(2015-08-29) Ban Explanation - R.O.U.S.
Details for Ban Explanation - R.O.U.S.

We never enjoy banning anyone. We have an incredibly low ban rate, because we do our best to find every alternative solution to player behavior problems. Unfortunately, on Saturday, August 29, 2015 the last straw broke the camel's back when it came to the player known as R.O.U.S. He has repeatedly broken the Golden Rule policy and the Verboten Three, and been abusive and derisive toward staff. The records we have of conflicts with him are presented here for full transparency. Bear in mind that these are merely the encounters that we had the good sense to log.

When a player directly and willfully defies policy or staff rulings, they are demonstrating that they have no respect for those rules. Therefore they cannot be trusted to obey them. Ratty had to be booted three times before he was banned, and that was after his defiant remark saying he'll leave when he's ready to, and followed up with his appearance on Angus to try to smear us (and misrepresent the issue).

We do our best to inform players when they are violating policy and becoming a negative influence. Most players are very reasonable and try to correct the behavior once they are made aware of it. Some have difficulty admitting fault, and lash back however they can in an effort to "win", even knowing they are breaking the rules of the community. Blatant, willful rule-breaking leaves us with little choice. Either we tolerate it, teaching that person that they can say and do whatever they like without repercussion, or we take the only recourse the person has left us with.

Date: 2015-08-29
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Land/Region Discussion

<Chat> Boo says, "Anyone else? Cookies for it and once we start, It takes a lot of explanation so I'd only like to do that the once."
<Chat> Boo decides she'll actually do a OOC log of this so people can join and catch up.
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "My hour has come at last!"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/172062 ;)"
<System> Arla says, "I totally have an inapproprate ecard that came to mind now."
<System> Squirrel has joined this channel.
<System> Boo says, "Alright loverlies, let's please keep this channel off topic free."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Really, Arla? Inappropriate for ME?"
<Chat> Arla says, "When you made the Bethlehem comment it reminded me of it. I'mgoing to take a chance and say, no. But maybe for a com it is."
<Chat> Boo is actually going to be gagging here, so I have a cleaner log.
You will no longer hear messages on channel <Chat>.
<System> Boo says, "Alrighty! Brace for a bit of spam while I get the chart as it looks now. Which is the very rough draft…"
<System> Boo says, "

|  Roll 3d6 for which Area  | Influence | Lands | Law | Population | Power | Wealth |
|   3   | London/E. England |   +20     |  -05  | -05 |    +05     |  -05  |  -05   |
|   4   | Isle of Man       |   -05     |  -05  | +05 |    +00     |  +00  |  -05   |
|  5-6  | Scotland          |   +10     |  +20  | -10 |    -05     |  -05  |  -05   |
|   7   | Aberdien Isles    |   -10     |  -05  | +00 |    +00     |  +10  |  +05   |
|  8-9  | York/N. England   |   -05     |  +05  | +00 |    +10     |  +00  |  +05   |
| 10-11 | Hogsmeade         |   +10     |  -05  | +20 |    -05     |  +00  |  +00   |
| 12-13 | Ireland/N. Ireland|   +10     |  -05  | -05 |    -05     |  +00  |  +20   |
| 14-15 | W. England        |   +10     |  +00  | -05 |    +05     |  +00  |  +05   |
| 16-17 | Wales             |   +00     |  -05  | +10 |    -05     |  +05  |  +00   |

<System> Boo curses…
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Where the hell are the Aberdien Isles?"
<System> Boo says, "Probably typo'd they are the very N islands in Scotland."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Orkneys? Shetlands?"
<System> Boo says, "Wizard Islands."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Orkneys are the ones just a _bit_ North of John O'Groats. Shetland is WAY north."
<System> Boo says, "It's where the Dragons are from."
<System> Boo says, "But yes, that general area, these are general areas."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shetland#mediaviewer/File:Shetland_UK_location_map.svg"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Orkneys are the islands nearer the Scottish mainland. Hebrides are the ones off to the left (West) of the map. Aberdeen, by comparison, is about 1/3 of the way down the long diagonal on the right hand side of Scotland"
<System> CreepyDoll says, "sorry, work came up"
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<System> R.O.U.S. says, "But anyway, define Influence and Power?"
<System> Boo says, "I know where the Shetlands are. As I've mentioned already, yes, that general area. the Hebrides are the ones I meant. Which ever the Dragon is named after. I'm trying to not get fussy as this chart is just for me to use."
<System> Boo is trying to get the chart to size. Give me a lil bit.
<System> BroSeph says, "it's not bad. it worked for me, and I'm using a fixed-width font."
<System> Boo says, "Already done. ;D"
<System> Boo says, "Brace!"
<System> Boo says, "

 |  Roll 3d6 for which Area  |Influence| Lands | Law | Pop. | Power | Wealth |
 |   3   | London/E. England |  +20    |  -05  | -05 | +05  |  -05  |  -05   |
 |   4   | Isle of Man       |  -05    |  -05  | +05 | +00  |  +00  |  -05   |
 |  5-6  | Scotland          |   +10   |  +20  | -10 | -05  |  -05  |  -05   |
 |   7   | N. Scot Isles     |   -10   |  -05  | +00 | +00  |  +10  |  +05   |
 |  8-9  | York/N. England   |   -05   |  +05  | +00 | +10  |  +00  |  +05   |
 | 10-11 | Hogsmeade         |   +10   |  -05  | +20 | -05  |  +00  |  +00   |
 | 12-13 | All Ireland       |   +10   |  -05  | -05 | -05  |  +00  |  +20   |
 | 14-15 | W. England        |   +10   |  +00  | -05 | +05  |  +00  |  +05   |
 | 16-17 | Wales             |   +00   |  -05  | +10 | -05  |  "

