(1940-12-21) Hogwarts Express - Winter Break
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Summary: Casual meeting on the Hogwarts Express. Two Hufflepuffs and a Ravenclaw walk onto a train…
Date: 12/21/1940
Location: Hogwarts Express

Boarding for the Hogwarts Express began early in the morning following breakfast, and the train began pulling out just as scheduled at 11 AM. Having been on the rails for a little over an hour, many students are settled into their compartments, some moving up and down the corridors outside as they attempt to track down the food trolley. A few of the prefects stand watch in the small hallway, or patrol along peering into the compartments for any sign of trouble. One such student, Mateo the Hufflepuff prefect, leans casually against a wall, watching as the students go in either direction. He has his hands stuffed into his pockets and wears a pleasant smile which is flashed to any that come along and look his way.

Melody hasn't quite gotten all the glitter out of her hair yet, and she leaves a light trail of it floating in the air behind her as she walks along the train corridor. She's left her bags in a compartment, and had gone to find Eoin to make sure he's not making work for the Prefects. Thankfully, he's been ensconced in a compartment with his friends, swapping food they smuggled away from the breakfast table. She should be able to count on him to behave for at least another hour before she has to bail him out of some minor trouble. As she approaches her Prefectly housemate, there's a smile for him with her usual greeting. "Alright Lovegood."

Smiling back to Melody, Mateo dips his head in acknowledgement as he says, "Oh… yes. I am doing terrific. Just my turn to make the rounds. How about you Abernathy? Doing splendidly I hope? Excited to make it home?" His tone is friendly and quite chipper to be a teen boy hanging out in the hallway as a chaperone.

After setting the rounds for the prefects for the train ride, Elspeth made her way back to the usual compartment with the Eibons. She paused at one of the compartments, watching a certain younger Abernathy as for a couple minutes, but then continueing on. Another couple carriages, and she runs into more Hufflepuffs. "Hullo, Abernathy, Lovegood. So far your brother is behaving," she grins to Melody, and then moves slightly if either of them want to go by her, there is plenty of room.

Melody sways gently, apparently comfortable with the movement of the train and keeping her footing, moving to the side to give room for others to pass as she pauses to talk. "Very excited that it's the holidays," she replies to Mateo. She turns enough to see Elspeth as the Head Girl approaches and gives her a wide smile. "I've been to check as well," she assures Elspeth. "I'll take them their sarnies in a bit, it's egg salad this time." The sandwiches she brings on the train to share around are always egg salad. She addresses her question to both of the others, looking from one to the other. "Are you excited for the hols?"

Mateo extends his smile to Elspeth and says with humor, "Evening Captain Rosen!" The train gives a lurch and he places one hand on the wall to grip and his other darts out to catch a second year girl who stumbles and almost pitches head first to the floor. Setting the girl upright he smiles and nods her along her and glances back toward the compartment he has been leaning against. "This one is empty here ladies. Might I tempt you to come in and sit down to finish this conversation? I think my shift is about up for half an hour." Reaching out he grabs the latch to the compartment door and slides it open for the others. He does offer Melody a shrug as he says, "I suppose I will attempt to visit some friends. My dad isn't really much for making Christmas overly special, so… Not much to look forward to."

Elspeth grins at the jaunty salute from Mateo, and stays out of the way as he rescues the younger student. At the question, she pauses, and uses the excuse of moving into the compartment to delay her response. "It will be a different holiday, to be sure," she finally says. "We may be having more people at our house this year than in other years." She tugs her braid over her shoulder once she's seated. "We do not celebrate Christmas, my family, that is. But Ima was talking about maybe trying to make something for the Eibons."

Melody trails along after Elspeth, slipping past Mateo and twisting to sit with an understated flounce. Which jars loose more glitter from her hair, which floats around her like a miniature snowstorm for a second. "It's lovely to have more people about," she offers brightly to Elspeth. Then there's something close to a frown for Mateo, and a sympathetic, "That doesn't sound like much fun." She folds her hands together in her lap, leaning back on the seat.

Mateo eases into the compartment after the others and slides the door closed behind him. Easing into one of the seats, he extends his feet out in front of him and places his hands one atop the other on his head. Mateo shrugs again and says, "Ahh, well I will make it alright. I have been itching to visit the record store down the street again. I think they have gotten some new ones in since we came back to school. And like I said, I can go visit around. Who knows, maybe I'll turn up on one of you two's doorstep!" He grins and tosses a wink toward both ladies.

