(1941-12-02) Shoreline Entrapment
Details for Shoreline Entrapment
Summary: At the end of the Hogsmeade Public Beach, in the rain, Samira runs into Riddle.
Date: December 2, 1941
Location: Hogsmeade Public Beach

Due to the cold and rain, not quite as many students have flooded from the castle for the Hogsmeade Weekend. The weather is the sort that would have almost certainly found Samira curled up in a blanket as close to the fire as possible. And yet, this afternoon, she was no where to be found. Instead, she drifts alone down the deserted public beach under an enormous umbrella, eyes downcast.

Riddle is a black spot on the rather white blanket of some of the season's first snow from last night. Hunched over his diary to protect it from the rain Tom is reading. Sitting on an outcropping of rock by the campus wall under a twisted tree he is mostly protected from the rain. A walk without an umbrella sort of marooned him in this place. It however doesn't seem to phase him and he alternates between reading his diary and making clouds of steam with his breath.

Samira doesn't look up, not expecting to come across anyone in such bitter cold. Her shoulders are tense, lifted slightly with the chill, but she doesn't shiver. It isn't until she is almost upon him that she catches a cloud of steam wafting out of the corner of her eye. She pauses, gazing over at the young dragon. "Ahlan, ya Tom," she murmurs, standing still under her umbrella a few paces away.

Riddle looks up and immediately bows his head in greeting. "Ahlan. Have I finally started pronouncing that right?" He gives a small little smirk and then tilts his head in a more serpentine than canine like fashion. Like a snake about to strike. "What brings you out this way, surprised you're not curled up in a ball before the fire."

Samira can't help but smile softly. "It was quite good." Glancing off towards blanket of snow melting in the rain, she shrugs. "Wanted a bit of quiet. And my brother sent me some charmed garments to wear under my robes - charmed to keep me warm. I thought I'd test them." She glances back over at him. "And you?"

Riddle's dark eyes set into his pale face gaze over Samira, he is not checking her out so much as he is just looking over her new clothes. "That was very thoughtful of him." He was going to gift Samira with an enchanted overcoat/robes for christmas so there's that plan foiled. "You've made it this far out. I suppose that means they are a success." He tucks his diary into an inner pocket in his own outerware and then stands. "End of the line though." He knocks on the wall that blocks any further strolling. "May I walk you back?" He steps down from his stone and offers out a hand to take the umbrella to hold while they stroll. "I was a touch stranded. Good thing you came along."

Samira hands over her umbrella with a deferential nod. "I'm sure the rain will dissipate before long, but I'm glad I could help. Although the umbrella is fairly large, it still requires Samira to keep rather close - closer than she's gotten since the tea shop incident. "It isn't quite as warm as I'd like. But at least I don't ache quite as much with the cold. I don't suppose I'll ever truly adjust. Should have done already."

Riddle frowns hearing that she's still cold despite the new clothing, maybe he will in fact get her that winter robe. He pauses in the stroll and passes the umbrella back to her, so that his arms and hands are free to slide out of his before moving to drape his warm robes over her shoulders. "You should try your blood spell on yourself, it might be a circulation issue." The tiny little smile twitching barely at the corner of his lips indicates a strange attempt at a joke perhaps?

Samira takes the umbrella back, glancing up at Riddle with a puzzled hint of curiosity. The cloak settling around her shoulders is a bit too large, but it warms her well. The warmth draws a little smile to her lips. And at his jest, she even gives a soft laugh. "Might work. But wouldn't I get into such trouble for attempting such dark magic here at Hogwarts?" The humor of her tone is subtle and dry.

Riddle nods solemnly. "Expelled in a blink." His own tone as dry as the weather is not. After taking back the umbrella he returns to the stroll. The chill that seizes his spine is ignored mostly. Only a little jerk of his shoulders indicates any discomfort. "I'm sure he'll spoil you with many presents when you arrive home. Do you celebrate Christmas any?" Raised by Muggles he did have to adjust to the secular version of the holiday and his question is more about if the Pure-Bloods in Egypt or at least her family do something similar or just completely forgo the Winter Holiday.

Samira finds herself lingering a bit closer at Riddle's side - closer than necessary to keep dry under the umbrella. "No. We have other traditions. Though we might attend some of the parties. Important to maintain a place in the local society. But I imagine that I will spend most of the holidays studying. I don't think I could hope to master something new in such short time. Although, he might expect me to."

Riddle nods slowly as he listens, he guessed as much, but he likes to make sure about these sort of things, always eager to learn fine details. "Don't let him pressure you into working through the holiday. It's a relatively small break in your N.E.W.T.s, it would be good to rest while you can. The Avery's have a cruise they usually do, but with all of the muggle trouble, they've not been able to do it in some time. It was amazing my first year, never again since, miss it. But they still have the same sort of party, just on land instead. Maybe we'll see each other at one of the functions." Niles and his family do take Tom with them for the circuit of Pure-Blood parties and festivities over the break. "I'm sure the Malfoy party will be exceptional this year, with Abraxas as Head Boy. Normally no stops are taken at their party anyways, now add beaming pride to the extravagence. It will be something."

Samira lifts a shoulder with a faint smile. "Not sure I'll have much choice if my brother decides I'm to study. But I'll see." She glances up at him. After a hint of hesitation, she says, "I hope to see you." She bites her lower lip, adding, "At the parties." She lowers her gaze, shifting away ever so slightly. "Although my brother still doesn't approve of how I associate so close with boys."

Riddle goes quiet, in that 'it's none of my business so I'm not going to say anything else' way. "Right. Well unfortunately for him, you go to Hogwarts, not Haka. It's not like boys sleep in the same dorms and share bathrooms with girls. But I'm sure it's very different from the sort of seperation he is used to."

Samira drifts along in silence at Riddle's side under the umbrella. She doesn't expect him to comment. She blinks, peeking up at him as he speaks. Smiling softly, she nods. "Different, yes. He expected that - but he'd also expected me to be steadfast to our own ways. But, I /like/ talking to whom I wish. To you." She pauses, hesitating. "Though, I understand I should keep more distance."

Riddle gives a little twist in his own skin, another chill. "I don't wish to say anything that will offend." He more vocally shows that he is biting his tongue and is uncomfortable about continuing the subject further. "Are we back to campus or were you going to patronize one of the businesses?"

Samira slows and comes to a stop, if Riddle pauses with her. Gazing off down the path, she says, "I'd rather linger here a bit longer. Don't need to go to a shop, but I'd rather not go back to the castle quiet yet either." She glances up at him, watching him. "Are you chilled? You must be." She bites her lower lip.

Riddle takes a step or two before he takes them back to stop with her. His arms are tight against his body, but he's really trying not to let on. "I'm alright. Are you warm enough? Maybe a duck into Scrivenshafts? Nothing untoward about a stationary shop."

Samira lowers her gaze, remembering how untoward the teashop failed to be. She folds her arms over her belly, hugging herself a bit, although she is warm for once - even out in the December rain. "Not sure if it would be a good idea. Would it?" she asks, peeking up at him. She shies away slightly, lingering just under the edge of the umbrella. "Might be best to just head back. And… mm… I'm alright now. You can take your cloak back, if you like." Already, she's removing it to offer back to him.

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