(2012-12-13) The WiWi Drinking Game
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Summary: Jocunda, we think alike too much… this needed to be OOC logged
Date: 13 December, 2012
Location: N/A
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<Public> Keenan just laughed out loud at a thought
<Public> Hadrian fears.
<Public> Keenan says, "The WiWi drinking game"
<Public> Keenan says, "every time Keenan mentions his dimples, take a drink"
<Public> Maudlin says, "How would that work, I am curious."
<Public> Maudlin laughs.
<Public> Keenan says, "every time Rhyeline peeks at someone, take a drink"
<Public> Annie says, "every time i put Healer Dream McGinger in a pose?"
<Public> Annie says, "*Dreamy"
<Public> Keenan says, "No, every time you put that on pub chan"
<Public> Mabel says, "You could do a 'find' search and do a line of shots. :)"
<Public> Keenan is trying to narrow down Alis's
<Public> Jocunda O.O
<Public> Annie says, "that's the only thing i do that's interesting enough to warrant a drink :D"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Take a shot every time something juicy and/or revealing is mav'd to Public?"
<Public> Niamh chuckles. "I have Healer Dreamy McGinger.. but he's not a healer! Ha!"
<Public> Endira says, "Every time Alis gets all protective. Raaar."
<Public> Keenan says, "Every time Niamh or Gideon chuff a laugh… every time Keenan mentions green eyes gleaming in some fashion…"
<Public> Keenan says, "there we go"
<Public> Niamh grins.
<Public> Keenan says, "Every time Alis gets all over protectivey body guard"
<Public> Niamh could change it to 'snort'.. but that's not very attractive.
<Public> Endira says, "I'm still amused that she's 'the muscle' in that scene."
<Public> Keenan says, "Every time Annie innocently believes the best of someone…"
<Public> Keenan says, "Imagine how drunk we could get, how quickly"
<Public> Niamh says, "Forget it. I'd be under the table on that one."
<Public> Annie says, "no one would ever be sober."
<Public> Annie giggles
<Public> Keenan dies!
<Public> Annie says, "Every time Evie has to fend off someone other than Dale :D"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Oh god you'd be drunk so fast"
<Public> Annie says, "i know!"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Every time Jackson says something uncouth would have the same effect"
<OOC> Keenan says, "Every time Clover takes a jab at Keenan's sex life…"
<Public> Annie says, "IC or OOC"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Either."
<Public> Keenan says, "We'd need gallons of alcohol for that"
<Public> Morgana says, "That's only once a scene. ;)"
<Public> Annie says, "every time Elly jiggles."
<Public> Annie says, "there's not enough alcohol…"
<Public> Claire says, "Everytime Donner is goaded into drinking"
<Public> Annie says, "and every time Eddie says something that makes Donner turn red and/or choke."
<Public> Jocunda says, "Every time Jocunda chafes at not being recognized"
<Public> Mabel says, "When Mabel smiles unevenly or says 'Dashed?' :)"
<Public> Keenan says, "Every time Rue gives someone a direct gaze"
<Public> Veruca looks levelly at Keenan, one brow quirked.
<Public> Veruca says, "blast!"
<Public> Keenan cheers!
<Public> Veruca drinks.
<OOC> Keenan says, "never challenge me, woman!"
<OOC> Annie says, "like it's possible for me not to :D"
You paged Annie with 'This is so going to be an OOC log'
<Public> Keenan says, "Every time Boo lovons!"
From afar, Annie laughs!
<Public> Jocunda dies of alcohol poisoning.
<Public> Annie says, "every time Tim chews his tongue or Annie chews her lip. Tim is a bad influence."
<Public> Laurence says, "I IS BACK"
<Public> Keenan says, "Everytime Elspeth says, "being""
<Public> Jocunda says, "Take a shot every time a Quidditch player postures. Extra shots for every Quidditch player that postures in return."
<Public> Jocunda says, "(Counts for students AND Arrows)"
<Public> Endira | Ivy: AUGH, Quidditch.
<Public> SeanCee says, "Every time Hephaesta *click, whirrs*. Every time Gabrielle runs away. Every time Kaiden kicks me OOC."
<Public> Hadrian looks back here, headshakes at the lot of you.
<Public> Jocunda says, "Every time Lucian has a snit. ;)"
<Public> Annie says, "every time Larry makes a 'wood' reference"
<Public> Jocunda cackles!
<Public> SeanCee says, "Lucian does not have snits. He has rrraaaaaage!"
<Public> Jocunda thinks this needs to be gathered into an OOC log, for posterity sake.
<Public> Laurence says, "I am…lost"
<Public> Laurence says, "What are we talking about?"
<Public> Claire says, "PS Claire and Lucian need to be much better friends. They can be rrraaaaage buddies!"
<Public> Annie says, "the Wiwi drinking game, Larry"
<Public> Annie says, "take a drink every time…"
<Public> Laurence says, "Well. I only have tea but…"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Too much of this game and YOU'LL WiWi."
<Public> Jocunda <.<
<Public> SeanCee says, "Hey, Lucian tried to be friendly with Claire. But she was rrraaaaaing at him (at least on the inside). ;)"
<Public> SeanCee says, "Er…rrraaaaging, that is."
<Public> Annie buys a few gallons of vodka. that'll last about one night.
<Public> Jocunda says, "I think the WiWi Drinking Game needs to be treated like Power Hour, in which you do shots of beer."
<Public> Jocunda says, "Else we'll all be hospitalized."
<Public> Claire says, "It's okay, I'm a lifeguard"
<Public> SeanCee says, "I suggest the Drinking Game is only played during office hours…or just before."
<Public> Jocunda says, "…as they open office hours…."
<Public> Theodore has connected.
<Questions> Theodore has connected.
<Public> SeanCee says, "I just think it'll make interactions more interesting. XD"
<Public> Keenan votes for before… that way I can get my quadraped patronus approved because SeanCee will be drunk…
<Public> Jocunda says, "By the way, I would just like to remind everyone that once upon a time, the Weasley twins bewitched snowballs to repeatedly hit Voldemort in the face."
<Public> Endira snickers.
<Public> Mabel says, "They did? :)"
<Public> Jocunda says, "Yep. early on in the book, they bewitched snowballs to follow Quirrel around and smack him in the back of his turban."
<Public> Mabel says, "Ah. Been a long time since I read the early ones. :)"
<Public> Jocunda says, "'Christmas was coming. One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts woke to find itself covered in several feet of snow. The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for be-witching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrel around, bouncing off the back of his turban.'"

May I respectfully add… every time someone thinks Sloan is going to beat their skull in… or every time he says, "roar"

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