(1942-01-02) A Muggle in Diagon Alley!
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Date: 2 January, 1942
Location: N/A
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A Muggle was apprehended in Ollivanders Wand Shop yesterday by agents of the Ministry of Magic. The man was described by witnesses as tall and thin, wearing grey robes sewn with purple stars and moons. "He wanted to purchase a wand," explained Garrick Ollivander, proprietor of the shop. "I didn't recognise him, so I knew I'd never sold him a wand before. But he claimed that his previous wand had come from Greece." It is still unclear how the Muggle infiltrated so deeply into the Mysticked District, or how he came upon knowledge of wands and wizards.

While testing some of Mr. Ollivander's wands, the Muggle managed to create a magical explosion that hurled the Muggle and Ollivander across the shop, along with an Auror and an Obliviator that both happened to be patronising the shop at the same time. The incident led Inspector Effie Grant and Obliviator Zack Fudge to realise that something was amiss about the situation, and they began to question the Muggle. "It isn't unheard of," said Ollivander. "It's rare, but even a Muggle can cause a discharge of residual magic in a wand."

During questioning, the suspect admitted in front of several witnesses that he is a Muggle. "He started blaming us wizards for all those Muggles that died in the bombings," said one witness, who asked to remain anonymous. Another woman was sympathetic to the Muggle's message: "It broke my heart, what he said. Thirty thousand Muggles died in London. Maybe we could have done something to protect them."

The Muggle was last seen being taken to the Ministry in the custody of Obliviator Fudge and Inspector Grant. Thus far, the Ministry has issued no statement on the matter.

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