<System> Boo says, "Oh how I hate penn! Oh well, everyone gets the drift. ;P We'll be going one by one anyways."
<System> Boo says, "Alright, what the things mean:"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Okay… populationwise… Scotlands population in 1940 is 5million. Lemme see if I can find the English. Probably about 40 million, I think, but lets see if I can get it regionalised"
<System> Boo says, "I don't need exact numbers and we're not there yet Rat."
<System> Boo says, "Now keep in mind I've got this generator from the Song of Ice and Fire family/House creator. So the definitions are going to have Game of Thrones references in them."
<System> Boo says, "Influence describes your presence in the Seven Kingdoms, how other houses see you, and the notoriety attached to your name. A high Influence"
<System> Boo says, "Influence describes your presence in the Seven Kingdoms, how other houses see you, and the notoriety attached to your name. A high Influence resource typically describes one of the great houses or the royal family, while a low Influence resource would describe a house of little consequence, small and largely unknown beyond the lands of their liege."
<System> Boo says, "Land resources describe the size of your House's holdings and the extent of their influence over their region. A high score describes a house that controls an enormous stretch of terrain, such as Eddard Stark and the North, while a small score might represent control over a small town."
<System> Boo says, "Law encompasses two things: the extent to which the smallfolk respect and fear you and the threat of bandits, brigands, raiders, and other external and internal threats. Law is something your family must maintain, and if you don't invest in keeping your realm safe, it could fall into chaos."
<System> Boo says, "Population addresses the sheer number of people living in the lands you control. The more people there are, the more mouths you have to feed. However, the more people there are, the more your lands produce. This abstract value describes the quantity of folks that live under your rule."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "http://www.populstat.info/Europe/unkingop.htm ;)"
<System> Boo says, "Power describes your house's military strength, the ability to muster troops and rouse banners sworn to you. Houses with low scores have few soldiers and no banners, while those with high scores may have a dozen or more banners and can rouse an entire region."
<System> Boo says, "Wealth covers everything from coin to cattle and everything in between. It represents your involvement and success in trade, your ability to fund improvements in your domain, hire mercenaries, and more."
<System> Boo says, "So! I'll let everyone digest that for a bit, any questions or does it adjust easy enough into Potterverse for people? ;D"
Arla pages: I'm sorry to bother by page. I keep getting phone calls, and company, I'm half distracted. What's the point of this exactly?
<System> BroSeph says, "Well.. perhaps i'm new, but to which families does this pertain to?"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Seems obvious enough. Okay…. Roughly speaking… in 1940: Populationwise. Scotland 5 million. Isle of man, 50,000. Northern Ireland 1.3 million"
<System> Boo is using this for fleshing out at the moment the Pure-Blood families. The one with zero info on them.
<System> Boo says, "Not there yet Rat."
<System> BroSeph says, "Ok."
<System> Boo says, "In the future I might clean it up and make it available for people to use for their families of all lineages. But for right now, it's just for moi."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Orkney+Hebrides+Shetland=100k. (And I'm picking up the easy bits ;)"
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Honey, please please wait. I'm trying to handle this in an organized fashion.'
From afar, R.O.U.S. grins
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "You _may_ want to split East of England (East Anglia) off from London. They're very different areas"
<System> Boo says, "Now, each row gets a total of 25 points."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Hrm. That's going to be tricky, because of how the UK works. Everything's in London. It has about the same population as Scotland, more or less, and a massive preoponderance of political power."
<System> Boo says, "So using numbers like -20, -15, -10, -05, +05, +10, +15, +20 we need to get the areas spread out appropriately and at 25 points each."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Imagine, if you will, that New York also had the Congress and President, and the Supreme Court, and was still the financial centre, and had the HQs of the military (all 3 branches), and one of the larger industrial towns (at this point, anyway)"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "If you lump in East Anglia along with London, they'll also have a large land area, too"
<System> Boo says, "This isn't going to be a perfect science. It's for a chart that leads to another chart that spits out ideas for Historical Events for said family."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "London you normally throw in with 'South East England', which is Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, and… um… stuff. ;)"
<System> Boo says, "Rat, this is why they have a +20 in influence atm. What youre saying is just fine."
<Staff> Boo says, "So let's get to doing this. Everyone ready? No more questions?"
<System> Boo says, "So let's get to doing this. Everyone ready? No more questions?"
<System> R.O.U.S. nods, "Yeah. Just saying you really can't buy London on 20 points ;)"
<System> Boo says, "Yes, you can, and it's 25."
<System> Arla ums.. "I'm confused, sorry. I keep getting RL distracted and for that reason I keep missing everything. I've also got company over now that doesn't help."
<System> BroSeph says, "I believe so? What are we going to do? Suggest point totals in each category for each family?"
<System> Boo says, "If you need to bow out Arla, that's completely fine, don't want you getting spammed!"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Okay… so… landwise…."
<System> Boo says, "We are fine tuning the Chart I spammed earlier."
<System> Arla says, "I'd like to watch, for now."
<System> Boo says, "No, no landwise."
<System> R.O.U.S. shrugs, "I can tell you the factual ones. Like, Scotlands population is roughly 100 times that of the Isle of Man in 1940
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'If you can't wait and let me drive this bus love, I'm actually going to have to ask you not to participate.'
R.O.U.S. pages: If you want me along for factual, that's fine. The ephemeral stuff is difficult to be sure about
<System> BroSeph says, "I don't see why populations a big deal.. That's making this more complex than it needs to be."
Long distance to R.O.U.S.: Boo wants the factual, but please stop randomly trying to insert it pre-emptively. I have already asked you twice not to do that.
<System> Boo says, "So! With London, which is the focal point of the area. We have:

 |  Roll 3d6 for which Area  |Influence| Lands | Law | Pop. | Power | Wealth |
 |   3   | London/E. England |  +20    |  -05  | -05 | +05  |  -05  |  -05   |

