(2012-10-19) Why You Shouldn't Fish With Seaweed
Details for Why you shouldn't fish with seaweed.
Summary: Sloan explains to Gabriel why enchanted seaweed is worse than a hook.
Date: 2012-10-19
Location: N/A
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<Public> Gabriel chuckles and has just invented a fishing charm that makes fish get stuck on a little blob of charmed seaweed so the fish doesn't get injured on a hook… Well, the player invented it; Gabe found it in a book.

<Public> Edwin says, "So you can catch and release without hurting them?"

<Public> Gabriel says, "Yeppers."

<Public> Martin says, "What if the fish is allergic to seaweed, you monster?"

<Public> Mabel says, "That fish would be having a hard life anyway? :)"

<Public> Gabriel agrees with Mabel.

<Public> Martin says, "It's a hard knock life for fish."

<Public> Elijah ponders the uses of this, as fish down't have pain receptors in their mouths.

<Public> Gabriel baps Elijah. "What'cha getting all technical on me for. Ruinin' my fun."

<Public> Elijah says, "You're the one choking fish to death with seaweed. You monster."

<Public> Vanessa says, "use it to catch grindylows?"

<Public> Sloan says, "not to mention the emotional scarring! the poor fish will never trust seaweed again. thus the net time a Fresh water shark comes after it, the fish will hesitate because of it's new innate fear of Seaweed, causing the Shark to catch and eat the fish. Then the mommy fish and her babies will be kicked out of their home because he was the sole earner for the family. They will slowly starve to death in the streets in front of the school. Then one day, when they're gone, another of the fish will feel bad, because he could have helped them, but didn't, because his wife was nagging him and she was a snob anyways, and it will eat away at him until he finally snaps. taking out his wife and himself. the whole School will be grief stricken and you will have brought despair to the whole of the lake because you wanted to enchant Seaweed. Now I ask you. Is the cost of so many innocent lives worth it Gabriel?"

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