(2015-07-12) Public Discussion on Plots and Negativity
Details for Public Discussion on Plots and Negativity
Summary: This was a somewhat heated discussion that happened on Chat channel. The purpose of posting this is purely informational. It is not an attempt to shame anyone. This is a topic that came up publicly, and we feel that it is important enough to the future of WiWi that everyone should have a chance to see what people are thinking and how they are feeling, so that we can all learn from this and move forward.
Date: 2015-07-12
Location: Chat

<Chat> BadEgg rolls in.

<Chat> BadEgg says, "So. … more than half of the 'top cookie earners' this week… aren't PCs."

<Chat> GreatBeaver says, "I am Great! I am Beaver! I am GreatBeaver!"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "And yet as Great as Beavers can be… they will never be PCs."

<Chat> GreatBeaver hands Eggy a drawing of a computer that looks a beaver. "There's a PC beaver!"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "Cookies given for the +Request's entered."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Yes. But the fact that the highest cookie earners of the week was, you know, mostly PCs… does no one else see the elephant in this room?"

<Chat> Boo says, "Elephant = People aren't RPing. Or if they are they aren't cookie-ing."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Well, and there's a lot fewer people around. Probably because people arn"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Aren't RPing."

<Chat> Boo says, "And it's summer. ;D"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Yes, but compare to the cookie totals to last summer, Boo. This is not an 'it's summer' problem."

<Chat> Seamus thinks there's been a lot going on in people's lives this year. Fluffy and her baby, I'm trying to stop myself from killing someone thanks to a CEO that cares more about selling the company to get a golden parachute than running it, and a lot of people are just really busy this year.

<Chat> Arla says, "my reason is because its summer"

<Chat> Arla says, "I can't give enough excuse to be inside when I could be outside"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "RP was down quite a bit before summer started."

<Chat> Arla says, "and to be honest, sitting and rping isn't worth doing if I deny my kids time too."

<Chat> Boo says, "If people would RP other people will come RP. It's a bit of a vicious circle."

<Chat> Arla says, "we don't get a long summer here"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I'm not saying you should neglect your kids in favor of RP. You ought to spend time with them, Arla."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "Too true Boo. Vicious cycle."

<Chat> Arla says, "it'll be easier for Mr when the fall gets closer."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Personally, I think a big part of the problem is that we haven't had any big, game-wide plots since the Flint mess. Zytek is not here running plots anymore. We don't have any GMs. I can't GM. I suck at it. And without GMs driving larger plotlines - I personally think the game will continue to decline. I mean, you know me. I'm active. I get out there and RP. But…"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "Unfortunately I think people are tired/tiring of slice of life RP. (without other bits tossed in to switch it up( :-/"

<Chat> Arla says, "in that note, as I just finished playing call I extreme heat and am covered in dirt. I shower."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Exactly, WK."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "And it's not like we don't have fodder. Dunkirk passed without a whimper. The Battle of Britain has officially begun this week…"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I hear showers are good for those issues, Arla. ;)"

<Chat> Arla says, "me too!"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "And of course it's been forever since we heard from Grindelwald, on the wizarding side of things…"

<Chat> Arla now isles

<Chat> Arla says, "idles"

<Chat> Arla says, "silly phone"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I want to isle. I like islands. :/"

<Chat> WhiteKnight sling-shots BE to an Island.

<Chat> BadEgg huzzahs!

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I do my best.."

<Chat> BadEgg baguette and cheeses Nova.

<Chat> Nova says, "…Thanks? I think."

<Chat> DangerKitten says, "I can't even think about cheese right now O_o"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Well, if you like baguettes and cheese…"

<Chat> Nova likes most food

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Then huzzah! Enjoy your baguette and cheese. The cheese is normally $23 a pound, but they put it on special for $9! :D"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "It's suuuuuper gooey and creamy. But with some nice funk to it. I love it."

<Chat> Nova says, "yum!"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I wouldnt mind trying to run some stuff. I am just a bit nervous on running it and it being considered too altering and such >.<"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Well - that's the thing that Boo and SC can do that no one else can do. Talk to potential GMs about ideas, and help tailor the ideas to the game so that things work, and don't screw up balance, or change things too drastically, or whatever. But without that going on…"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I mean, I personally feel like that needs to be the focus. Getting more compelling story going on the game. Otherwise we'll never retain our newbies. Or returning players, like Nova."