<System> Boo says, "Should London based families hav Higher or Lower Influence?"
<System> Boo says, "Higher actually is a no go cause 20 is the limit, so should it be lower so that another column can be Higher?"
Arla pages: We're trying to figure out which families are where?
<System> BroSeph says, "Well, if they're taking minuses in other categories, does that mean that they're actually at a +05?"
<System> BroSeph says, "overall?"
<System> BroSeph says, "Am i making sense?"
<System> Boo says, "To answer a point: These are not families, Areas actual locations. So that Families from that location get modifiers to their rolls depending on these numbers of where their Family Seat is found. @Bro, perfect sense, yes. They need to be 25 in the positive. Does that make sense?"
<System> BroSeph says, "Oh! So these points are fixed, they'll add to the family points. I see. But adding these points up, I still end up with a +05 instead of a +25… Unless you just mean that they can only use 25 points in the positive?"
From afar, R.O.U.S. was merely saying, you'd be better looking at categories first, rather than lines. Because things that are the same should be the same.
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "Higher influence, and if you're keeping them with East England, the lands need to be higher. That -5 is the same as you've pencilled for the Isle of Man"
<System> Boo nods to Bro.
<System> BroSeph says, "Ok."
<System> Boo says, "Yes, because in London you're lucky if you have a back and front yard to your name."
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "True. But in Norfolk you can have several hundred acres, put down half a dozen bomber bases, and not notice"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "(Norfolk is _part_ of East England)"
<System> R.O.U.S. says, "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_of_England#mediaviewer/File:East_of_England_in_England.svg gives an idea. London is the circle at the bottom of East England"
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Love, seriously!?'
R.O.U.S. pages: Seriously. East England is MASSIVE. It's a bit like saying, "Maryland and DC: Hrm. DC is very small…." Which is true. Maryland, on the other hand, less so.
From afar, R.O.U.S. would suggest as regions: West of England. South East England and London. East of England. Midlands. Yorkshire and the North. (You're missing the middle of the country from your regions completely ;)
R.O.U.S. pages: Plus Wales, and Scotland
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'You are obsessing over the Land thing and it's becoming a severe distraction to the rest of this. And gutting the lightness of the exercise. Gonna have to ask you to drop from this project. I had hoped you could bring some facts, but they way you are doing it is turning near harrassing. I am very aware of these things and took what was given theme wise in GoT game and turned the areas they gave into the UK.'
R.O.U.S. pages: Well, just saying, if you want to have a large chunk of the country not actually included in your system, and the rest grossly misrepresented, don't say I didn't try and tell you.
<System> R.O.U.S. drops. Facts, it appears, are unwelcome. PS: The Midlands. They exist.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'If you know GoT any, Kings Landing is what was replaced with London/E. England. Land is also supposed to be the sort of holdings a Pure-blooded family might hve.'
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Now you are getting rude and I might just ask you to come back when you're in a more co-operative mood.'
R.O.U.S. pages: Seriously. Go 'South East'. It's a lot more similar to London. East Anglia has absurd military power because of the Airforce bases.
R.O.U.S. pages: Actually, nope. You've been rude. You've been wrong. You've been corrected, and you've suggested I leave. So I'm leaving.
<System> BroSeph says, "Why is London at a negative for power and wealth? Being the seat of the country?"
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'I asked you 3 times to wait and give your facts when they are pertanant and you blew me off and did what you wanted and interupted again and again.'
R.O.U.S. pages: No, just twice. But seriously? I'm out
R.O.U.S. pages: If you're wanting to get the UK right (Seriously. Look at the map. Midlands. It's a region. It's two regions. It's between 'East' and 'Yorkshire'
R.O.U.S. pages: It's got the 2nd biggest City in the Country in it
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Twice on Chan and once in page. I'm sorry this went down like this. I am going to rework things to add the midlands. Because I do listen, however when you keep interupting everything so you can have your say, that's out of line and extremely frustrating.'
From afar, R.O.U.S. notes you took it to page. I assumed that was because you didn't want the channel disrupted. That's fine. I _would_ suggest you note the difference between 'South East' and 'Eastern England'. Very different populations. Very different land areas. Very different wealth and influence. (Think 'Virginia' and 'West Virginia')
<System> Boo says, "Sorry for the delay, thank you everyone for your patience and effort to help. But I can't continue this right now."
<System> R.O.U.S. has left this channel.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'I took it to page because I didn't want to embarass you and it's our policy not to do this sort of thing on channel. Which /you/ did.'
<System> BroSeph says, "Ok."
<System> BroSeph has left this channel.
You will now hear messages on channel <Chat>.
From afar, R.O.U.S. isn't embarassed about correcting people when they're wrong. If you ask the natives to be there as reality checkers, your reality will get checked. If not, then don't complain if you get it wrong, and there is gentle mockery
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'You were slamming information down my throat even after being asked not to do so at that moment in time. You were being a derailing and distractive force, not a helpful one. So I will complain when you're being disruptive because that's exactly what you were being.'
R.O.U.S. pages: Fair enough. And I stopped on channel, when you said it the 2nd time.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'You did not stop on channel, which is why I paged Seriously!? Because you went to the Land thing again even though we were on Influence. So I hope you can see now that this really didn't need to go down like this and will keep it in mind in the future when your help is asked for.'
R.O.U.S. pages: It was population the first time, and THEN I went to land. Which I did think was the first line. But hey. Whatever you wish.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'I know and love that you want to help, you just have a habit of going overboard with it and it becomes overwhelming. The help and excitement to do so is extremely appreciated, just a small tweak in approach should be considered. Please.'
R.O.U.S. pages: So, sorry if I came across rude. I hope you realise how unaware you were presenting?
<MAIL> You have a new message from R.O.U.S.
To: Boo
From: R.O.U.S.
Date: Thu Jan 29 19:33:42 2015
Subject: Land areas
Scotland: 78ish thousand square km. Wales 21ish thousand sqkm. 572sq miles. No thousands. West of England, 24ish thousand Sq km, South East of England 19ish k+ London 1.5k sqkm. East of England 19k East midlands 15.6k sqkm, West Midlands 13k sqkm. Yorkshire (slightly variable. Probably 15.7 sqkm)+ 'The North', which I assume means the North East and North West. 14k (NW) + 8.5k (NE).

