(1942-01-03) Night Owls at the Natrix
Details for Night Owls at the Natrix
Summary: Daniel and Augustus have an interesting first encounter in a relatively secluded section of the VIP Lounge. The dance floor downstairs is still hopping, even though it's pretty late.
Date: January 3rd, 1942
Location: The Natrix Dance Hall - VIP Lounge

It's late enough that the Natrix isn't too far from closing. Most decent folk have long since gone home for the night. No rest for the wicked. But Daniel seems to be taking at least a short break, smoking a cigarette in a booth while staring out onto the Muggle dance floor. A house elf arrives with a drink - some sort of amber liquid on the rocks. He takes it without giving the creature more than a glance.

Augustus has definitely decided to visit the Natrix Club, owned by Wolfgang Montague, well known both in the entertainment and criminal world. Unfortunately, there was no sign of him tonight. From one of the most hidden tables of the Lounge, Mr. Goyle looks around and gives a deep sigh before continuing with his reading of the Daily Prophet, with an expression of focus and great concern.

Daniel allows himself one cigarette as his break, but he finishes his drink long before. Taking slow drags of smoke, he tilts the glass on its edge, watching the ice shift and clink. But far too soon, he has to snuff out the butt of his cigarette and rises. He manages to suppress the groan - still sore from hidden bruises of an earlier unpleasantness. He's about to attend to further unpleasantness, when he catches sight of a distinguished looking gentleman sitting in the corner, reading with a look of cocnern. He looks like somebody. And Daniel should know all the somebodies that come into Wolfgang's club. With an easy grin, he meanders over to Augustus' secluded table. "Evening. I'm Daniel. Don't think I've seen you here before, but it seems I should know you."

Raising his gaze but without leaving the newspaper, Augustus attention is now centered towards the young man. "Don't worry, I'm just a shadow from the past now, trying to fill the boredom of my retirement, keeping abreast of interesting news and meeting new sources of valuable information. I'm not familiar with the younger generations procedure, so here I am… Weaving in the shadows." This last statement was said in a whisper and with an induced enigmatic tone. The old man then stood up and introduced himself properly with a firm handshaking. "Goyle, Augustus Goyle. A pleasure."

Daniel chuckles and nods with a firm handshake of his own. "The pleasure is mine. Not sure what I can say about our procedure. I'd have to know how it compares to the one you know. I work for Mr. Montague. Wolfgang." There are two Mr. Montagues and clarification is always needed. Montague senior would never employ a muggle-born like him.

Augustus makes a brief smirk before answering. "Well, to be honest, I'm sure not so much has changed, just the people. But it's important to keep a solid network of trusted contacts. That's why I'm here, you never know when you'll need a reliable source of valuable information. The power of a real seller lies on the facts and details you know and, consequently, that you can use in your favor."

Daniel's relaxed smile grows. "Information is king across most businesses. In my work for Wolfgang, I try and keep track of what's going on and who's doing what. As you say, a solid network is an important thing." He settles down across from Augustus at his booth. Settling back, he regards Augustus with a relaxed grin. "The so-called retired folk tend to have the best networks. Though these things can get a little out-dated if you've been away too long."

Augustus cannot help but to nod in agreement. "Exactly. But I'm retired after all. My information needs are not so important and frequent now. My professional activity has ceased almost completely, and I find myself trying to find out my current role in this changing world of wars and injustices." While saying that, Mr. Goyle makes a brief pause and turns his eyes to the Prophet for a moment before continuing. "Fair, but not fool. That's the key of a good deal. I can't stand people that take advantage of their privileged positions or that use trickery and foul play. No matter the business, you don't have to be a moron in order to make yourself a name, right?"

"Mm. Yes. And is there a particular trickery or foul play going on at the moment that has… let's say, caught your 'ire'?" asks Daniel. Without taking his eyes off Augustus, he signals for a house elf to bring him another drink.

Augustus ponders for a moment before answering. "Well, not really. But each time I think of my nephew's conceited manners I get on my nerves. Gormund Goyle… politician, or that's what he says." With an unconvinced expression on his face, August shakes his head to reinforce his argument. "A politician worries about people. Gormund's only concern is himself." The old man ends his statement with a gesture of disgust. "Anyway, let's talk about more important things. The possibility of another drink, for example. Any suggestions?"

Daniel arches a brow, interested at how the Goyle rejects the politics of others in his family - namely his nephew. The young man's smile comes easier still as he suggests, "Try an old favorite. The help will bring over anything you like and our bartenders are top shelf. Though if you do want my preference, I've been taking inches from a particularly good bottle of whisky the last few nights."

Augustus nods to Daniel's preference and gives him a thumbs up sign. "Well then, let's try that whisky!"

Daniel chuckles and with a snap of his fingers, signals for another drink. He doesn't have much more time to spare in sharing a drink, but there's enough for the sake of making a new acquaintance. Particularly one who could be as valuable as this Goyle. But once the house elf arrives with the two short glasses, and Daniel has downed his, he rises. "If you ever need to find me, here's a good place to check. You can always leave word with one of the bouncers for me. Good night."

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