarely run into trouble there, but sometimes Charms stumps me," Mackenzie says reasonably, "The NEWT courses are considerably harder and more intense than just those you take for the OWLs." She reaches up, brushing her hair out of her face and behind her ear before laying her hand back down across her book.

Aiden looks a bit curiously at her for few moments. "I love Transfiguration bu' I troi tae be the bes' a' wha'e'er it is that I be doin'. I don' loike ta be beaten an' ta me secon' place is las'. I will show people wha' I can do an' one day e'ery one will know me name."

Mackenzie raises a brow at Aiden. "Lofty goal," she says appraisingly. Her eyes scan his body once more before she settles back into her seat more comfortably. "What are you, a first year? I think I remember them calling your name at the Sorting Ceremony," she says, "You've still got a long way to go. I hope your goals don't crush you on the way up."

Aiden nods his head and thinks for a moment. "Aye Imma firs' year, an' Im no' sayin' i' won' take toime to ge' thar. I star' ou' small an' build up. I have tae earn me respect her and show tha' I belong among Slytherins an' in this house yes?"

"That you do," Mackenzie agrees with a nod. She looks out at the fire for a long moment before back to Aiden. "Have you settled on any career aspirations yet?" she says, "It is a bit early yet, but you seem so… motivated." She smiles, amused, though her stare is still intent and almost unnerving.

Aiden nods his head a few times at this and almost immediately without thinking. "Aye Im thinkin' either an Auror or tae play Quidditch professionally though Im no' quite tha' good ye' though Miss. Black thinks, I got the natural talen' an' would make either a great chaser er a great bea'er she said shes gonna le' Malfoy know tha' shes go' me comin tae Quidditch practices tae learn more O' the game an' tha' I go' natural talent."

"Mm," Mackenzie intones indistinctly, "Well, good luck in your ambitions, then." Though she falls silent now, her stare remains on Aiden.

Aiden looks at her curiously. "I mean iffin ye've got any advoice er input Id love tae hear it. Im lookin' fer any and all knowledge I can ge' tae ma'e the bes' choices I can."

Mackenzie rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "I've got no words of wisdom, sorry," she says apathetically, "You're set on a good path, I suppose. Lofty ideals aren't a bad thing." She slides a bookmark between the pages of her Charms book and closes it, tracing her fingers over the embossing on the cover.

Aiden looks at her curiously for a few moments. "Aye… Aim high on'y the skois the limi' ya?" He asks curiously looking at Mackenzie still. "An' I was alrea'y given the speech abou' no' consortin' wi'h those of other than pure loines an' tae stay away from Gryffindors a' all cos's an' tha' I should ne'er go anywhere wi'ou' anoher Slytherin lad wi' me accordin tae Miss. Black. An' Im assumin ye' be o' a same min' as 'er yes?"

Mackenzie gives a short laugh. "Succinct way to put it," she says, "But yes, I agree with Miss Black there. You would do best not to find yourself associating too closely with the Muggle-borns and Half-bloods, or even their Blood Traitor friends." Her fingers continue to run over and over the cover, fidgeting as if she must keep moving, must never be still.

Aiden thinks for a few moments rubbing his chin and tapping the arm of his chair. "Aye well iffin the Ol

Aiden thinks for a few moments rubbing his chin and tapping the arm of his chair. "Aye well iffin the Ol' expression hol's true which Im of the moind tha' i' does. Teaching people tha' e'eryone is equal is a dangerous theory, fore if all are equal than none can be great. Aye?"

Mackenzie smiles slowly, wryly. "That's one way to look at it," she says, "Well, is there anything I can do for you before I head off to the Great Hall for a bit to eat?" She scoots forward on the couch, preparing to stand, though her eyes never leave Aiden.

Aiden shakes his head back and forth. "No Miss. Lestrange I just enjoyed the company an' conversation. Thank you for tha' an' again i' was a pleasure tae mee' ye'." He says offering a slight bow.

Mackenzie stands, placing her book in her bag and giving Aiden one last smile before heading out toward the Great Hall.

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