So, working in 'Isles of Man'-roughly 500sqkm, our unit measurement of smallness (not counting Hogsmeade or the Islands, because….)

Scotland: 150
Wales: 40
Isle of Man: 1
West of England: 50
SE England+ London: 40
East of England 40 (or you could combine London and East, and have Southern England as something else)
Midlands: 60
The North+Yorkshire: 75

So, with those areas in mind, Scotland +25, The North/Y+15, Midlands and West of England +10 each, East of England and SE/London and Wales +5 each, and Isle of man -25 Or something. ;)
Long distance to R.O.U.S.: Boo had meant for it to be just a fun little exercise, something loose and done quick (hence the need for an organised driving of the bus so to speak) and lightheartedly. You took it to be more of an exact science needng a fine tooth comb. So yes, there was certainly a difference in approach. I also wasn't given the chance/got distracted from doing so, mostly because I was dealing with you, to explain what each area entails and why. Thank you for the mail. I'll take it to heart and advisement.
From afar, R.O.U.S. nods. "Usually, if you actually let me blather on something factual, I get to a point. At least where you can put things in order. Oh… I missed Ireland out. Do you want just the Republic, just Northern, or the whole Island?
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'I can understand that. Might I suggest in the future you write the 'blather' on notepad and when it comes to the right time, you select the actual fine points and insert those into the discussion. That way it's less disruptive and you can get out what's going on in your head. You were after a brainstorming session, I was after a game of Higher and lower. ;D Just the whole Island.'
<MAIL> You have a new message from R.O.U.S..
R.O.U.S. pages: Not sure it would have worked that way. But there you go. One whole column higher-or-lowered for you
To: Boo
From: R.O.U.S.
Date: Thu Jan 29 19:50:57 2015
Subject: And Ireland!
Whole Island of Ireland: 84ish k Sqkm. aka about 170Mans.
Northern Ireland: 14k ish sq km aka about 30 Mans
Republic of Ireland 70k ish sq km: 140 Mans.

So, our sizelist (in Mans)

Ireland (the Island): 170
Scotland 150
Republic of Ireland 140
The North and Yorkshire: 75
The Midlands 60
West/South West of England: 50
East of England 40
South East of England+ London: 40
Wales 40
Isle of Man: 1

The Outer Hebrides have an area of about 3k sq km (included in the Scotland figure above), which would be about 6 Mans. Don't know if you want those for the Scottish Islands.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Thanks!'
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Do you know Westeros/GoT any?'
R.O.U.S. pages: Vaguely
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Then seeing their chart prolly wouldn't help, so nm. ;D'
R.O.U.S. pages: Prolly not
From afar, R.O.U.S. suspects the currency in population is going to be the Man again. ;)
R.O.U.S. pages: 50k people. ;)
To: Boo
From: R.O.U.S.
Date: Thu Jan 29 20:23:23 2015
Subject: Population, 1940
Slightly trickier, because county boundaries have shifted quite a bit, but…. roughly speaking

Ireland: The Island would be the total for the
1937 Census of Northern Ireland: 1.3million+
Republic of Ireland: ca 3 million

Scotland: Difficult to exclude the Hebridies because they didn't have unique councils: 5 million
(Of which Orkney and Shetland: ca 40k)

Isle of Man: 50k

Northern/Yorkshire= Northumbria, Durham, Yorkshire (combined), Cumbria, Westmoreland, Lancashire: 763+1140+ (503+473+3359)+255+63+5000=11.4 million

Wales: 2.5 million

South West/West of England: Herefordshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall: 109+473+815+305+310+742+252: 3 million (ish)

London: (including Middlesex): 6.1 million

South East England (Apart from London/Middlesex): Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire at a push: 1.4mil+1.4 mil+820k, 1.9 mil+330k+230k: 6 million

Eastern England: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Huntingdonshire, Rutland: 501k+404+150+56+57+18: 1.1 million

The MIdlands (By subtraction from total English population 1938 census: 38,348,000: approx 10.5 million

Now, shaking that down into Mans again (50k population)
The North+Yorshire: 230
The Midlands: 210
London (alone): 120ish
South East England (alone): 120
Scotland 100 (of which maybe 1 on the islands)
South West England 60ish
Wales: 50
Eastern England 20ish
Isle of Man: 1

All numbers from the 1938 census except when otherwise noted, as the next one isn't until 1946

Perhaps then: North +25, London+south East (combined) +25, Midlands +20, Scotland +10, South West England +5, Wales +5, Eastern England 0, Man -25, The Isles -25. Or something.

R.O.U.S. pages: Right, there's your populations, true to the 1938 or 1937 censuses, as far as I can make those regions make sense.
R.O.U.S. pages: Oh, damn. Forgot to put the Irish in as Mans/points. But their total population is listed, as 4.3 million for the whole island, so that's what, 90 odd Mans, which puts it a bit behind Scotland, which would seem like a +5, and move the ones below that down by 5, so SW England and Wales to 0, Eastern England to -5


<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Is this a bad time to mention the book I'm reading, where a mid west (well, actually Colarado) extreme Christian Fundamentalist attempts a ritual to bring back Christ… or so he thinks, but in fact one of the Cthulhoid elder-Gods…. which results in an unexpected and unseasonal ice storm and disruption to normal internet… ;)"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Please, I live with conspiracy theorists"
<Chat> Boo clears her throat at Ratty.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. snerks, "So say nothing of peoples tongues being replaced/eaten by mind controlling alien beasties?"
<Chat> Boo says, "No that's actually the part you can say!"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Wha? Neither I nor the objective evidence of the book indicates whether there is a Christ or not, merely that this particular attempt is not pointed in the wrong direction :P"
<Chat> Boo says, "Ratty…"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. humphs, "It's a novel, Boo! It's a fun read, but nothing more. But whatever."
<Chat> Boo says, "Just follow the rules, that's all we ask. Some people very well might not find that a fun read and be extremely offended by the fact that it exists. The Verboten 3 are there for a reason. Please respect them."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "It's not religion, Boo. It's not anything like Christianity. That point is even made. It's a horror novel."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Now 'The Life of Brian' is religion…. ;)"
<Chat> Boo says, "Pantyhose."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "I was going to complain about ironing these seams for the 4th time, but now that I see how the finished seam I just completed looks…"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "No. They're not religion. Divine, possibly, but not religion ;)"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "All I want to say is: I am rather awesome ;)"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. grins at Penny, "You go."
<Chat> Boo says, "You are!"