<Chat> Boo says, "Everyone is a storyteller here. We can't make people RP. We can't make anyone do anything. What's killing this game in all honesty is people's attitude and treatment of other people these days. Any time anyone tries to do anything someone has to gripe, or ridicule or just complain w/o doing anything productive to help out. Every single person typed +agree to the policies. From the begining of the game one of the policies is: "Giant pre-scheduled plots are few and far between. What you'll find more of are plot hooks dropped throughout RP and bbposts, or staff NPCs/PCs going around stirring up trouble. If you see a hook and want to get involved, but aren't sure how, just ask!" People offer to help and flake. So if anything it's the complain complain complain, but not willing to do anything to help. I could be doing and done with so many things at this point if I weren't dealing with the ooc and RL dramaz."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "All Nova gets is Graham tossing her a bout in the lake.. sigh.. ;)"

<Chat> Nova says, "what, what are we talking about?"

<Chat> DangerKitten says, "It's okay Weeks, we can always unleash unholy things from the depths of Mysteries. I'm sure that'll stir up some trouble. >)"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "But we have had active plot driven by GMs in the past - and those were some of the healthiest and most active times on the MUSH. It's easy to say 'if people would just be nice and go RP everything would be fine.' But saying that doesn't actually solve anything. I'm only saying this because I love the game, and the theme, and the characters, and would love to see it get healthy again. But right now… I don't feel like it is."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Actually the healthiest time we've had there wasn't a big overreaching plot."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Depending what happens next wed, will depend on what happens with me.:("

<Chat> Seamus says, "During the whole Flint thing, RP fluctuated a LOT from week to week."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I have to disagree there Seamus, and agree with BE on the plots being the more active times."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "When we have a week when more than half of the 'top cookie earners' are playerbits - I really think that should be more than enough to spur a serious, public discussion on how to give things a kick in the pants and get people RPing again."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I think we should all find that rather concerning."

<Chat> SeanCee says, "The problem, Eggy, is that the answer is simple, but nobody wants to follow through on it. You want more plots and RP? Run more plots and do more RP. All it might take is one person kickstarting something, and that can get the ball rolling."

<Chat> Arla says, "I have plots, but rl has been kicking my ass."

<Chat> Arla says, "and its not giving up."

<Chat> Arla says, "and, I agree with boo. I know people who have game quite over the massive clique issue here and who have given up because of it. it's complains around the board"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "Its tough though, for plots like that to work sometimes they need to happen when the players are just on, like elseMU I ran two battles(skirmishes) in two days just cause people were about. I dont think I can do that here requiring waiting for +requests :-/ I might be putting limits on myself which dont exist mind but just feels like they would be required."

<Chat> Arla says, "people have felt left out, critizef, and over all low. and they are not here or keep their heads down so much they barely peek up."

<Chat> Arla eyes her phone. underatand me darn it!

<Chat> SeanCee says, "It's very likely you're putting limits on yourself that don't exist. Most of the +requests we've gotten about plots are just fine. We might make some suggestions, but unless it's really over the top or violating theme, we don't often say no. Ironically, very few of the plots that we've even said yes to ever get run. Or if they are started, they don't get finished."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "Are the plots up to be taken, Sean? My thing I am just not good at making up plots, or dont see a way to get my particular chars involved in them."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I kinda mean having to +request things atol though.. I know somethings dont require it, but seem to find mine boarderline it and kinda a safe than sorry situation."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "I dont think I would mind running plots, just have a hard time coming up with some hehe"

<Chat> Boo says, "And what I'm saying is that when all we get is mistreatment for trying or doing those plots it kills morale. Would you want to subject yourself to more negativity being flung at you? This community was once an amazingly friendly, welcoming and politest of places. A lot of that is getting lost and I'm having to deal and mediate more than I ever have in the past. So yes, I'm too busy dealing with all of that. That is as Arla says the biggest part of why people aren't staying. It's not because there's no over-arching plot. It's also the reason why there's no over-arching plot. Hence my mention of a vicious cycle."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Usually when I run a plot, I use my characters to fill in gaps, perfectly happy not having them in it."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Evening all :)"

<Chat> Boo lovons the Lizette!

