(1941-11-28) A Conversation in View of the Lake
Details for A Conversation in View of the Lake
Summary: John and Mackenzie are joined by Samira as they talk about the upcoming break.
Date: 1941-11-28
Location: Lake View Louvre

Mackenzie sits in one of the windowsills, looking out onto the Black Lake beyond. The windows are closed, blocking out much of winter's chill, leaving the room cool. The lake splashes up against the castle roughly, spraying water all around. Deep in her thoughts, she does not notice John enter.

John quietly moves over to the wall next to where Mackenzie is seated and leans with his back against it. "Not interrupting some sort of deep and meaningful thought, am I dear cousin?" he asks after a moment or two of silence, almost as if he were -hoping- to startle his housemate.

John does, in fact, startle Mackenzie. Or maybe she's just jumpy. She takes in a sharp breath of air and turns to look at him, taking a moment to realize who he is and where she is before breaking out in a smile. "John," she says brightly, "How good to see you."

"Likewise," John replies, flashing Mackenzie a broad grin. "Thought I would take a walk about the castle. I didn't expect to find you up here, though," he continues, rather conversationally. He shifts, then, leaning just one side against the wall so he can look at Mackenzie as he speaks. "You looked like you had something on your mind."

"Mm," Mackenzie intones flatly. She purses her lips and thinks for a moment, seeming to come to some decision before she answers. "Been thinking about the Restricted Section some more," she says reasonably, "I don't think we could make it there without getting caught. It is several long hallways and three flights of stairs, assuming the staircase doesn't change on us."

John seems to consider that for a few moments, reaching up with one hand to rub at his chin before he says, "It would be a lot harder than any of the sneaking about we might have tried in the past. Too many things that could go wrong…I suppose that means that either of us would have to actually get permission to do work in the restricted section, doesn't it?" He shrugs his shoulders, then, before asking, "What do you want in there anyway? Or do I not want to ask?"

Mackenzie peers at John for a long moment, thinking hard about her answer. Finally, she says, "To learn," and leaves it at that. She rubs her hands together once before straightening her shirt and skirt and then running her fingers through her hair. She's not particularly attentive to these actions, as if she were only doing them to keep in motion. Her stare on John never wavers, the look intense and a bit unnerving.

Despite that unnerving stare, John does not look away. Rather, he keeps his own gaze on the girl sitting near him, perhaps more to keep himself from being unsettled than anything else. "Of course," he says, rather contemplatively, "What any of us would want there, hm?" He brings his hands together at his waist, clasping them together rather idly as he shifts his weight so that it is supported by one leg and the wall.

Mackenzie smiles slowly, wickedly. "It is too bad," she says in a wistful tone, "I was rather looking forward to our little adventure. I don't think I've done any real misbehaving this whole year." She swings her head, the motion sending her hair over her shoulder, out of her face. "Do you have any grand plans of interest in the near future?"

John snickers just a little and then says, "There's always some other new and fun way to misbehave, though. We'll think of something….though I can't say I've done too much noteworthy for my part this year either." He shakes his head, as if in answer to Mackenzie's question as he adds, "Nothing all that exciting, I am certain. Miss Prince seems to think that she may end up at one or another of the typical gatherings over the holidays. You know how family is…so that's something to look forward to, at the very least…you?"

Mackenzie gives a smirk. "I haven't decided if I am going to stay here for the holidays or not," she says, "It will be much more pleasurable than going home to my mother." She rolls her eyes dramatically at the mention of her mother. "I have a few more opportunities when I am home, though," she says.

"Could come around to some of the gatherings. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you about," John casually states, rolling his shoulders in a shrug. "Maybe then you could convince her that it's not all as bad as she seems to think, eh?"

Mackenzie shifts on the windowsill, leaning back against the cold glass behind her. The spray from the lake hits the window, creating a stormy effect behind her. "Maybe I will," she says, seriously considering this prospect as she crosses her legs at the ankle, "It may help things anyways. I do still need to start arranging a marriage for myself in the next year or so."

