(2013-09-02) Heists, Grains, and Singing
Details for Heists, Grains, and Singing
Summary: The title sums it up
Date: 1938-09-02
Location: N/A

<Public> SeanCee says, "Knock over a bank."
<Public> Elise snorts. "Although I have planned such a heist in my head, for fun, I understand that I would never get away with it. Rapists and murders get away sometimes. Bank robbers? Almost never."
<Public> SeanCee says, "Just grab a fallen branch from a tree, walk into the bank, hold the branch in the air and yell, "This is a stick, up!""
<Public> Elise dies
<Public> SeanCee says, "Oh dear. I has killed her."
<Public> Elise decomposes
<Public> Douglas says, "Compost! Free compost!"
<Public> Elise rises up, all gross and dead, and because she's now a zombie, and has ever been a vegan, says, "GRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNSSSSSSS!"
<Public> SeanCee hides his Wheat Thins.
<Public> Douglas says, "You may take my wheat, but you will never take my freedom."
<Public> Elise says, "XD"
<Public> Douglas says, "Elise, how have you not done my wiki page yet? You promised! (In my head)"
<Public> SeanCee eyeballs Douglas.
<Public> Douglas grumbles.
<Public> Elise shakes a stern finger at Douglas.
<Public> SeanCee says, "Don't fear the wiki. The wiki is your friend. I even trained it to stop biting new players, and it's had all of its shots."
<Public> Graham chuckles
<Public> Elise pets the wiki and sings, "Soft wiki, warm wiki, WiWi site with words! Wizard wiki, witchy wiki, words, words, words!"
<Public> Rena returns from afk…. "I have to say that was probably the funniest +pub convo I've seen in years.
<Public> Elise says, "TO THE LOGS!"
<Public> SeanCee snickers.
<Public> Boo says, "Dougie, it's spammy but type +wiki. Copy, paste in the wiki words box for the Douglas Page. There, congratulations you just did your own wiki! Woo hoo! *confetti*"
<Public> Boo also gives lovons while she beats the Ogg down.
<Public> Douglas says, "All right, all right. I DID IT, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW."
<Public> Elise says, "Yay!"
<Public> SeanCee says, "Ecstatic!"
<Public> Douglas says, "I can see the glee from here."
<Public> SeanCee says, "Now you can put in some RP Hooks, maybe a Relationship or two… ;)"
<Public> Rena glees - so as not to be left out ;)
<Public> Douglas says, "Oh come on, let's not get ahead of ourselves here."
<Public> Douglas says, "You have a page AND a picture."
<Public> SeanCee is never satisfied.

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