(2012-11-19) Talk about timing...
Details for Talk about timing…
Summary: Kaiden remembers something on Pub channel…at what could be the worst possible time to remember it.
Date: 19 November, 2012
Location: N/A

<Public> Keenan says, "Wow. Just…"

<Public> Gabriel says, "Huh?"

<Public> Keenan is doing a search for the movie 'confessions of a shopoholic'…

<Public> Keenan says, "and there's a whole list of 'confessions'… one of them is confessions of a necrophile."

<Public> Keenan says, "Think I'll skip, tyvm"

<Public> Kaiden says, "Hrmmm, I think it's my dad's birthday."

<Public> Keenan snortlaughs quite painfully.

<Public> Maeve will as well. I'm kinky, but that's a bit too kinky for me

<Public> Keenan says, "Thanks, Kaiden"

<Public> Kaiden says, "Huh?"

<Public> Maeve says, "Getting that for your dad, Kaiden?"

<Public> Kaiden says, "Oh, no. I don't talk to him."

<Public> Maeve says, "All the more reason to get him "Confessions of a Necrophile" for his birthday"

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