There's a smile for Melody's observation, although not so bright as the Hufflepuff's. But, it's not unusual on the Ravenclaw, since she's usally a little more reserved in her emotional responses. So, she attempts to change the direction of the interest. "Your father is not being much for Christmas?" she asks.

"Will you be in town then?" is directed toward Mateo curiously, before she adds cheerfully, "If you do we can have snowball fights. If it snows." Her attention doesn't just drift, it snaps away as she suddenly digs a hand into one of the apparently endless pockets in her robes. The girl brings out a cloth sack, which is likely familiar to Mateo from their common room. She opens it and holds it out toward Elspeth. "Lemon drop?"

Mateo lifts one leg up into his seat, and props his forearm across his knee casually. "I would say that my father isn't much for me, at least as much as fathers go. He is much more interested in his work. Let alone being interested in Christmas. I would say that he will do about like he has the past several years and give me money and tell me to go buy myself something." He shrugs as if it hardly matters, his nonchalance whether feigned or genuine likely seeming a bit odd to anyone with a /real/ family life. Turning his attention to Melody he nods his head and says, "That would be pretty interesting. I'd like to ping that brother of yours with a good snowball to the ear. Little runt!" The last is said with clear affection, likely that of an older student who can appreciate the mischief that the young boy gets himself into, even if he can't say it in front of Elspeth.

Leaning back in her seat, Elspeth unties her, undoes her braid, then rebraids it. She's probably going to end up with some of Melody's glitter in her hair just from the proximity of the other girl. "That… is not sounding very much like…" she glances over to Melody, then decides to shut up. "We are from Northern England… it is almost strange to ride the Hogwarts Express all the way to London, just to ride the muggle train back up, but…" she lifts on shoulder. "We have plenty of snow up there. The two of you can hop on a train and come up if you want a real snowball fight. Three, so Mateo can peg Eoin." She grins to the prefect.

When Elspeth doesn't take a lemon drop, Melody moves the offer over toward Mateo, again saying, "Lemon drop?" After he takes one, or doesn't, the blonde will take one for herself, popping it into her mouth before tying the bag closed again and slipping it back into it's pocket. "We take the floo home," she offers out generally into the conversation.

Of course, Mateo is never one to turn down one of Melody's lemon drops and he pops it into his mouth and moves it to his right jaw. Pulling a second one out he tosses it to Elspeth, "Try one of these. They are delicious!" He pauses a beat and then says, "That might be something to look into, eh Melody? You think we can keep Eoin in line for a trip up to the frozen north lands to do battle in Captain Elspeth's blizzard gripped homeland?" The Hufflepuff boy doesn't seem to be too bothered by how he is speaking, likely that is just how he talks. Lovegood.

Catching the lemon drop, Elspeth grins. "Thank you, Mateo," she tells him, and gives a nod of thanks to Melody as well. "I am having a head in the clouds today. We do not have a floo at home. Aba and Ima use the trips to buy things they need from the city, and so it is not all a waste of time. Although, I think that I am taking the train on my own this year. They are thinking I am finally old enough to be going on my own.”

Melody swings her feet lightly in time to the clackity clack of the train. "I think he could mind his manners for a trip one day," she speculates mildly. "Especially if his friends aren't around." They do have a tendency to push Eoin toward greater heights of mischief. She frowns lightly as it occurs to her that he could be a Colton Higgins in the making, and vows immediately to talk some sense into her brother.

Mateo chuckles and says, "He's a good kid at heart. I've only had to scold him once or twice." In all likelihood, if Melody has heard the details of any run ins with the Hufflepuff Prefect and her brother, Eoin likely told her that Mateo could hardly contain his laughter at whatever mischief the boy had gotten into. "I think that'd be fun. We'll have to set up a date that works for everyone. I will send an owl out when we get home. I think I would like to purchase a pet before we return from the Holiday. Perhaps a cat…" The abrupt subject change has the Lovegood boy drifting away and staring blankly out the window.

