(1942-10-11) Home from Work
Details for Home from Work
Summary: Bannon arrives home from work late at night, to be surprised by Josie.
Date: (Whatever is the closest Hogsmeade weekend to the log date above. Edit this later.)
Location: Fawley Farm

With the weather brisk, the sky filled with clouds that create gray blobs of shape in the moonlight offered at this time of night, and the wind moving the trees with ominous timing, the Fawley Family Farm could be considered ominous if it weren't for the noises that the more nocturnal creatures that call this place home make. This adds a touch that intimates that this place is still very much alive, and not all if it malignant in nature.

The trees continue to rustle after another gentle gust of wind, and just as it dies down, there is a pop in the air as if thunder decided to appear right here and use it's inside voice. Where there was not someone a minute ago, a man appears walking at pace towards the farm house. He is carrying his walking stick, beneath the arm that is covered in the sleeve of the nice suit that he wears. Above his brow line in his well-known red-banded bowler.

There's someone else out in the dark farmyard, just stepping out of one of the closed pens. Josie looks up, grinning as she spots her father, giving a wave. "Hi dad." She turns, stepping away to intercept him and then walk with him towards the house. "How was work?"

Bannon pauses, peering through the darkness towards the one leaving the pins with a slight cant to his head. He seems to relax after a moment once he is waved to, and he turns towards his daughter with curiousity, "Late night feeding, is it?" He gives a small smile as he turns to resume walking towards the farm house, "Work was complicated by the disruption of the charms that carry the inter-office mail around the ministry of magic. We had sensitive information inadvertantly end up in Subsaharan Africa, which I am certain is a distance record." He then looks back towards Josie, slowing his pace as if to prolong the walk, "And how did you spend your day today?"

Josie grins, and says, "If that's not a distance record, I'd love to know what the record actually was." Still smiling, she brushes hair back behind her ear, and says, "I've been looking after a very old and very sick bird. Professor Kettleburn is doing the Jobberknoll lesson on Monday, but the bird was sicker than he thought. I'm just trying to keep it comfortable and alive until I can take it to Professor Kettleburn Sunday night. I even have permission to stay overnight this weekend, to look after it. Otherwise, I'd probably already be getting ready to go back for curfew."

Bannon smirks, "Perhaps we'll never know." He tilts his head, drawing to a halt as he turns towards Josie, "I had wondered about that. I honestly didn't expect you by the pens." He frowns, looking back towards the gate with a furrowed brow, "Have you conferred with Camilla on the matter?" He then looks back towards Josie, "And did she seem in a good mood this evening?"

Josie nods, smiling, "Yeah, she gave me a few tips. It's mostly just nursing, there isn't a way to save it. If there was, it wouldn't be used for the lesson. It has to die to let us hear the cry it makes with its last breath. But Professor Kettleburn wouldn't kill it if it was healthy enough to save." Then, the last question she glances back, and says, "I think so. She kind of always seems that way though, when I come home on the weekends."

Bannon nods his head, a proud smile reaching his eyes, and perhaps he's finally left the perils of the day behind him, "It's good work you're doing. I didn't have the opportunity to have this particular lesson when I was in Hogwarts." He tilts his head for a moment, then adds, "I do sincerely hope you consider this work again in the future, in lieu of working in the auror office. You have a wonderful role model in Camilla, in that regard." He then waves a hand, "At any rate, I'm hungry. Let's go in."

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