(2012-06-17) Fantasies
Details for Fantasies
Summary: Carter compares the fantasies two women have regarding him.
Date: June 17, 2012
Location: N/A

You paged Carter with 'poor Graham has decided he wants to meet Aldercy. :)'
Carter pages: Graham?
You paged Carter with 'he's an auror initiate'
You paged Carter with 'and a half blood. :)'
You paged Carter with 'warned him he's a glutton for punishment'
You paged Carter with 'shall I pose Stella being my shadow for now, because poor Carter was so desperate for a break that even Thissel would have been better? :D'
Carter pages: probably for the best. im on my phone.
Long distance to Carter: Aldercy grins
You paged Carter with 'I had forgotten that little tidbit when I agreed to meet him for RP'
Carter pages: and Thissels not that bad.
Long distance to Carter: Aldercy chuckles.
Carter pages: please tell me Thissel is pure blood.
You paged Carter with 'yup'
You paged Carter with 'and would love to be as snooty as Aldercy if she could… but she does have a weakness for men that look good, and she doesn't care if they are half blood or mud blood, if they are hot and good in the sack.'
Long distance to Carter: Aldercy chuckles. "Aldercy just took a dig at Carter for Stella's benefit." ;)
Carter pages: heh.
You paged Carter with 'man.. when they finally hook up… it's probably goint to end up being literally bodice ripping fury… :)'
Carter pages: or her snapping and trying to kill him.
You paged Carter with 'nah, she doesn't kill. ;)'
You paged Carter with 'he can thank God for small favors on that one.'
Carter pages: but when she fantsizes about Carter she does.
Long distance to Carter: Aldercy dies!
Carter pages: i could see Thissel and Aldercy both dreamy eyed. Thissel going, "oh Carter." Aldercy adding, "killed with an axe."
Long distance to Carter: Aldercy falls over laughing!

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