(2012-12-05) Mudlet
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Summary: The uses of marksmanship are discussed in the creation of alts
Date: 5 December 2012
Location: N/A
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Ivy pages: So I just looked at the stats I did for Owen the other day. I totally gave him marksmanship.

You paged Ivy with 'oh?'

You paged Ivy with 'is that so that he can nail Aldercy with a spitball from the back of the class?'

Ivy pages: I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the PB being HAWKEYE.

Long distance to Ivy: Keenan laughs!

You paged Ivy with 'a subliminal thing, eh?'

Ivy pages: Though now I can totally see him nailing her with spitballs in class. ;)

Ivy pages: She must have some annoying nickname for him so they can bicker back and forth without calling each other by name.

Long distance to Ivy: Keenan laughs. "And down the hall at the ministry… just to annoy her

You paged Ivy with 'hm'

Ivy pages: Nah, he's totally escalated to paper airplanes.

You paged Ivy with 'that drop spitwad bombs as they buzz by her head?'

From afar, Ivy makes note to add craftsmanship. Enchanted paper airplanes to drop spitballs on her head.

Ivy pages: OMG I was typing that!

Long distance to Ivy: Keenan dies!

You paged Ivy with 'this is going in OOC logs… XD'

From afar, Ivy dies.

You paged Ivy with 'now I'm laughing too hard to think of her insult name for him.'

Ivy pages: It's never going to be as good as 'Shrew'.

Ivy pages: Maybe she's still trying to come up with one to needle him with. And he very annoyingly sticks with 'shrew'.

Long distance to Ivy: Keenan narrows eyes. "Not a chance, bub. She probably came up with something the minute she learned his parentage." XD

From afar, Ivy | Owen: Because she's a SHREW.

You paged Ivy with 'well… and?'

You paged Ivy with 'Mudlet'

Ivy pages: Oooo.


Ivy pages: Oh yeah. He may have to upgrade to Harpy.

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