<Chat> Lizette is loved upon, "Hmmm, where to get into trouble?"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Well. I'm just saying that, with things as low as they've gotten, it would be a good idea for the admin and the players not to focus on things like building grid or potions lists - as nice as those are - and instead focus on recruiting GMs, or brainstorming story ideas, or something. Because just saying 'get out and RP' does nothing."

<Chat> BadEgg can log a Maddie on for you, Liz. "Or Eutheria - my incoming 1stie."

<Chat> Lizette says, "I am fine with either. Does not have to be some heavy in depth thing :)"

<Chat> Arla says, "I agree with egg on this"

<Chat> BadEgg will get out Eutheria - since she lives in the Diagon area.

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Saying 'get out and RP' does nothing if people don't get out and RP."

<Chat> Arla says, "and boo you are right"

<Chat> Seamus tends personally not to like getting involved in the big overreaching plots because most of the time I've tried on various games… I've gotten burned. The last time I tried to run something here, I got more complaints that people didn't like the results of their scenes than I did scenes.

<Chat> Arla says, "as I said, people have felt ignored, pressure, critized etc to the poimy of game quit. I myself, have nearly game quit a few Times. which is why my rp has also slowed, because I'm tired of it too."

<Chat> Lizette says, "I will get out and RP :) You know what it comes down to, and I am new here so I am not sure toally but: It's a game. A place to have fun with a theme you all love. Leave the OOC drama at the door and have fun. :)"

<Chat> SeanCee hi-fives Lizette. "Good attitude!"

<Chat> Arla says, "but I dont want to stop raping. I just.. need to breath. and enjoy summer. because Canada gets such a small one"

<Chat> SuperSecretID cheers for Lizette. "I knew you would be good when I told you the wiki link!" hehe

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Well, I'm not trying to bring OOC drama. I'm just trying to find a way to find an active way to help the game become healthier and more active."

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Arla's phone betrays her."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Ah. Autocorrect… How we loathe thee"

<Chat> SuperSecretID votes Arla doesnt stop rapping either! XD

<Chat> Lizette says, "Oh oh, I was not saying anyhring to you Badegg. That is just my approach. I am new here."

<Chat> Arla raps like a pro yo

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "XD"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "No, no. Didn't mean to imply you had meant that. ;)"

<Chat> Arla says, "rhinonousrs style"

<Chat> Boo says, "Again Eggy, The point I just made… I've not even been working on any of those no one has. I've been dealing with Dramaz the RL Dramaz I could handle, but having the RL Dramaz and get the sort of Dramaz here that's been going on too…I'll say it's pretty dang amazing that I'm even here having this convo with you. If people worked on themselves and how they are behaving and no longer required a red hot poker to motivate them to RP this place would be booming. *lovons Lizette some more!*"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Quite frankly, while I've been busy with school, Boo has taken a beating over things she has done to try to /facilitate/ RP. There has been a real problem lately with attitudes. Admining is already a thankless job. But getting bullied over it is unacceptable. If you want to see the game get healthier, do your best to stay positive and encourage others to do the same. The positive community atmosphere has always been the lifeblood of WiWi. If we lose that, the game dies."

<Chat> Seamus is really trying to get back to being positive, which as Boo knows is hard for me.

<Chat> Lizette says, "The way I see it. You have staff and you have players. Staff can create plots, but players drive those plots. I for one love to come up with plot ideas and help others develop their own characters. I dunno. Hit the reset button. Staff helps keep the integrity of the game, but at the same time the players tell the stories. :)"

<Chat> Lizette says, "I am prolly way off base ;) Sorry."

<Chat> Arla says, "it isn't on staff to keep a place alive and going"

<Chat> Seamus says, "Here, players can run plots as well as Staff."

<Chat> Arla says, "it's the players."

<Chat> Arla says, "and the player stuff is lacking"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "Its gotta be both though.."

<Chat> Lizette says, "I just speak from other mush experiences. No real place to discuss here. I am a day old."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "It really does have to be both."

<Chat> Arla says, "yes but if players have a bad attitude nobody wants yo be around."

<Chat> Arla says, "which returns to the clique issues here."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "To say staff is here to make plots, in my opinion, is not only rude but narrow minded. I think it is EVERYONE's responsability to make and drive the plots."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Liz, that's why I wanted to say that. Since you're new, you may not have known."

