(1941-11-23) Keeping Warm by the Fire
Details for Keeping Warm by the Fire
Summary: John and Samira have a fireside chat and are joined by Aiden
Date: 1941-11-23
Location: Slytherin Common Room

It's a freezing fall night. The paths surrounding the castle are treacherous with ice and the grasses crunch underfoot - a reminder of recent rain. The perpetual chill of the dungeons is deep as ever. And of course, Samira has sought the warmest place by the fire. She sits bundled up in at least two blankets as she stares at the flames, lost in thought.

Having just made his way into the common room from the maze-like corridors of the castle dungeons, John is bundled up appropriately for the freezing autumn weather. Shivering, he makes his way over to the fireplace and Samira, whom he is not all that surprised to find bundled up in the warmest part of the chamber. "You wouldn't mind a bit of company, I hope, miss Prince?" he asks, though he does not make a move to sit quite yet, simply absorbing what warmth he can from the fire while standing.

There aren't many of the older students that still call Samira, 'Miss Prince'. And there's only one that she might greet with a soft, relaxed smile. "Mm. No, come sit. How are you, John?" And there is no student that Samira calls by their last name.

John offers a rather broad smile, then, loosening his cloak so that it is more comfortable yet still able to provide some measure of warmth even as he settles to sit near to the heat of the fire. "Oh, I'm doing pretty well, really. Dreading the holidays, but they will be what they will, I suppose," he answers, his hands rubbing together as he speaks. After a moment, he holds them towards the fire to draw a bit more warmth into them and continues, "And you? I hope I was not interrupting too deep a thought."

Samira's brows lift slightly as she watches John. Side-stepping his question about herself, she says, "You dread the holidays? Most students wish they'd come as fast as possible."

"More like I dread mother's parties," John explains, shaking his head. "Appearances are more important to her than how things really are. Or at least, that's how it seems." There is a little bit of bitterness in his tone at that, but he seems to shake it away fairly quickly. "Maybe I'll just stick around here this year. But I am -expected- home. It's a difficult position to be in." He shrugs his shoulders, then, as if that should be enough of an explanation in itself. "Not that I won't be grateful for the break from classes, even with the homework that will come along with it."

Samira glances back to the fire with a slow nod. "Don't suppose most of us have much choice in the matter - whether to go home or stay. My brother expects me. But that comes with being from a family of standing, yes?" She looks to him. "The parties might be for appearances… but appearances can be important. And the parties - they can be important places, depending on who comes."

John lets out a soft sigh, then, nodding in confirmation. "You are right, of course. But it can all be very….frustrating, living up to expectations." He pauses, then, simply watching the fire for a few moments before turning to look at Samira once more. "You do not sound too thrilled yourself at the prospect of going home."

Samira lifts a shoulder and returns her attention to the fireplace. "It's been… an adjustment to live under my brother's expectations. There were many freedoms I'd grown accustomed to in British culture. That I'd come to expect and anticipate. But, that isn't how things are done where I'm frome." She lowers her gaze, seemingly resigned to her fate.

John's lips purse as he considers Samira then. "He is terribly strict with you when you are home, isn't he?" he asks quietly, hands folding on his lap. "I'm sorry. I should not complain when I know that you are dealing with something that is more than just, well, frustration."

Samira smiles over at John. "Each of us under a lot of weight - either the expectations of our families, or even just our own expectations. And I don't complain. There are many nice things about living with my brother. There are also many things I missed."

"Then it is not all bad," John murmurs, hands moving once more, now to rest at his sides and he seems to fidget a bit awkwardly. "I know you probably are tired of hearing it, but I am at least glad that the rumors about you being taken back to Egypt weren't true," he says, offering another smile. His gaze shifts back towards the fire, then, as he grows quiet.

Samira glances over at John with a bit of a grin. But she doesn't answer. Instead, she just studies him in silence for a time. The two sit as close to the fireplace as possible. And to further protect herself from the ever present chill of the Slytherin dungeons, Samira is bundled up in little cocoon of blankets. "I imagine we'll see each other at parties over the holidays. If you don't decide to stay."