John's head bobs in a slow nod as he listens to Mackenzie, shifting where he stands so that his back is against the wall next to the window once more. "Even better, if you need to start figuring -that- out for yourself. Can't figure out prospects if you're not seeing what's out there, hm?" He grins rather broadly as he speaks, even as he allows his gaze to wander up towards the ceiling of the Louvre.

It's as warm a night as the Samira will see for a long time. Even still, she is well bundled up as she climbs to the roof for a view of the lake. Upon emerging, she catches Mackenzie and John standing close over by one of the windows. She hesitates, gazing at them. Though she has always been a reserved girl, she has been particularly withdrawn over the past week or so.

Mackenzie nods to John, sighing out slightly at her predicament. She never looks away from him in her odd habit of staring intensely, and therefore never sees Samira enter the room. "I suppose so," she says drearily, "Guess that makes up my mind, then. Ensure I get an invitation to these parties, would you?"

"I'll see what I can do," John replies, more than a bit teasingly before his gaze drops downwards until he catches sight of Samira. "Miss Prince," he says, offering the more distant girl a smile. "You'd be welcome to join us, if you'd like?"

Samira shifts, almost drifting back to the stairs when John catches sight of her. Her dark gaze flits from him to Mackenzie, hesitating. But with a light nod, she slinks over to them. "Good evening," she murmurs, coming to stand before them.

Mackenzie looks over at Samira, giving her a confused look as she seems to drift back toward the stairs. She pushes it away, however, when the other girl approaches. "Good evening," she returns, reaching up to run her fingers through her hair, "John and I were just talking about the parties his mother throws. I understand you might attend them?"

John reaches up to rub at the back of his neck in an almost embarrassed gesture. "I hope it was not too presumptuous of me to say," he breathes out, glancing between the two girls rather awkwardly.

Samira's lips quirk in a faint smile. "Not presumptuous. I told you before I expect I will attend a few parties over the Christmas break. Whichever ones my brother decides we should go to, I suppose." She pauses, considering. "I'm not sure if my brother will decide to go to hers though."

Mackenzie nods slowly to Samira. "Well, I hope you do," she says, shifting on the windowsill, "It would be a pleasure to spend some time with you over the break." She folds her hands in her lap, fidgeting with them there though she doesn't seem to notice the action, so used to her need to keep moving.

"I suppose we can only hope that we will be lucky enough to have your company then, hm?" John says easily, nodding his head just a bit and clasping his hands at his waist once more. "Dreadfully boring as they can be, it'd be nice to have a few enjoyable people about." He pauses a moment, then, before asking, "So what brings you up to the roof, Miss Prince?"

Samira gazes up at them both with a soft smile. Shaking her head, she answers, "Nothing specific. Just… wandered and found myself here." She shifts, drifting over to gaze out of another window. "Sometimes you meet interesting people at the parties. That is the point of them - to socialize with the right people."

Mackenzie gives a wry smile at Samira's words. "My mother used to take me to them before my father was put away," she says, factual and unemotional about mentioning her father, "But since then she's sequestered herself away from civilization, I haven't been to one. Perhaps they will be more entertaining, now that I'm older."

"I know, I know. I'm just being dramatic," John breathes out, rolling his eyes though he cannot quite suppress the grin on his lips. After a moment, though, he pushes off of the wall, standing straight and saying, "I should probably head back to the common room. There's a few bits of homework I need to finish before I turn in."

Samira leans forward slightly to gaze down at the lake as John and Mackenzie speak. Drifting away from the window, she nods absently, "Mm. There's always homework. But it's getting cold." And she wanders towards the stairs careless of whether either follows.

Mackenzie looks at her watch and sighs out. "Fucking curfew," she mutters, jumping down off of the windowsill and grabbing her things laying on the ground before following Samira toward the Slytherin Common Room.

John simply shrugs his shoulders, then, trailing a few steps behind the girls as the lot of them trek down to the dungeons.

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