<Chat> WordPerfect says, "Okay. This is how you can tell I'm bored. I want to plan a wedding again."
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "Because the 15 months that I spent on mine apparently weren't enough to convince me to never do it again."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Well,, you've got one here :P"
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "That's true!"
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "Golly."
<Chat> Arla hated wedding planning.
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "It's theoretically not that far off. At the earliest."
<Chat> Arla says, "Who is getting married here?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Eibhlin and Tony. When they have jobs"
<Chat> WordPerfect nods. NEWTs are right around the corner.
<Chat> BadPenny returns
<Chat> Arla says, "Ohhh cool"
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "Much to Tony's sisters' chagrin."
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "Hm. Snack time. BRB"
<Chat> Boo says, "And the rest of the Rowle family. ;P"
<Chat> WordPerfect looks to Ratty, then Boo.
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "His mother likes me. -_-"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Amber just dislikes change."
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "See?"
<Chat> Boo says, "The rest/bulk of Rowle Family are Sacred 28. One branch got in a tissy about a member marrying into another Pure-Blood family because their standing at the time wasn't good."
<Chat> WordPerfect nods. "And then you have very public Sacred 28s like Cassius."
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "It tends to run the spectrum as far as RP seems to go."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "The direct family barely notice that she's human ;)"
<Chat> WordPerfect grins.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "/alive/female/existing"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "I just played Amber as disliking change. Not sure how opinionated a 15 year old who's kind of in a world of her own most of the time would be about blood-status."
<Chat> Boo says, "Cassisu: Who has been catching flake for Rhye and she's also to the point where their kids will be pure-bloods. That's also the /Malfoy/ family and not the Rowles."
<Chat> WordPerfect says, "A little fall out isn't so bad. It makes for RP. However, I'm just saying that it's not without precedence."
<Chat> WordPerfect has disconnected.
<Questions> WordPerfect has disconnected.
GAME: WordPerfect has disconnected.
GAME: Anthony has connected.
GAME: Eibhlin has connected.
GAME: Arla has reconnected.
<Chat> Arla has reconnected.
<Questions> Arla has reconnected.
<System> Arla has reconnected.
<Chat> Boo didn't say it wasn't, just making sure it's clear that this will come with a s-ton of s. Ya'll can do whatever you want, that's how this game goes. Just making sure key points surrounding it are known, taken into account and RP'd accordingly. Cause this isn't a 'little fall out'. This is a branch of the 28 the covets being 28 that's getting diluted by a girl that could very well be a muggle-born for anyone really knows. ;D
<Chat> Arla says, "Do the sacred 28 stay heavily together?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Well, Tony's all about the Evidence. And the Evidence is that the purebloods don't have a monopoly on magic. That was his problem with Flint. He was…. a BAD scholar! Mind, I do need a pro-purity char to go with my 'Just leave me and my broom and my animals alone' Angus, and my 'Go where the evidence leads' Tony ;)"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Sacred 28 do tend to close ranks and stick together, Arla - as I understand it."
<Chat> Arla says, "So being a half-blood from a sacred 28 family is.. sort a big thing? More so that I'm a half-blood."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "CLEARLY then, we need to quest to find Eibhlin's father! So it's a relief when she's a half blood :P"
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Sacred 28 are the purest of the pure. They're snarky about dilution, as a rule."
<Chat> Boo says, "Yes, as I've already said, it's not a matter of what Ant thinks, I am and have been providing whet everyone else in this situation is going to think/see/say/feel. The bulk of the Rowle's are not going to be happy go lucky about this. It's going to end with certain consequences. I just don't want to have another situation where someone chooses to go down a path where they are warned is going to lead to bad things for their character, go down that road anyways and be shocked/upset when the warned about bad things actually happen."
<Chat> Arla says, "I've rp'd a bit of 'A half-blood Prewett! For shame!' off and on, as I assumed that."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "And when I say they're snarky - that's not me being a smartass about it. Just the Badpenny way of lazily explaining stuff in one sentence. xD"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. waves a hand, "Yes, yes, you've mentioned it. Characters go where characters go."
Long distance to R.O.U.S.: Boo eyeballs you. "That was rude."
R.O.U.S. pages: Not especially.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'No, it was. It was rude. Do not wave me off like that when you've made it clear that you weren't listening or understanding what I was saying. I would never disrespect you like that and I won't take it.'
<Chat> Boo says, "As far as attitudes about being Sacred 28, it varies. The Weasley's could give a hoot about it. The Blacks are on the other side of the spectrum and are crazy about it. Like betrothing first cousins to keep the blood pure."
<Chat> Arla says, "Extra toes make for better swimmers? ;)"
R.O.U.S. pages: You'd said it three times. I can wave my hand if you want to.
<Chat> BadPenny dies
From afar, R.O.U.S. considers it fairly rude to keep repeating yourself.
<Chat> Arla says, "lol"
<Chat> Cara has disconnected.
<Questions> Cara has disconnected.
GAME: Cara has disconnected.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'You need to leave if that's your attitude. I said it three times because you kept being contrary and hand wavey in a way. If you don't seem to uderstand what I'm saying, I'm going to repeat myself. I was also not just talking to you, it's a channel filled with many other people. So there's the door, come back when you can not be disrespectful and unapologetic for it. This isn't the first time you've acted like this and it's getting old.'
From afar, R.O.U.S. thinks you are encountering the truth of 'Two countries divided by a common language.'
GAME: Anthony has disconnected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has disconnected.


