(1941-11-24) The Daily Prophet - Military Muggles in the Mire!
Details for Military Muggles in the Mire!
Summary: Muggles from Germany have landed in Hogsmeade Marsh. Several have been apprehended and obliviated, but a few more are believed to be at large. Local residents are urged to practice caution.
Date: November 24, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade
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HOGSMEADE — Residents of the sleepy wizarding village woke up to a curious sight: a flock of Hit Wizards and Witches astride their brooms, and combing the treetops. Fearing that dark forces were afoot, a prominent local farmer came out of his barn with a pitchfork charmed aflame, only to be disarmed and stunned by several members of the local Magical Law Enforcement Squad acting in concert; his name and bloodline have been withheld for privacy. The truth has turned out to be something much less sinister.

According to Obliviator Witch Jobbleforthia Mookbinder, a small group of muggles flew from Germany in their strange 'combustion engine propeller' flying machines, on an assassination mission. They attempted to land on Orpington Farm after one of the machines began to falter and lost its levitating faculties. They made for the nearest clearing they could see, panic temporarily overcoming the effects of the wards on Hogsmeade. Upon landing, several of the muggles thought they were going mad as some experienced slightly different illusions from the protective wards and others saw glimpses of the real Hogsmeade.

Unable to keep their wits about them, these muggles fled into the marshes, where the Ministry's finest witches and wizards conducted an elaborate muggle-hunt of the area. By midday, the hit wizards had captured the leader, a Muggle by the name of Rudolf Hess. After extensive legilimency, the Ministry ascertained that he had come there with nine other muggles in five flying machines. Seven have been located so far, and obliviated extensively to minimize muggle investigation of the Hogsmeade area. Three are believed to remain at large, and the Ministry has left an elevated presence for safety until all are accounted for.

These muggles are lightly armed but heavily confused by all reports, and likely only present danger to infirm wizards and students who wander into the wilderness around Hogsmeade unawares. The situation is considered to be under control. Nevertheless, after a handful of students attempted to commandeer a flying machine for recreational purposes, the ministry is requesting that wizards and witches give the marsh around Hogsmeade a wide berth for a few days to reduce complications.

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