(2012-10-31) Apeshit
Details for Apeshit
Summary: Sloan learns that his character might be sending a certain kind of message.
Date: October 31, 2012
Location: N/A

<Public> Sloan says, "I'm Bored…Sean! wanna bring Cassius out to play?"

<Public> Gilbert says, "Don't do it Sean, its a trap! A Nipple Play trap!"

<Public> SeanCee says, "Hehe. Cass is in a very dark place right now. If he ran into Sloan, things would probably go very badly."

<Public> Josefa says, "I hear i'm missing nipple play?!"

<Public> SeanCee says, "It's all a tease, Josefa."

<Public> Josefa sobs. Damn you, people.

<Public> Sloan says, "Awwww….That's too bad. Sloan has a plan. he is going to kill Cassisu with Kindness. barring that, a hammer. :) J/k"

<Public> SeanCee says, "The hammer might be more effective. ;)"

<Public> SeanCee says, "Don't worry. Cass and Sloan will get a chance for Round 3. But right now he's holed up."

<Public> Sloan says, "Lol Round 3. is this going to be the one where Cassius tells Sloan he can keep HIS wand to protect himself?"

<Public> SeanCee snickers.

<Public> SeanCee says, "Nonsense. Cass would never be stupid enough to attack Sloan directly. Sloan would tear him apart."

<Public> Sloan says, "Lol why does everyone assume Sloan is going to go apeshit on people?"

<Public> Lois returns! And it's because he's ~*~dangerous~*~.

<Public> SeanCee says, "Because he carries brass knuckles and garrotes in his pockets."

<Public> Magnus says, "Because he's Irish."

<Public> Lois says, "Because he dresses like a working class ruffian."

<Public> Michais says, "Black Irish, and he has a bottomless flask… yeah, that's a recipe for apeshit"

<Public> Gilbert doesn't worry about Sloan, he's too obvious. "Its always the quiet ones…"

<Public> SeanCee says, "Sloan IS quiet."

<Public> Sloan says, "ok…these are all Very valid and well voiced opinions to which I will offer you this rejoinder to consider and peruse. :P *THBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB*"

<Public> SeanCee dies.

<Public> Lois cracks up.

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