(2012-10-20) Paging Pandemomiun
Details for Paging Pandemonium
Summary: Sloan and SeanCee engage in a little wordplay.
Date: 2012-10-20
Location: N/A

Sloan pages: if you were wanting to do the interview scene tonight Eddie and I can be free when she's done her scene with David.

You paged Sloan with 'While I would love to, I'm going to have a tabletop game tonight that will probably interfere. :('

Sloan pages: No worries. should be around tomorrow night too.

You paged Sloan with 'Awesome. I'll try to catch you then.'

Sloan pages: cool beans

From afar, Sloan Might have to do a scene tonight involving a Zombie anyways

You paged Sloan with 'O_o A zombie…?'

Sloan pages: Percieved Zombie if all goes right. not REAL zombie

You paged Sloan with 'Still! Meep!'

Sloan pages: lol don't worry it's not going to break theme or cause a ruckus, a rumpus, or even a Brujah. possibly a slight Ballyhoo, certainly no more than a Fracas.

You paged Sloan with 'Sure, sure. But I still see the possibility of a Big To-Do or a racket.'

Sloan pages: Hmm…I never considered a Racket. Would it Make you feel better if I promise to stop things before they get too far into a Gaggle and definitely before the point of it becoming a Ruction?

You paged Sloan with 'As long as it never takes a hard left into a hootenanny. That's not something the game can handle.'

Sloan pages: Oh God no. never a hootenanny. I'd rather a Hodown or even a Hubbub before a Hootenanny.! my gods. thank you for showing me that possible bad turn

You paged Sloan with 'Well, thank goodness we got that settled.'

Sloan pages: indeed I think we were running out of worrd for a Din.

You paged Sloan with 'A din! You mean to tell me this might have been some kind of hurly-burly?!'

Sloan pages: No no I was trying to avoid all Hurly Burly, Blather, Bluster, or sights otherwise unseemly and unctious

Sloan pages: Except for the Zombie that is

You paged Sloan with 'Well…there's that.'

Sloan pages: hard to have an Un-unctious Zombie really. I mean…take away the unctivity of your basic Zombie, and really all you have is a smelly dead guy that doesn't know how to sit still.

You paged Sloan with 'You win. I can't keep up. XD'

Sloan pages: LMAO sorry wasn't actually trying to compete. My mind got awayfrom me about 4 poses into it

Long distance to Sloan: SeanCee snickers.

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