(2015-10-25) Quidditch Stand Silliness
Details for Quidditch Stand Silliness
Summary: Just a quick and funny exchange of pictures to give visual to the poses in the Quidditch stands.
Date: 10/25/2015
Location: Quidditch Stands
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Loudly, Druella says, "Druella's excitement reaches a fever pitch as she springs to her feet, waving her pennant madly and cheering herself hoarse. Poor Riddle. "Walburga, you're -amazing!-" she screams into the celebratory din of Slytherins."
On the pitch, Walburga moves off of the Quidditch pitch.

And then Black catches it, and Wren droops a little, cold and dripping in the stands; but not jeering or booing, at least. "You're not even supposed to use the quaffle for that! That's what the bludger's for!" The girl rolls her eyes, and slings the now-dropped pennant around her shoulders like a soaking wet cape. Maybe it provides a little extra warmth. "They needed to get it together. Honestly. Maybe next time they'll play better, though." She muses, still loud over the sudden peal of thunder. The first-year glances over at the dark mass of trees warily, but eventually decides against worrying, instead nudging Oliver with her shoulder. "C'mon, food!"
<OOC> Riddle says, "The white dog is Riddle right now:


<OOC> Druella dies.

Riddle leans just a little bit away from the fenzied First Year looking at her with wonder and concern. But he claps politely for both teams when they are making their final post-game fly-bys.
On the pitch, Abraxas leaves, heading towards Quidditch Stands [O].
Abraxas arrives from Quidditch Pitch.
Abraxas has arrived.
On the pitch, Walburga leaves, heading towards Quidditch Stands [O].
Walburga arrives from Quidditch Pitch.
Walburga has arrived.
<OOC> Druella says,


<OOC> Walburga says, "haha"

When the call is made to stand up and enter the castle again, Oliver gets to his feet with a defeated look. All that cheering! Yet it gave the youth plenty to ponder, who gives Wren a weak looking smile. First game, first loss. "Well, it was still fun, right?" The pain of sports! There was always a loser. "When you get into this team, what position are you going to go for, Wren?" He asks curiously. "Yeah, food!" He enthuses, stepping forth by the nudge. "I feel like I could have FIVE dinners right now." The lad begins to descend the steps and head for the castle proper.
<OOC> Riddle says, "You two missed it I was saying The white dog is Riddle right now, the other is Dru who's screaming her head off cheering right now beside him: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLn4R5XCZOfALrjhnN0fBx5s9dE5ueJzedjrrWQechqHjJsEQi"
<OOC> Walburga laughs even more

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