(1942-01-05) Gifts and Uncertainty
Details for Gifts and Uncertainty
Summary: Samira and Laurean share a brief encounter at Hogwarts grounds in which they talk about Christmas holidays and their future prospects.
Date: January 5th, 1942
Location: Gardens
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Afternoon arrives at Hogwarts with feeble and slighty warming sunbeams. The grounds are beautified by orange tones of light, with just a couple of clouds up in the sky. Laurean is walking in the gardens, lost in thought. Not very far from the young Maestro, a small gramophone has been placed. With a vinyl in his hands, it's clear that the artifact belongs to the Ravenclaw.

The artifact catches Samira's attention. The Slytherin girl just happened to be passing. In her new winter cloak, she actually seems warm enough for once. The winter air is still enough to not quite bite at her face as it might on windier afternoons. And the bright sunlight helps even more. Or perhaps, emerging from the Greenhouses, she is still warm from their heat. Hands clasped behind her back, she approaches Laurean. Nodding to the record, she asks, "What is it?"

"Oh, nice to see you, Samira." Laurean seems genuinely pleased to have some company. "It's a Christmas present from my mother. Seems like she wants to introduce me to some new genres. This vinyl is from Xavier Cugat, a Muggle bandleader known as The Rhumba King. Very talented indeed, he's one of the most successful musicians in Hollywood right now. Lively rhythms that enhace passionate hearts. Have you heard about him?"

Samira shakes her head. "No." She offers a simple response, abstaining from the repulsed derision that most Slytherins would have very likely shown. Without any other Slytherin students present, she shows this restraint. "So your mother is a muggle. Is this some of their jazz?"

Laurean quickly shakes his head and says: "Oh no, my mother is a half-blood too. Lori Maestro, the singer. Famous among older generations for what I've seen so far." The young Maestro then proceeds to answer Samira's question: "Well, kinda. But not the one I'm used to listen. The Latin influences are strong in his music. In fact, he was a pioneer, since he brought those influences to the American public. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't born in Cuba. He left Spain and then immigrated to Cuba alongside his family when he was just a kid." Fearing that his explanations may become boring with additional factual information, the young Maestro decides to establish some feedback to the social interaction with Samira. "So, how you've been during the holidays? Have you received interesting presents, like that fancy cloak you're wearing today?" Laurean makes a gentle smile after complimenting the Slytherin girl.

Samira has a particular fascination for music. But the extensive history of a muggle singer is not quite within her realm of interests. She listens, but glancing off across the garden, it's clear that her attention is waning. But, once he asks her a direct question, her attention returns. "Hm? Ah. Yes, this was a gift," she murmurs, with a nod. "And some other clothes charmed for warmth. Except for the parties, the holidays were quiet. And for you?"

With a melancholic expression, Laurean looks around and says: "Well, I've been here, as usual. Watching, thinking, waiting… The first days were quite joyful at the castle. Presents, plenty of food, even a bit of dancing! The faces of happiness are priceless… I'll miss them." Feeling excessive sentimentality on his words, the young Maestro closes his eyes and shakes his head for a second. "Excuse me. Apart from that, nothing too interesting has happened so far. I hope this year brings us rewarding experiences that we can treasure in our memories."

Samira tilts her head as she listens. But then glancing off, she offers a mild nod. "I suppose I might miss it too. A bit. But, I think what's waiting for us in the world is far more interesting. I think I'll be too busy to miss this all that much."

Laurean takes a deep breath before answering. "A world with an open wound of war that's bleeding more than ever. Don't misunderstand me, I agree with you. There's plenty of fascinating things out there. But I can't help feeling a deep concern for the determinant resolution of the Muggle events. Sometimes I feel so… powerless. How will I contribute to make this world a better place? Something inside of me is stucked, awaiting to change. To evolve. First it was my notebook, take a look." Laurean takes his new notebook from a pocket and shows it to Samira. Blank. Not a single note. "I thought following the fortune teller's advice would be enough. But there's something more." All of sudden, the Ravenclaw makes a surprised gesture. "It's the first time I talk with someone about this. It's interesting, I feel I can trust you without a doubt."

Samira's dark gaze flits to the notebook before staring back up at him with an expression equally blank. Told that he feels he can trust her, she shows her first expression. Surprise. "Do you? I don't think you should." Shaking her head, she steps back. "I hope you find your answers. But I don't have any for you." And without anything further, she drifts off through the garden.

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