(2013-06-12) Roofie a Tornado
Details for Roofie a Tornado
Summary: Even talking about little bugs, the conversation still managed to come back to tornados
Date: June 20, 2013
Location: N/A

There was a little swarm of teensy tiny bugs that were on the outside server's stand. These things were about the size of grains of sand, and the manager kept finding them on her arm, and one of the big bad-ass male servers was completely wigged because they got on him, and they were 'everywhere'.
So, I mentioned that it was kind of a like a horror movie, these miniscule things invade people and take them over, etc…

Sloan : You want the good news? Or the bad news?
Keenan : Do I want either?
Sloan : Well, good news is.. you know… good news.
Keenan : All right… hit me with it.
Sloan : Good news is, they're not ticks.
Keenan : Bad news…
Sloan : Bad news is they're probably
Keenan Sloan : spiders
Keenan : That's what I was thinking, sadly.
Sloan : And it quite possibly is the start of the zombiapocalypse. I say you should whack her (the manager) with a shovel. Just to be sure.
Keenan : I see. Whacking her with the shovel will prevent the zombiepocalypse?
Sloan : Exactly. Wait around five months. If there are no zombies, you succeeded.
Keenan : And that will be my defense with the law? I averted the zombiepocalypse, you should be thanking me, not putting me in jail.
Sloan : Right that's your story. "Are you being chewed on by zombies? No. You're welcome. Now, let me go home. Oh, and you can have your jacket back. It's really not that comfortable. The sleeves are too long, and this tie in the back is just not my style.
Sloan : You know, I want to write a story, or a movie script, someday. It's going to be a storm chaser type story. Like Twister, but better. And the only reason I'm going to write it is because I want to use the phrase 'roofie a tornado'. That would be awesome. Someone would ask, 'what are you guys going to do?' and they'd answer 'we're going out to roofie a tornado'.
And there'd be this really smart guy, the science nerd kind of guy, and he'd figure out how to seed funnel clouds, and then they could stop tornados from happening. It could be called 'roofieing a tornado'! There! That's it! Yeah! I can make this work!
That's all I need. It's going to become a universal phrase. It'll be a phrase synonamous for success. Like, 'taking the bull by the horns'. Now it will be 'roofieing a tornado'. I'm tellin' ya… what are you doing?
Keenan : transcribing
Sloan : Oh God. (pause) I'm glad that my tired ramblings can be such a source of amusement for all you guys. (long pause). But I guarantee you. Tomorrow morning, you'll wake up, and the first thing you think about will be roofieing a tornado.

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