Aiden comes out of the dormitories to see the two chatting. He gets a bright smile on his face as he approaches cautiosly he glances around slightly nervous before he politely clears his throats. "Hi I don' mean tae in'errupt but would ye' two moind terribly if I were tae sit down?" He asks than realizing what hes done and the mistake hes made. "Ach how could I ferget me manners. Me name is Aiden, Aiden Merrythought." He says holding his hand out to the older students to shake it if they so choose.

"Now that, I think, would be something to look forward to, if it is not too forward of me to say," John muses to Samira, his gaze still centered on the flickering of the flames within the fireplace, though it is clear from his smile that he is rather pleased by the idea. At Aiden's approach, and his words, his gaze turns towards the younger student and he nods slightly. "Best spot in the common room, really," he says, taking the offered hand in a brief shake. "John Carrow," he says easily before motioning towards Samira. "And this is Samira Prince."

Samira's smile was for John alone. As Aiden approaches, she observes the bold first-year with reserved detachment. She seems to ignore the offered hand. She tilts her head, studying the boy. "We've met, I believe. before you were a student."

Aiden pulls his hand back after shaking Johns hand not in the least bit offended at his offer of a handshake being dismissed he takes a seat for a moment before he speaks again. "Its a Pleasure ta meet ye'" he says to John his smile just as broad as ever its Samiras comment that has him scratching his head and racking his brain it takes him a few moments before it clicks. "Aye ya, at the Three Broomstick o'er the summer, ye' were with the other Slytherin lads said I had me head on straight. What were their names… Malfoy, Riddle and a few others yea?"

John pushes himself up to his feet after a moment, stretching a bit before saying, "I should likely turn in for a bit." He looks to Samira, then, and says, "A pleasure, as always Miss Prince. I hope we get a chance to speak again soon," before saying to Aiden, "I'm certain we'll see each-other about, Mister Merrythought."

Samira merely watches Aiden, but as John rises, she smiles and offers a light nod. "Mm. Doubt it'll be long before I head for sleep too. Good night, John." But she doesn't bestir herself just yet, far too comfortable all curled up by the fire. At last, she glances over at Aiden. "It'd be wise for you to learn those names fast. And to keep track of them."

Aiden smiles and nods to John as he leaves. "As Im sure we wull Mister Carrow." He says with a smile and after he leaves his attention is drawn back to Samira. When she speaks he begins to listen and nod. "Why, Are they grea' lea'ers O' tomorrow tha' I should follow? Er are they lads I coul' learn from?" He asks not sarcastically or arrogantly but honestly and curiously but its the learn something from that causes a glint in his eyes. "Ill do wha'e'er i' takes ta be the bes' bloody wizard I can I want respect an' the bes' way tae earn it, is tae learn enough tae prove Im wor'h somethin' roight?"

Samira stares across at Aiden. "There are those in other houses that will go far in life. But those in our house? We are destined for particular greatness. That much should be obvious to you, little one. And yes. Also obvious should be that you could learn from them."

Aiden nods his head a few times. "Aye because as th' ol' sayin' goes to teach equality is dangerous for if all are equal none can be great. So Ill learn wha'e'er I can from them an' Ill make sure tae ne'er ge' on their ba' soide. I wan' tae be friends wi'h all the roight people me family was shocked tha' I was sarted intae Slytherin the whole rest O' me family on the Merrythought an' the Moody soides are Gryffindor er Ravenclaws. I wan' more though more grea'ness more respec' now I know I have tae earn me own but do ye' have any advoice on how I mightin be doin jus' tha'"

The accent is a bit difficult for Samira to follow, but Aiden's quoted 'old saying' makes her laugh with a wry smile. But as he asks her for advice, she shakes her head. "No. As you say, earning your own - that is your own path. You need to be cunning enough to observe around you and learn." With a sigh, and great effort, Samira sits up and begins to break free out of her cucoon. "Good night, little one."

Aiden nods his head with a smile and laugh. "Aye Ill defini'ely remem'er tha' goo' noight Miss Prince. I hope tae see ya agin soon." He says smiling with a wave to her.

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