Speaking of cats, the latch of the compartment wiggles, and then, with the swaying of the carriage, it swings open. In walks the prim, little, tawny cat with the ears slightly too big. "Neko, I thought you were staying with Evelyn," Elspeth says, reaching down to pet the cat's head before it hops on the seat next to her. "A cat would be a nice pet. Maybe you can buying one with the money your father will be giving you."

"Cats are lovely," comes Melody's opinion. "I have a lamb. I'm not allowed to bring it to school." Her eyes follow Elspeth's cat as it enters and then makes itself comfortable. "The dogs aren't mine. I wonder why we're allowed cats and not dogs. Or lambs." Although lambs is pretty obvious even to Melody. She looks to Mateo. "What sort of cat? Or do you think you'll just know which one is yours when you see it?"

Mateo's eyes are unfocused as he gazes toward the window and the landscape that whips by in a blur outside the slightly frosted window. There is a few moments pause between Melody's question and when the Hufflepuff Prefect's eyes seem to sharpen once more and he glances sideways to her. "Yes… a cat it is. I think there is one in Diagon Alley I will go and retrieve when we pull into London." Whether that is an answer to Melody's question or just a stray thought that is vocalized is unclear.

"So, you are already having a cat picked out, then?" Elspeth asks, her head straightening from the curious tilt with which she had watched him stare off into the distance. "Maybe you can bring it when you and the Abernathys are coming up north. That would be keeping Eoin occupied, and out of trouble." She turns to Melody to see the other girl's opinion of the idea.

There's a crunch as Melody bites her lemon drop in half. She stills at once, only her eyes moving as she glances quickly around, as if seeing if the noise was noticed, then a little bulge appears at each cheek. "I don't think cats fancy Eoin much. Oddie, he has a way with cats." Mateo may or may not get the reference to the older Abernathy brother, Audley, and it's less likely that the Ravenclaw Head Girl would. She goes on blithely. "The goats like Eoin. But you can't take them anywhere any more than you can a lamb." There's a soft sigh, a quiet moment, and she looks to Mateo suddenly. "So you'll know it when you meet it. That'll be lovely."

Mateo looks from Elspeth to Melody and then nods his head slowly and says, "Yes, I will know it when I meet it." There is perhaps a peculiar undertone to the way he agrees with Melody, but he doesn't dally on whatever it is, rather he presses onward saying, "It is a shame that they won't let you bring your lamb. I mean… if people can have toads, you would think they could have a lamb."

"And everywhere that Melody went, the lamb was sure to follow," Elspeth says with a grin. "I did not you have goats and a lamb. Animals are sweet. I wish we were having animals. You are being very lucky." Her gaze turns back to Mateo, and she's silent for a little bit. Contemplating. "My cat came from the cat in our barn. She had kittens a few years ago, and I brought them to Hogwarts for some of my housemates.”

"They're really quite nice. Lambs. Goats too, of course." Melody muses lightly on the merits of farm animals. "That was very nice of you to do, Rosen. No wonder you're Head Girl." Surely there are a lot of reasons, but that one seems good enough for Melody. She slips to her feet, swaying easily again with the change of posture. "I'm going to go back to get an egg salad from my bag. Stop by if you'd like one," she offers to both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She waves vaguely, "It's just up there." There's a smile that encompasses the others, and Melody turns and steps out in a fluff of peppermint flavoured glitter.

Smiling to Melody, Mateo dips his head and says, "I'll send you an owl to see about when you two would be good to travel north, if you are up for it." Turning his head back to Elspeth as they are left alone, Mateo slips his hand into his pocket and says, "That was nice of you to invite us to your home. It sounds like quite a fun adventure." His hand reappears and he has a silver pocket watch clasped in it. Flipping it open, he checks the time before returning the watch and standing. "About time for another patrol. You want to come with me or do you have more important things to check in on?”

Elspeth's brow pulls together at the compliment from Melody, trying to figure out what she is complimenting. "The kittens? Oh, well, the muggles were already having too many cats, so they were needing homes. Evelyn has to leave her with the twins, though, since she is already having an owl. Speaking of, we will be looking forward to your owl, Lovegood." As the others get up to leave, Neko makes her way onto Elspeth's shoulder, to her usual riding perch. "I think that is my signal that it is time to be returning to my own compartment, before Lan is eating all the pastries." She smiles. "He is liking the muggle pastries better, or at least he says he does. He prefers to eat something that is not trying to get away or eat him back."

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