(1941-11-30) On the Future and Dark
Details for On the Future and Dark
Summary: John and Samira discuss their possible futures.
Date: 1941-11-30
Location: Slytherin Common Room

It is a cool, quiet afternoon and there is a distinct chill in the air, not to mention the frost upon the windows of the castle and grasses of the grounds. That chill only seems to have been amplified in the depths of the castle, particularly the Slythering common room with its direct view of the black lake through its windows. John, for his part, has chosen to sit rather close to the fire, back against the base of the nearest couch as he reads over his Defense Against the Dark Arts course work. He holds the book in his lap, one hand grasping a quill that he, occasionally, can be seen chewing the end of as he thinks over a passage.

Samira slinks into the Slytherin Common Room, hugging herself at the cold of the dungeons. She drifts at once towards the fireplace, but slows as she finds John sitting in her usual place across from Riddle's usual chair. She pauses, standing before him. Between him and the fireplace she might be blocking some of his light.

John does not seem to notice Samira's approach until she is, in fact, blocking a fair portion of his light. He makes a rather cross looking expression before looking up, that very expression fading rather swiftly when he realizes -who- it is that is standing between him and the fireplace. "Ah, Miss Prince. I uh. Didn't realize it was you," he manages rather awkwardly. "I'm…in your spot, aren't I?"

Samira nods. Most often it's far younger students that she turns out of her spot. But this afternoon, hugging herself like that, she seems particularly chilled. "Please." It is a testament to how well she must regard the young Carrow that she offers at least this. Lowering her gaze, she adds, "You don't need to move far. I just want to be close to the fire."

"Of course," comes John's response, offering a pleasant smile to assure that he does not mind moving at all. He closes his book, setting it and the quill aside before he shifts over, creating enough space for Samira to sit (allowing for enough space between the two that she would not be uncomfortable). He himself is bundled rather warmly, still dressed in his complete uniform as well as his cloak. "Really, I should have expected you to want to sit as close as you can to the fire today."

Samira slips her sock-covered feet out of her shoes and settles down where John had been, legs folded beneath herself. It's still warm - something she notices with a soft, contented sigh. "Thank you," she murmurs, sinking down deep. She peeks over at him, eyes flitting to the work open in his lap. "Defense?"

"For the moment, yeah," comes John's answer as his head bobs in a slight nod. "We should be about to start studying Dullahan and I thought I would try and cover at least some of it on my own beforehand." He smiles wryly, crossing his arms across his stomach and leaning back against the couch once more before saying, "But there are only so many times one can read and reread the same passages before things begin to draw on a bit. Or, well…more than a bit."

"So studious," murmurs Samira with a quirk of a wry smile. She tilts her head, watching him. "I don't think you've ever mentioned what you are keen to do after you graduate. Why such NEWTs."

John purses his lips in thought for a moment or two before setting his work aside and stretching out his legs. "Well….for the longest time I had thought to be an Auror. You know how us boys can be, looking to do what our fathers do. But…the last few years that just hasn't held as much appeal for me. So I take Defense more because it is something I'm interested in," he explains, though the way he trails off suggests that he is not being completely truthful in his reasons. "Potions, though, that is really where I do well. Lately I've thought of opening my own potion shop after graduation, assuming I can figure out the gold I would need…Perhaps it's something I'll end up having to work at over time." He pauses, then, turning to more fully look at Samira. "Do you have any plans for after you graduate, if I may ask?"

Samira nods. "Of course. I've been a student aide for Madam Spleen since I arrived, and I've interned twice at St. Mungo's." Tucking a loose curl behind her ear, she glances off towards the fire. "There are a lot of potions shops already. Likely, you'll need to work up to it. Or find something to do in potions that others aren't already doing."

"That's something I've given a bit of thought to, yeah," John admits, unable to supress a small sigh. "Some new potion or refinement of an existing potion…I've time to figure it out, still," he murmurs, more to reassure himself than anything else. "I do think you'll do well at St. Mungo's, though. Seems like a good place for a talented witch like you."

Samira laughs softly, as if to herself. "Mm. I'm told my bedside manner needs work. But I hope to be useful anyway. I prefer most when working on the research side of things - studying illnesses and working out cures. Not so much working with patients." She glances over at John. "I helped a bit to devise a cure for the zooanthropy disease. This summer. Had it a bit myself, so the risks were lower."

John seems to consider that for a long moment before saying, "I remember hearing about that whole situation. I was lucky enough to not end up with it…didn't realize you were one of the ones that caught it or that you helped come up with the cure," clearly sounding impressed. "So you'd like to do a bit more research than actually work with patients?"

Samira nods, a bit absent as she gazes off towards the fireplace. "It's a complex thing to develop new healing spells," she murmurs, again almost as if to herself. For a time, she sits in silence - distant. But then, she continues, "I tried creating one. Didn't work too well. And when I told Professor Slughorn, he said I ought to stop. Said it was likely dark magic…"

John remains silent for a few moments after Samira speaks, but finally says, "But what if you were actually on to something that could really end up helping?" He shakes his head and adds, "Too many of the professors seem to be bothered by the idea of -any- magic that might be just a bit dark."

Samira glances over at John with a hint of amusement. "Oh? With such an attitude, I see why you aren't so keen on being an auror anymore. But yes. I was even scolded when my so called dark magic saved the life of one of those centaur creatures. Their chief, I believe."

John rolls his eyes at that and grumbles, "Always so strict about things. It's always which spell, not what it's used for that seems to bother them. I'd rather they be up-front with us about all magic, rather than treat some handful of so-called dark spells like they're something we can't handle." His shoulder rise in a shrug, then, and he allows himself to grow silent.

"Mm. I think you'd have liked it well at my previous school. Those who proved worthy were taught to handle such magic. With great care and respect for the spells. They were our heritage." A bit warmer, Samira rises. Standing closer to the flames, she stretches, arching further and further until she relaxes with a sigh. "It was nice chatting with you, John," she murmurs.

John allows his gaze to linger upon Samira as she stands and stretches. "It's always a pleasure speaking with you, Miss Prince. You know that," he says, offering another smile. "Off to make yourself busy?"

Samira smiles, but doesn't answer. With niether another word or a backward glance, she slinks off. Her hips move with a subtle sway as she heads back out of the common room.

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