(2012-10-08) Paincakes
Details for Paincakes
Summary: Never ask SeanCee serious questions when he's tired.
Date: October 8th, 2012
Location: N/A

Kaiden pages: Quick question.

SeanCee paged Kaiden with 'Sssslllllooooowwwww aaaannnnsssweeeerrrr.'

Kaiden pages: How are you going to choose the Goblet of Fire person thingy. If I'm not privy to that information, that's fine. I'm just curious.

SeanCee paged Kaiden with 'It's a complicated algorithm involving the position of the planets, the Body Mass Index of the applicant, and what I had for breakfast.'

From afar, Kaiden chuckles, "Fair enough."

From afar, Kaiden feeds you pancakes full of rainbows and magic.

Kaiden pages: I almost typed paincakes, and now I'm curious as to what that would entail.

SeanCee paged Kaiden with 'That would be…bad. Like, crossing the streams bad.'

SeanCee paged Kaiden with 'We should be making an announcement today that will give a better idea about how we'll be choosing.'

Kaiden pages: Pancakes full of nails and operational soldering irons.

SeanCee paged Kaiden with 'Dammit! Now we have to change the first challenge.'

From afar, Kaiden sobs as he munches them, "This…this is just the worst."

Long distance to Kaiden: SeanCee snickers.

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