(2012-10-03) What happens when Sloan wakes up before his brain
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Summary: Please keep in mind this is an OOC skype conversation, and is posted purely for people to enjoy just how whacked out Sloan's player is.
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in regards to the Starburst commericial about contradictions
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3ewZxrqU4 (Said commercial)

Sloan : They've never seen a Scottish Asian?
Keenan : Apparently not.
S : Then they've never met my friend Angus Chang
K : facepalm
S : okay, I don't have a friend named angus chang
K : no, didn't think so
S : but if I meet an Angus Chang I'm going to make him my friend
K : ok
S : wait, even better, I'm going to name my first born Angus Chan
K : I suppose that's a step up from Fezzic
S : that's my second born, unless it's a girl, then it will be Widget
K : your poor children
S : No, my children will have it great, everyone will know who they are. There won't be any of this thing in school where the teacher says "Timmy" and two of them ask "which one" … No, it will be "Widget" and (deep voice) 'here".
K : So she's going to have a deep voice, now?
S : They'll be advanced, oh, right, Widget's the girl… well, yeah. It might be a problem with the boys when she gets older, but I'm the father, so that will be just fine with me.
K : Oh my.
S : In fact, I'll start coaching her from the time she's two to speak like an angry black man.
K : *snortgiggle*
S : I'll get MR T to be her coach! They'll play dodge ball in gym, an she'll get the ball and be like, "I pity the fool that messes with me", or she'll play softball and be running down the first base line screaming, "outta my way, sucka!" (both quotes in Mr T voice)
K : *slowly dissolving in laughter*
S : People will ask, 'how old is she?' "she's eight" "she sounds so angry." "No, she's really sweet, she likes to play with barbies"

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