(2012-10-19) Hufflepunk and Slytherbitchface
Details for Hufflepunk and Slytherbitchface
Summary: Lucian and Kaiden share a tender moment both IC and OOC.
Date: 2012-10-19
Location: N/A

Kaiden raises his eyebrows to Lucian and says, "I don't have a problem with you, Proudmore. Ria likes you, so you're fine by me. I do want you to know, however, that if you ever do hurt her…that there's not enough dueling knowledge in the world to keep you safe from me." After that bit of seriousness, he smiles brightly at Lucian and continues on to the booth that Ria's claimed, nudging Briar over with his hip and sitting down next to her, putting her beer on the table.

Lucian nods assuredly to Kaiden. "I know, Sykes, and I respect that." You're wrong, goes unspoken, but I know you'd never stop trying. Never let it be said that Lucian Proudmore isn't cocksure about his abilities. He is right behind Kaiden with the rest of the drinks, setting an ale before Jocunda, and a butterbeer in front of Ria and himself. He takes a seat beside Ria, giving her arm an affectionate rub. That's right, Ria. Affection. Suck it up. "So, are you going to properly introduce us, Ria?" Slight emphasis on the world "properly," along with a you'd-better-say-it look.

From afar, Kaiden is gonna drop yo ass.

You paged Kaiden with 'Bring it on, Hufflepunk.'

Kaiden pages: It's on Slyther…bitchface.

Long distance to Kaiden: Lucian dies.

You paged Kaiden with 'Boo says you have to put "Hufflepunk" as your new Title above your wiki bio picture. :)'

From afar, Kaiden was thinking about that. As long as you use Slytherbitchface.

Long distance to Kaiden: Lucian considers it.

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