(2013-05-31) Dark Poetry
Details for Dark Poetry
Summary: Gabby and SC finally figure out Voldemort's issues.
Date: May 31, 2013
Location: N/A

Gabrielle pages: I'm also beginning to believe that all evil purist are bad poets. It's why they go darkside.

Long distance to Gabrielle: SeanCee DIES.

SeanCee paged Gabrielle with '*Tom Riddle hides his poetry journal*'

Gabrielle pages: lol. Right? If he could have just gotten to an open mic night, no Lord Voldy.

SeanCee paged Gabrielle with 'It's because he has to hide his true passion that he lashes out. He used to have a soul. But then he split it into eight rhyming couplets.'

Gabrielle pages: ah…that's his prob. He just needs to go free form.

SeanCee paged Gabrielle with 'Just get the man a tight turtleneck and a beret, and we'll all be saved.'

Gabrielle pages: yup. Boom. I just solved Harry Potter. Game over.:P

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