GAME: R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has connected.
From afar, R.O.U.S. is sorry if you felt insulted. It wasn't meant that way.
You paged R.O.U.S. with 'Thank you for the apology. I am sorry if you felt badgered. When I make those sorts of statements, it's not just you I'm aiming them at. Hopefully we can learn and better ourselves and interactions from this. You are a valued member of this community.'
Long distance to BadPenny: Boo noddles and does.
From afar, R.O.U.S. nods, "Apology also accepted. Also, Rena shouted at me…."


<Chat> Boo says, "Side note, did you see I started on the Rowle Family page? I think the crest is probably one of the most eye-sore ones I've done. But in a way, I like it. ;P Bit of everything mashed into as much sense as it can."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. whispers, "Ron."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. grins, "I had done one so you didn't have to, Boo, but lemme take a peek!"
<Chat> Boo says, "Gonna do them all so they're in the same style."
<Chat> Boo says, "And yes Ron, he wasn't anything like the Twins, he was dependable, loyal, friendly and a good role-model."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. points to Tony's pictures. "Um, Andy and Phil said the family was a bit more on the vague and easygoing side. Which is how I've played it. We can certainly retcon it to being Tony's _branch_ that's vague to the point of not noticing if people are human or not."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Angus _has_ a good track record of protecting the weak, giving good advice, and generally being chivalrous. As well as a trickster. So, it's up to staff which one they want to encourage ;)"
GAME: Guy has disconnected.
<Chat> Boo says, "What do you mean by vague."
<Chat> Boo says, "?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Absent minded. Minds on different obscure things."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "(In extreme cases, senile)"
<Chat> Boo says, "Cause I'm the one that helped Phil on creating the Rowles originally for her character and Mena supposedly going off of that, and Abset Minded wasn't included then. Sure there are individuals in any family that are like that. But it's not the identity of the family as a whole at all. That's more the Lovegood schtick."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Nargles"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "See, that was part of Tony's spec back when he was still in the formation. That his family tended to the overly academic, and inclined to wander off into their own little worlds."
From afar, WaitingForGodot waves. :) "Are you guys keeping a list of characters who will need skills rejiggered and lowered when the game is past beta? I noticed that Obliviator Trainee Zack has maxed out Glamers and Charms both, which even I didn't try to do. Cassius and Ethan also came out in our discusssion from before."
WaitingForGodot pages: Oh yeah, this is Beckett.
Squirrel pages: Can Zack be a full Obliviator now? :)
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "So, I'm not desperately keen to retcon my entire RP of what Tony's family is like. ;)"
<Chat> Boo says, "What I've got doesn't exactly require you to do that."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Specifically, "There is one thing that they are singular about, Purism. They are one of the sacred twenty-eight that truly cares about this recently awarded title.". Cos that's kind of… not consistent with it."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "If Tony's family HAD been that purist, he wouldn't have gotten involved in the underground. He wouldn't have gotten involved with Eibhlin."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Maybe he's just a black sheep?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Sure. But I've also RP'd his family in the same context. They just don't notice/care about that sort of thing. They look at knowledge."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Anyway, bedtime for me. G'night all"
<Chat> Boo says, "Well that's been the case since the beginning. It's what I was saying the other day. That was the original stance on/for the family. You can have Tony be however you want him to be."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "that branch is all black sheep <_<"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Sure, Boo. But it does retcon EVERYTHING I've played about the family. And the stuff you had was NEVER WRITTEN DOWN"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Yeah. The whole branch can be black sheep. In which case they are hardly 'singular' about Purism"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Anyway. Bed. Work in the am"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Chat> Boo says, "Even his branch, sure. But the bulk and reast of the family IE the Phil/Fel branch were about Purism and standing and station."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Now I'm randomly thinking: Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?"
You paged BadPenny with 'And Ratty pulls the dick card again. He said he understood this then, and now he's wanting to start an argument /again/ and give me CAPS about it? I am really really no longer pleased with how he handles himself around here.'
<Chat> WaitingForGodot yays. Beckett has an icon now.
Squirrel pages: Yep, April 1st.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Yay for Beckett!"
<Chat> BadPenny sighs "Unfortunately, I'm out of time. I got two logs posted, at least."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "Maybe I can get the third after supper."
<Chat> WaitingForGodot says, "That's pretty darn productive."
<Chat> BadPenny says, "I'm a procrastinator :/"
<Chat> BadPenny runs for RLness
GAME: Rena has disconnected.
Squirrel pages: Okay. :)
<Chat> BadPenny has disconnected.
<Questions> BadPenny has disconnected.
GAME: BadPenny has disconnected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Try this, Boo?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "The Rowle Family are a Sacred Twenty-Eight Pure-Blood family. They don't have a typical House at Hogwarts, in fact they are known to have members of the family from each of the Houses. Their family crest is a representation of this. It's all a part of the Rowle way of doing things. Fingers in every pot as they say. The Rowle family are specifically known for just how unspecific they are. From the most laborious menial job to being the second ever Minister for Magic as Damocles Rowle was, the Rowles do it all, so they are quite the 'seen everywhere' family. There is, however, a problem. Two generations ago, there was a philosophical argument within the family. The family line was led by Philip Rowle, but his two brothers, Siegfried and Benedict argued differently on the subject of purism. Philip argued for it in its own right, seeing it as a way which the family might gain prestige, and influence. Siegfried in particular (and Benedict, who had always respected Siegfried backed him) argued that knowledge without evidence was no knowledge at all, and that Purism was only justified whilst the evidence stood for it. This lack of unity within the family has continued, and thus whilst they might have a hand in every pot they lack the sort of unity which would permit the family patriarch to wield the diverse power obtained. The precise nature of the argument is a family secret, because obviously it would be embarrassing to reveal, but it is noted how relatively ineffective the family is. The line of Benedict remains very so-so on the subject of Purism, that of Philip very Purist indeed (and have grown more so over the years). Siegfried has remained unmarried, and is now drifting into senility."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Change the reason for weakness from 'Spread to thin' to 'Family disunity behind closed doors', and problem solved."
<Chat> Boo says, "That would be a good thing to put in a +request Ratty."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Wildo"
New Job Submitted (#54): Rowle Solution
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "There you go."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Also, _technically_ according to the family tree, Siegfried is older than Philip…. however as Siegfried is (a) a Theoretician, with no interest in politics, and (b) senile, Philip probably is head of the family. ;)"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "On which note, bed!"
<Chat> Boo says, "That will probably go mostly into the family history, because what you were reading is the outward identity of the bulk of the family."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Could do… although I'd suggest it's about a 50/50 split at present."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "On the family tree, I mean."
<Chat> Boo says, "We'll see."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. nods, "Just, please don't render my main PC unplayable. Thanks. Gnight.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Chat> Boo says, "That was never goig to be the case."


