(2012-12-17) Twas The Night Before... Something
Details for Twas The Night Before… Something
Summary: Laurence regales the early morning crowd with a rousing story…
Date: December 17th, 2012
Location: N/A
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Auspice • Lokey • Enigma • CarrotCake

<Public> Laurence says, "Twas the night before…something and all through the house, not a something was stirring…not even a mouse."
<Public> Auspice stirs.
<Public> Laurence says, "The hams were all laid in their gravy with care, and the vodka filed glasses aflame a danger to all nose hair…and yet in the darkness as they waited for Him, a wee little Auspice laid awake in her bed."
<Public> Auspice kicks her little feets?
<Public> Laurence says, "Behold she heard a clatter, in the lobby of her hotel, so she took her fam's fob and snuck to the hall elevator."
<Public> Auspice is good at sneaking!
<Public> Laurence says, "She rode the elevator down, and the music that played, was Billy Jean by Michael Jackson and oh how she did sway…but something was afoot, as the sneaky darling was about…the elevator halted and then all the power went out."
<Public> Auspice oh no!
<Public> Laurence says, "Now hold for a short intermission as the dog goes out. Will she escape? What will happen? Find out soon! When Twas the Night Masterpiece Theatre returns."
<Public> Laurence says, "And now, we're back from commmercial"
<Public> Laurence says, "Poor little Auspice, she gasped with horror as she looked up at the ceiling and only saw a mirror. For 25 minutes she sat and she waited and then it started moving down again and well….she was elated."
<Public> Laurence says, "And when the doors open, she looked up and what did she see? An old fat man with a really long beard. He wore a set of coveralls, splattered with paint and Auspice was filled resolved that she would not faint. So she screamed instead."
<Public> LoKey says, "…"
<Public> Laurence says, "(Sit down Lokey, I'm performing Twas the Night Before Christmas)"
<Public> LoKey sits down.
<Public> Laurence says, "Boy did that wee sneaky Auspice shout and holler, loud did it echo down every corridor, until Janitor Santa exclaimed with no cheer. "WHY are you so LOUD, I'll pay you a dollar…" Well brave little Auspice held out for a hundred and Santa paid her in fives with accruing interest. Then he took back home to her ham filled apartment and tucked her in bed as she hugged to her chest her generous payment."
<Public> Laurence says, "So the lesson to be learned on this dark Christmas Eve, was…always charge santa a trespassing fee. Snug she did sleep in her bed made of cheese, it would be a wonderful Christmas, and to all a good night!"
<Public> Laurence collapses
<Public> LoKey just scratches his head.
<Public> Laurence says, "It was beautiful, tyvm. Hello LoKey!"
<Public> LoKey says, "Howdy, Larry."
<Public> Enigma waves.
<Public> Laurence says, "Now we're going to move on to a game called 'hoedown'"
<Public> CarrotCake grins.
<Public> Laurence says, "I need a topic on a mu* that sometimes leaves folks saying 'stop that'"

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