<Chat> Arla says, "staff does something but its not all on their shoulders"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I mean no staff.. nobody gets approved.. game goes bye-bye.. no players.. nobody for staff to approve same result."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Oh as it should be. It's a collaboration as on any mush"

<Chat> SuperSecretID can openly admit that he has not been very good at the making RP Plot bits, but can try to.

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I'm not saying 'the staff are here to make plot.' I'm saying 'the lack of plot is a major issue for the game and all the players and the staff should be having a serious discussion on how to fix that.'"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "There's a HUGE difference between those two statements."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "Agreed."

<Chat> Seamus says, "See here's the thing. Staff has asked us to run plots."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "That there are staff run plots which cant be touched without staff means it has to be both.. :-/"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "It really /is/ both. But plots are not the primary role of staff here. So, imagine how we feel when we're being told that we're not doing enough. Boo has been busting her rump trying to provide tools for players to use in their plots. But all she gets is criticism for doing so."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Work together and come up with something."

<Chat> Lizette says, "I agree."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "I know staff said some plots were approved but not played out, might the plots still have some relevance? And can we know the plot line? I would not mind running some plots."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Present what comes up to Boo and SC, they're pretty reasonable about things. They put up with 3 different dueling tourneys."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "And I think all the stuff Boo has been doing is great - but I feel like right now we just need to refocus energies somewhere else for a little bit, to get things healthier, so she can get back to that."

<Chat> Arla says, "it's also summer."

<Chat> Arla says, "after all… winter is coming."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Commnication. Without it mushes die. Seen it too many times. :)"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "I could try to dig some of them up, Super. Though if there were no Plot Pages made for them on the wiki, they'll be buried somewhere in our archives."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "We never found those witches and wizards that killed Lizette's mom - that comes to mind."

<Chat> Arla says, "I've got some ideas. buuuut rl has kicked my ass. hard."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "There was the Army of Truth being behind some terrorist attacks on Diagon last summer - and then framing others. That got dropped when Zytek left."

<Chat> Lizette says, "See? You know every chracter has some plots tied to them somehwere."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Maybe a plot +board people can post to and others can get involved?"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "And there's that whole 'Battle of Britain' thing. The germans are bombing out ships in the channel. The RAF is trying to stop them."

<Chat> Lizette says, "A means of communication of plots? een that before too."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "*our ships."

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Maybe a plot bboard is a good idea."

<Chat> Arla says, "I've rpd into that stuff"

<Chat> Lizette says, "Every chracter has some ideas they might want to help develop their character more or tell their story."

<Chat> Boo says, "Lizette we have the wiki Plots page for that sort of thing."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Oh. :"

<Chat> Boo says, "But yeah, a bb could help to do the creating."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I thought the wiki plot page is just for the active plots?"

<Chat> Lizette says, "That is what I meant. Not a full flushing out."

<Chat> Boo says, "Cause the wiki page is really for the final draft for the Plot to be published."

<Chat> Boo says, "The discussion board is also intended for such things too."

<Chat> Lizette says, "Like Hey. My mother was killed. I think it would be fun to find out who did it. Anyone want in? (That type of thing). Ah then that works too"

<Chat> Boo says, "Like a Hey, I have this idea for a plot, would … or Hey, trying to put together a plot about my mother's murder. ;D"

<Chat> Seamus says, "So seriously. For now, my major RP days are Sunday and Thursday. Wednesdays I'm usually here until about 4-5 depending on what I'm making for my gaming group. This week I'll probably have my nephew help with a second batch of brownies.(First batch is me teaching him to bake them. His face when I told him was HILARIOUS)"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Having a dedicated bb, however, might put it to more prominance and prompt more discussion."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Especially if we start it off with a formal 'we're trying to jump start more active RP and plotlines on the game.'"

<Chat> Arla says, "okay."

<Chat> SuperSecretID thinks of plots….at least tries!

<Chat> Boo says, "Both the WANTED and DICUSSION boards can be used. Please make use of them! <3"

<Chat> Seamus says, "So far my niece is not liking baking or cooking too much.:( She whined about how hard stirring some batter was, until I just took over and grrred."

