(1940-07-13) Duck?... Where?!
Details for Duck?… Where?!
Summary: Shelly and Graham get a surprise at the Leaky Cauldron
Date: July 13, 1940
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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It is a typicalish afternoon in the Leaky Cauldron the tables full of people eating their lunches and talking and laughing and what not. The servers move about the place refilling glasses and giving food out to the patrons. In a table that's got a back to the wall and views of each door. Graham sits eating and drinking though he's also looking over a book which he flips the pages on reading intently. He takes a drink of his cider and goes back to his book he glances up when three men enter into the pub but they move to a table and order food and so its back to his book.

"I think you're in my seat," Shelley remarks in a dry tone - having entered from Diagon Alley. She has a paper-wrapped bundle in one hand, and a cloak slung over her arm. "I thought you'd have known better."

Graham looks up from his books at the familure voice and smirks "Ah, how foolish of me." He comments to his friend and co-worker he'll stand and move to a chair on the otherside. It appears that he trusts her not to just simply let him be blasted without at least laughing first. The young man grabs his food and drinks too. "How have you been?" he wonders once she's settled

The three who'd entered have gotten their drinks and food and sit about talking and eating and drinking much like the others here, perhaps taking a glance over to the two aurors but not directly or anything.

Shelley slip into her favored seat, casually crossing her legs as her eyes slide around the room. "Mmm," she answers his question. "Well enough." It's much the same answer she always gives - as she reaches out to steal a chip or some other morsel off Graham's plate.

"You alwats say that, seems like your back to your water-skimming ways though at least so that is good enough." Graham says though he takes another drink from his cider putting a place holder in the book since the other sat down it would be rude to continue reading. He looks over "I guess you still get free flight time in the evenings." The young man says.

It is too bad his back is turned to the three though Shelley being /far/ more watchful from his former seat can see the men nod to one another and the three stand drawing wands looking their way. It is lucky she can see this as they dont seem to be wanting to talk it through though the one on the left raises his wand pointed at the back of Graham and she will only have moments to react.

"Who says I ever sto-" Shelley begins - before three men rise and draw wands. "Down," she says in a low but urgent voice - falling out of her chair and trying to topple their table over so that it'll be between them and the attackers. Well - it'll be between them if Graham gets out of his chair as directed. Only once she has the table in place does she reach for the wand in her pocket. Hopefully the limited cover of the table will be enough to keep them safe.


Graham looks across and begins to chuckle at her words when she speaks the command and he is in motion, though alas for him he cannot stand and move quickly enough. /lucky/ enough for him the spells seems to be more of trying to get him out of the way physically speaking perhaps he's not the target? He is hit with the jinx and lifted off his feet tossed over the table landing with a thud though he's got a cut across his cheek he's otherwise unharmed scrambling to get his wand out and join her.

The three patrons stop to laugh at their handywork as such times are always needed as the crowd begins to head for the doors in a fairly disorderly fashion. The other two raise their wands now "Stupify." they cry together and the red blasts fire from the wands though hitting and knocking chunks from the table only for now.

"Stupefy!" Shelly calls in return, the moment she has her wand in her hand. She gestures with her wand towards the centermost of the three attackers. At least she hadn't ordered her firewhiskey yet - she'd be very cross with them if they'd made her spill her firewhiskey. "You good?" she adds towards Graham - without taking her eyes off their foes.

Graham will look to her and nod "Fine." The cut on his cheek a trifle really in compared to healing he can get. The blasts from the spells hitting the table is more concerning however. The spell called back as she fires shakes him back to senses. He will turns his own wand on the two left "Stupify!" he calls himself now, one gets blasted hard in the chest by Shelley, and knocked back crumpled to the floor, they dont look pleased about their friend. "You'll pay for that!" they call. They will point their wands at the table "Confrigo!" they call and the table though a sturdy and trusty friend is blasted into bits the two aurors are protected from most of the blast except perhaps spliters and the like. The stunning spell hits its target though he mearly crumples a /little/ bit.

"Stupefy!" Shelley calls once again, before trying to bounce back up to her feet. Her feet slip on a splintered bit of table, though, and she ends up falling back to lean against the wall - starting to look a bit rattled.

Graham is knocked splitered with debris, nothing life threatening but ouchie's all the same! The three goons are quite on the losing end of this fight all the same. The last of the goons levels his wand an wicked grin on his face, and than is blasted backwards and unconcious falling hard and going over another table knocking chairs down and plates over and the like. The young man points his wand at the one he'd attacked a flick and ropes fly out wrapping around him since he might have gotten up butttt not now. He looks back to Shelley and moves towads her. "Shelley, are you alright?" he sounds concerned.

"I- yeah. Fine. I'm… f-fine," Shelley answers. "What's- why're they-" Though clearly rattled, Shelley decides that's not important right now. They were being attacked. The men needed to be restrained. "Incarcerous," she intones, pointing at one of the men she downed. "I'm fine, Graham," she repeats more strongly.

He will nod when he hears the strength return to her voice he cannot help though offering a hand only to help her to her feet though if accepted its released as soon as. "You did good." Graham says he'll move over now to disarm the three just in case while they are at it. He knew something like this could happen with their job and all but at least this time they are only minorly injured and okay next time it might not be so lucky though. He grabs some parchement and a quil from behind the bar and a post owl "Going to owl it in." he says sending the owl off.

Shelley gets up on her own - one hand going to her cheek, and coming back with some blood on it from a gash the exploding table had opened there. She stares at it for a moment longer than necessary, then goes and stands near their prisonners, her wand gripped tightly in her hand. She offers a gruff, "Sorry about the table," to Mick, and proceeds with the Hitwizards that soon arrive back through the floo to the Ministry - though she would have to disappear and have a few moments to herself with a cup of tea before she'll feel ready to give her statement on the events that had transpired.

There might be a drop of whiskey in the tea, as well.

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