A BB post R.O.U.S. put up.

---------------------------====== Discussion =======----------------------------
Message: 7/40 Posted Author
1-39 Aug 25 2015 R.O.U.S.
I think the issue is more that an air base in Central London makes little sense from a number of directions.

Firstly, you don't want to stop people over London- you want to stop them before they reach it, so the circle of airbases built between the wars have this in mind- they're towards the outside of London- Croydon, Biggin Hill, and so forth, and they aimed to fight over Kent and Sussex, where things going down went down into the fields, rather than the streets.

Secondly, London is quite crowded. Overshooting aircraft do better in more rural areas where there are larger fields to run into, rather than buildings.

And thirdly, of course, as this game is about historical plausibility, this is what actually happened in history.

Personally, I'm quite happy to be… vague… about details of location, but a central London base isn't optimum strategically, tactically, or historically.

— Reply by Boo at Tue Aug 25 20:41:02 2015 —
If you do not want to be apart of this, remove yourself from the wiki page.

— Reply by SeanCee at Tue Aug 25 20:46:16 2015 —
Everyone is perfectly aware of the issues. This debate has been had over and over. As this game is about historical /plausibility/ and not historical accuracy, what actually happened in history is far less important than what is good for the game. Let's please not get into this argument yet again.

— Reply by R.O.U.S. at Tue Aug 25 20:47:25 2015 —
Just noting the problems with the plausibility. As I say, happy to be vague.

— Reply by SeanCee at Tue Aug 25 20:51:00 2015 —
It's been noted many times, and as I said, everyone is aware. Please just let the topic die. Nobody is being forced to make use of the on-grid base. We encourage it, but if someone chooses not to use it, that's their prerogative.


