(2013-06-12) Tornado free zone
Details for Tornado free zone
Summary: Sloan instructs Keenan on how to create a tornado free zone around his house
Date: none
Location: N/A

Sloan : What you do is put up a sign that says 'tornado free mountain'
Keenan : You think that will work?
Sloan : If you have a smart tornado that can read, yes.
Keenan : What if I have a redneck tornado that never made it past kindergarten?
Sloan : Then you throw a beer at it.
Keenan : Oh? And it goes, 'hehe, beeeer' and stops?
Sloan : Yeah, it drinks the beer and gets drunk and falls over. Then you put it in a closet and call it a vaccuum cleaner.

Another Sloan tidbit to add..

Something that looks 20 feet high from the ground, looks 40 feet high when you climb it, and feels like 200 feet high when you fall off it.

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