<Chat> SuperSecretID says, "lol!"

<Chat> Boo says, "Yeah, well I would just tell her that she gets what she makes."

<Chat> Seamus takes cooking/baking seriously. My worksister shared a t-shirt that she said fit me. It said 'I bake because punching people is frowned on'

<Chat> Seamus says, "That was the first time, and I ended up taking over on that one because it was fudge and it took a lot more upper body strength at the point it was at to work."

<Chat> Boo says, "That is SO you!"

<Chat> Seamus says, "Both me and Seamus."

<Chat> Boo giggles.

<Chat> Arla says, "discussion board.."

<Chat> Arla Will need to make sure of a date rl first

<Chat> Seamus says, "Remember the white queso I shared the recipe for?"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "I still think it might be useful to have a bb dedicated specifically to 'plots' to give it more promenance."

<Chat> Boo is honestly not wanting to create yet another RP tool that's going to probably get ignored or eventually unused like every other RP tool we've added to the game, especially when there's something already in place that does the exact same thing. If it proves to be needed, then I'll gladly do it. By proves to be needed I mean that the WAnted and Discussion boards are flooded/overrun. That is what's going to tell me a new board is needed.

<Chat> Boo says, "I do not Seamus."

<Chat> Seamus says, "I'll find it again. It's been a bit. I made a white queso using a blend of Dubliner and Ballyshannon cheeses. None left both times I made it.:)"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "…does it really take that much time, or use up all that much data, to create a specific bb, though? I think it sends a clear message and response to create a specific bb. Especially if there's an official opening post that goes up there - which is what I would imagine would take the most time to construct."

<Chat> Seamus says, "A suggestion… Why don't we rename the Discussion board to Plots and Discussion?"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "We have always tried to keep the BB at a reasonable size. We don't create two BBs when one will do. It's not a question of time or data. It's a question of need and clutter. If we find that it's more clutter to use the existing board, we'll see a need and fill it."

<Chat> Seamus says, "That would solve the problem? People can put PLOT: in the subject heading for a plot and DISCUSSION for a discussion."

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Now Seamus's suggestion might work, as that doesn't create a whole new board. Though I'd recommend renaming the Wanted board instead, myself."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "An odd thought. Though in the case of a few GM's (not that nobody else can run something) but that the GM players would have a bit more free space to work with in the case of running things that the player either feels they dont know how or that it might be out of scope?"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Could you rephrase that, WK? I'm not quite getting what you mean."

<Chat> Boo says, "Arla, if you could, please extend my apologies to those people you mentioned. I am really upset that people felt that way. I really loved having them here. They were good people. I just wish that people would speak up and come to us if they are having issues instead of rage quitting. When good people quit because of a few negatives it just leaves the negatives. I would much rather have the drama, scold the negatives and keep the good people then to just end up with the negatives ruling the roost so to speak. If they return, which I hope you can convince them too, please let them know that staff is here to protect them and support them."

<Chat> Arla says, "I Will boo :)"

<Chat> Seamus says, "Boo http://brokeassgourmet.com/articles/white-cheddar-queso-dip"

<Chat> Boo yays and lovons Arla. "That goes for anyone else who knows people who has quit here. If they are a good positive member of the community they are very welcomed to return. No grudges!

<Chat> Boo says, "SC thanks you Seamus. ;D"

<Chat> Boo says, "Hmm, would skim milk instead of cream/1/2&1/2 work?"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I suppose I mean having GM's who can be authorized by staff (with proper guidelines and such.) To run scenes when the players are about and theres interest. As well as helping with scheduled things that may be to a point outside of what the usual player could run without a +Request."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "But… cream is so yummy…"

<Chat> Seamus says, "I think I used 2% because of issues with having a LOT of fat making me ill."

<Chat> Boo says, "My lactose intolerance can handle cheese to a point. But any milk thicker than skim makes Boo a very sad Boo."

<Chat> Seamus says, "You could try it Boo? Skim milk could possibly work."

<Chat> Arla says, "I aleawys use skim"

<Chat> BadEgg sniffles. "That's… so sad."

