(2012-10-19) BRAINMAN!
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Summary: SeanCee's mav makes an odd kind of sense…
Date: 2012-10-19
Location: N/A
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You paged SeanCee with 'You can join! Where's Cassius? XD'
SeanCee pages: Heheh. Want me to get him out?
Long distance to SeanCee: Josefa beams. If you want! I'm sure there's all kinds of things I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, but pfft, obligations < RP… you know…
SeanCee pages: Excellent. If you're interested in psychology, I think you'll find it fascinating.
SeanCee pages: There's also a documentary that's about him, called "Brain Man."
(Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out why there's a documentary about Cassius…)
SeanCee pages: Argh. MAVS.
Long distance to SeanCee: Josefa squints…
Long distance to SeanCee: Josefa dies laughing.

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