(2012-11-06) Lumos Gladius
Details for Lumos Gladius
Summary: Lucian is Anakin Skywalker. Cygnus (now known as Cyril) wants to be Palpatine.
Date: November 6, 2012
Location: N/A

Cygnus pages: Ooo, Lucian needs to meet Cygnus.

You paged Cygnus with 'Why's that?'

Cygnus pages: Because Cygnus could become Lucian's spirit guide! :P

You paged Cygnus with 'A psychopath for a spirit guide? Say what now? :P'

Cygnus pages: He's a sociopath, thank you very much!

You paged Cygnus with 'Yeaaaah. I'm thinking that would be unhealthy. Lucian's dark enough as he is. ;)'

Cygnus pages: Oh, pish posh.

You paged Cygnus with 'Why do want to turn Lucian into the next Dark Lord? Whyyyy?'

Cygnus pages: Because, my boy; you have potential.

Long distance to Cygnus: Lucian chuckles. "He does, indeed."

Cygnus pages: One does not waste potential on positive pursuits.

You paged Cygnus with 'Thankfully for the world, Lucian and Cygnus have not yet met. If they do…it could be bad. Luc might appreciate having someone actually think he's worth something. It comes so rarely.'

You paged Cygnus with 'Hehe, I just told Boo about Cygnus corrupting Lucian. We've decided that Cygnus is Palpatine, and Camilla is Obi-Wan (because Lucian is totally Anakin).'

Cygnus pages: And now, young Proudmore…you will die.

Cygnus pages: Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.

You paged Cygnus with 'No, no…Aaaanakin, not Luke. Luke will be Luc's son (that sounded weird).'

From afar, Cygnus continues quoting anyway.

You paged Cygnus with 'Fine.'

You paged Cygnus with 'You've failed, your Highness. I am a wizard, like my father be-…wait, I hate my father. Let's kill him!'

From afar, Cygnus high-fives! Evil!

Cygnus pages: Yes, strike him down in your anger, then your transformation to the dark side will be complete.

You paged Cygnus with 'Damn skippy.'

Long distance to Cygnus: Lucian needs to create a lightsaber spell. Basically a lethal version of Lumos.

From afar, Cygnus chuckles, "Badass."

You paged Cygnus with 'Lumos Gladius! *PPSSSHVREOW!*'

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