<Chat> Arla says, "I can't do milk either"

<Chat> Boo says, "@Weeeks: The thing is, everyone is authorized to do just that. It's what we mean by everyone is a ST (storyteller) / GM (gamemaster) the things we ask to get a staff check on is creating entirely new things. You want a dementor attack, go for it! you want a creature that is like a Dementor and a Chimera with some Manticore thrown in. Check with staff."

<Chat> Seamus doesn't use skim in cooking too often because the way Skim is done doesn't bond as well with certain things so you have to adjust a lot more. You might have to throw a little more flour in there to get the right consistency and increase the other flavorings.

<Chat> Boo is very used to doing that, just for that reason. ;D

<Chat> Seamus says, "2% is where I tend to go up to but it's usually 1%. Just enough fat molecules to bond with things.:)"

<Chat> Boo says, "Ahem, my example wasn't a good one, cause it's rather unthematic for dementors to be outside of Azkaban. But I hope you get my point. ;D"

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I want.. a Dementimera for a pet now…"

<Chat> Boo bats WK's visor down.

<Chat> WhiteKnight oofs

<Chat> DangerKitten is also amused that Weeks is catching on. >.>

<Chat> Boo says, "I've got a whole post on some of the M.L.E.'s most wanted. Those were created so MLE/Obliviators can use as RP hooks and run their own cases. One of the best ever MLE case plots was a self run thing! — WeeEks. I do 3 e's cause I'm not talking about 7 days in a row."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "But not everyone feels comfortable self-running things like that."

<Chat> WhiteKnight says, "I'd had a thought for the auror's MLE once a catch of the week type deal ;) diffrent scenes (probably no more than three in total per mini-plot) :P"

<Chat> Seamus hopes to never be awake that long ever again.

<Chat> Boo says, "People have claimed some of the cases but never did a thing with them or they got abandoned when they left the game. So I should really go through and re-do that."

<Chat> LoKey says, "Woosh"

<Chat> SeanCee says, "LoKey! Watch your mouth!"

<Chat> Seamus says, "Opinions on which I should do with the nephew: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/03/10/mint-chocolate-chip-cheesecake-brownies/ http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/02/10/red-velvet-cheesecake-swirl-brownies/ http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2014/01/29/raspberry-cheesecake-brownies/ http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2014/04/30/chewy-fudgy-homemade-brownies/"

<Chat> Boo says, "But there again, an example of me going out of my way to seed RP hooks and plots and nothing comes of it. — So get involved in someone elses plot Eggy. Like SC said, it just takes one person to get the ball rolling. We've said that there's no real big changes with Grindelwald, he's still over there doing his Grindie thing. The UNITY thing is behind closed doors still the new Prime Minister shook up progress with that. The Battle of Britain is happening… off grid. People know it's happening, RP accordingly! We're working on the Minister for Magic thing (Vote now if you haven't!). Creature Camp is in the making as is Quidditch Camp. With the Blitz…which IS on grid coming up so soon, I am trying my very best to get some imortant things done and settled so I can better focus on things when the Grid is getting involved in the war. This has always been the case, I've said as much numerous times. Just evereyone please try your best to just have fun, be kind, be productive and we will make it through this just like we have every other rutt we've been through."

<Chat> SeanCee says, "Raspberry cheesecake, Seamus. No question."

<Chat> Boo says, "If he's a chocolate lover, Brownies!"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "How often do I not get involved in someone else's plot, Boo? You say that like I'm not a 'get out and RP' sort."

<Chat> Boo says, "If he's not, Rapsberry Cheesecake."

<Chat> Seamus says, "They're all brownies Boo.:)"

<Chat> Boo says, "Then what SC said!"

<Chat> Boo says, "I was answering your 'question' for those who don't feel comfy about self-running."

<Chat> Boo says, "I'm actually rather grateful to you Eggy cause I've been seeing you use the +RP tool. So no, I don't think that about you at all."

<Chat> LoKey says, "I tried to self-run, once."

<Chat> Seamus says, "Got distracted by pie?"

<Chat> BadEgg says, "The problem is no one seems to be out there running plots."

<Chat> LoKey says, "Then my girlfriend found out about it and it turned into a whole thing."

<Chat> BadEgg says, "Yup - I used it, and used it, and used it, and no one showed."

<Chat> Seamus usually sees it when he's going somewhere AWAY from the keyboard.:(

<Chat> Boo says, "Just gotta keep using it."

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