GAME: GoodSean has connected.
<Chat> GoodSean has connected.
<Questions> GoodSean has connected.
<Chat> GoodSean says, "Bleh Two strokes and two jobs later here I am again."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "…"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "As the Actress said to the Bishop"
<Chat> GoodSean says, "As the Actrss said to the bishop three elipsis?"
<Chat> R.O.U.S. spanks GS
<Chat> Boo says, "Not appropriate Rat. Moving on and subject change."
<Chat> GoodSean says, "I was just talking about my brain attacks that put me in the hospital for a few days but the joke is appreciated."
<Chat> R.O.U.S. says, "Shit! Two real strokes? Yowsers! You okay?"
<Chat> Boo says, "Actually it's not. Moving on and subject change."
<Chat> GoodSean says, "Yeah When I said strokes I was not joking, and allright I see people don't care about my health"
<Chat> GoodSean has disconnected.
<Questions> GoodSean has disconnected.
GAME: GoodSean has disconnected.
<Staff> SeanCee says, "What were you responding to with "Actually it's not"?"
<Staff> Boo says, "That the joke is appreciated."
<Staff> SeanCee says, "Ahhh"
Boo pages R.O.U.S. and SeanCee: Why is it that it seems that you really can't grasp what is and isn't appropriate on channels. You seem to be the only person I'm constantly having to hand slap you about conduct on channels.
R.O.U.S. pages Boo and SeanCee: Two nations, divided by a single language.
<Staff> SeanCee says, "What are you specifically upset about? That he's joking about someone having a stroke?"
<Chat> Arla says, "can I ask why it wasn't okay? I've seen other more questionable conversation here that were okay."
Boo pages R.O.U.S. and SeanCee: No, that's no excuse. I'm tired of you trying to use it. Re-read the channel conduct policy, it's in plain English. No cursing, no religion, no politics and just be a decent welcoming all inclusive person to people on the channel.
R.O.U.S. pages Boo and SeanCee: Oh, it's about the 'shit'? Sorry. Involuntary exclaimation
<Chat> R.O.U.S. thinks Boo was objecting to the bad word. For which I apologise.
Boo pages R.O.U.S. and SeanCee: It's about everything I just sited, a 'joke' about an actress giving a Bishop two strokes and two jobs?
<Staff> SeanCee says, "Hun?"
R.O.U.S. pages Boo and SeanCee: Um, no. No, it's not. That's the British version of 'That's what she said'. You would have been fine with that?
<Chat> Arla says, "boo said subject though"
<Staff> Boo says, "Yes?"
<Staff> SeanCee says, "What are you specifically upset about? That he's joking about someone having a stroke? <re>"
<Staff> Boo says, "I'm explaining that in the convo."
<Staff> SeanCee says, "You haven't addressed the specific second question I asked. I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from so we're on the same page."
<Staff> Boo says, "page rat sc=The British Version goes against our policy about keeping religion off chan. So yes, a 'that's what she said' would have been in bad taste, because the guy is talking about having a stroke and not everyone would take a joke about that like Goosh did. But you just had a perfect storm of bad taste mixed with Chan Conduct just now. I am sorry for being so blunt and curt about it, but I can only scold and remind you to please mind yourself and our Policies and Conduct only so many times."
<Staff> Boo says, "edit: been better if still in bad taste"
<Staff> SeanCee says, "I'd drop the bit about religion. This wasn't a religious comment any more than a player bit named "WhiteBishop" is."
<Staff> Boo says, "Did you see the comment he made?"
<Staff> Boo says, "It was a that's what he said comment, using a religious figure."
<Staff> SeanCee says, "Gonna send it to him?"
<Staff> Boo says, "page rat sc=The British Version goes against our policy about keeping religion off chan. So yes, a 'that's what she said' would have been more acceptable though still in bad taste, because the guy is talking about having a stroke and 'that's what she said joke' is not appropriate (please see comment of being warm and welcoming and kind to people, and not everyone would take a joke about that like Goosh did. But you just had a perfect storm of bad taste mixed with Chan Conduct just now. I am sorry for being so blunt and curt about it, but I can only scold and remind you to please mind yourself and our Policies and Conduct only so many times. If this was an uncommon thing, it would be one thing, but it's not, theres is maybe one other person I have to scold, but they've gotten better. It's an argument with you every month about conduct and it is tiresome. Please make a greater effort to be a positive member of this community. I keep asking and I keep feeling like I'm falling on deaf ears."
<Staff> SeanCee nods.
Boo pages R.O.U.S. and SeanCee: The British Version goes against our policy about keeping religion off chan. So yes, a 'that's what she said' would have been more acceptable though still in bad taste, because the guy is talking about having a stroke and 'that's what she said joke' is not appropriate (please see comment of being warm and welcoming and kind to people, and not everyone would take a joke about that like Goosh did. But you just had a perfect storm of bad taste mixed with Chan Conduct just now. I am sorry for being so blunt and curt about it, but I can only scold and remind you to please mind yourself and our Policies and Conduct only so many times. If this was an uncommon thing, it would be one thing, but it's not, theres is maybe one other person I have to scold, but they've gotten better. It's an argument with you every month about conduct and it is tiresome. Please make a greater effort to be a positive member of this community. I keep asking and I keep feeling like I'm falling on deaf ears.
R.O.U.S. pages Boo and SeanCee: Hang on a minute. Bishops in and of themselves are not religion. Nor, for a MUSH set in the UK, is it too much to expect UK terms to be appropriate (perhaps more appropriate than american terms). Nor was his posting actually particularly clear, at least on first reading about the fact he'd suffered strokes (did you already know? I hadn't seen any posting or heard any news)
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'No, we didn't know, and it seems pretty clear to us that he was talking about suffering strokes and losing/changing jobs. As for bishops, do you understand why religion is a forbidden topic?'
R.O.U.S. pages SeanCee and Boo: Yes. Do you understand why a bishop is not automatically a religious thing. You understand they are part of our Upper House of Parliament here, right?
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'Please don't deflect my question with another question.'
From afar (to SeanCee and Boo), R.O.U.S. answered your question.
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'You did not demonstrate an understanding. So I'll explain. It's because religion, like politics and Twilight, always seems to lead to someone getting their feelings hurt. Usually because somebody says something insensitive about someone else's religion. To many a Catholic, a bishop is a sacred figure. Sure, you mean the comment to be harmless, but you're basically lighting a match without knowing if there are combustable fumes about.'
R.O.U.S. pages SeanCee and Boo: Um, no. I understand that. I'm Church of England. I _have_ a bishop. I have them in Parliament. I've chatted with them. However, you're also reacting in an inappropriate way to a phrase which actually has nothing to do with bishops at all.
Boo pages SeanCee and R.O.U.S.: I'm finished arguing with you. You are aware that a Bishop is a religious figure and all this back and forth looks like is you just trying to warp things so you come out shiny. Which you do a lot. I'm done, you've been asked to monitor your behavior. That is all. Have a nice day and I truly hope this is the very last time we have to interact like this. Because I really am at my ropes end. So please, for everyone's benefit, stop trying to be 'smart' and just be kind. That is all.
From afar (to Boo and SeanCee), R.O.U.S. is sorry to have inadvertantly offended you.
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'Thank you for the apology. Please understand that it's not that we were offended. It's that we're enforcing rules that were broken. That is all.'
R.O.U.S. pages SeanCee and Boo: Bishops really aren't purely religious figures, and certainly aren't religio_n_ in the UK, which is where your MUSH is set. And that phrase is a standard, with nothing to do with religion, religious figures, or bishops. But, as you wish. I shall submit to American Cultural Imperialism
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'Wow. You were doing so well. You can go. Take a break for the day before this explodes into something even worse.'
From afar (to SeanCee and Boo), R.O.U.S. can, indeed, go. When he's ready to.
You paged Boo and R.O.U.S. with 'You can go now.'
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
You booted R.O.U.S. off!
GAME: R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has connected.
<Chat> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<Questions> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
<System> R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
GAME: R.O.U.S. has disconnected.
You booted R.O.U.S. off!
GAME: Anthony has connected.
GAME: Anthony has disconnected.
GAME: Angus has connected.
<Chat> Angus has been kicked off for the day for pointing out that (a) Bishops are political as well as religious figures in the UK (b) 'As the Actress said to the Bishop' is a British Term, meaning 'That's what she said', with nothing to do with bishops, (c) imposing the mores of one culture on another (especially the one in which the MUSH is actually set) would qualify as Cultural Imperialism. See you when Boo/SC calm down.
GAME: Angus has disconnected.
You booted Angus off!
<Chat> Boo says, "You will probably not be seeing Ratty again actually."
<Staff> SeanCee says, "Want me to do it?"
<Chat> Boo says, "The conversation as a whole will be published as per usual with a banning"

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