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Summary: Since the Wiki Guru is no longer and Admin held position any more, there is now a WiWiWiki BBoard (#15). This archive below is the Wiki Alerts post found on the Announcements BB 1. These will not be added to the Wiki bb because they are rather on the old side and we'd like to keep the bb fresh and dedicate to new items.
Date: August 2014 - June 2016
Location: BB 1 & 15

This BB thread exists to notify players when a big change has occured on the wiki that we want to direct attention to. The wiki is a major part of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a primary source of lore and game information.

The wiki can be found at http://wandw.wikidot.com/

— BB Alerts for August, 2014 —

  • System: Expanded the rules for Cooperative Spells into a more general rule for Cooperative Rolls.
  • Magic: Removed section on Cooperative Spells, which is now covered on System.
  • Accents: This is a new essay (found on the side navigation bar under "Role-playing Accents") intended as a helpful guide to using accents in-character. So far the only specifics it covers are for speaking like an Irishman, but I intend to include sections on Scottish and Cockey as well, at the very least.
  • Magic: Some minor tweaks to Metamorphmagus Transformation, and new rules for Mastered Forms.
  • Factions: Ghosts are now available as player characters.
  • Cookies: Added costs for Mastered Form and Ghost.
  • Spells: Added the Voice-Changing Charm. Some slight clarification on the Bat-Bogey Hex.
  • Schools of Magic: Three new schools! Heka, Omphalos, and Uagadou.

— Reply by SeanCee at Mon Sep 01 19:47:18 2014 —

  • What Should I Play?: New Auror characters have been locked for the time being. Try a Hit Wizard, instead!
  • Hogwarts Clubs: Student Aides have been added.

— Reply by SeanCee at Thu Sep 11 22:28:54 2014 —

  • British Government: Many, many thanks to WhiteBishop for his hard work expanding our information on the British government and law, and London Metropolitan Police.

— Reply by SeanCee at Mon Sep 15 03:58:09 2014 —

  • Magic: Since there's been a lot of questions about it lately, I've finally got some guidelines for how long conjured things last before fading away.
  • Spells: In light of the more specific rules about conjuration, the Doubling Charm has been tweaked a bit.
  • Development Diary: We've officially begun working on a new combat system.

— Reply by SeanCee at Fri Sep 26 19:33:55 2014 —

  • Factions: At last, centaurs are a playable PC species. Be sure to read carefully about the particular herd for PC centaurs, the Starchasers. For this initial rollout, there are some special rules regarding new centaurs characters. See BB1 for details.
  • Names: The "Naming Convention" section of the Wizarding Culture page has been moved to its own page and expanded.

— Reply by SeanCee at Wed Oct 01 04:48:31 2014 —

  • Factions: The majority of the information on centaurs was moved to the new "centaurs" pages.
  • Centaurs: As we have developed centaurs more than any other restricted faction, we've chosen to devote a whole page to them (which includes even more new information on centaurs). This may lead to other species-specific pages as we develop them more deeply.

— Reply by SeanCee at Sat Oct 11 04:25:04 2014 —

  • Centaurs: A lot of little updates as we've further developed them.
  • Character Generation: This has been split into six pages. But the original, with all six sections on page, still exists as well.
  • Magic: Sex magic! Alright, calm down. It's just a couple of paragraphs addressing the matter, without getting too specific.
  • Wandlore/Development Diary: Wand rules are close to their final form. We don't know for certain when these rules will go live, but now is a good time to look them over and start thinking about whether your wand will change.

— Reply by SeanCee at Tue Oct 14 23:25:20 2014 —

  • Spells: At long last, we've got the most fundamental aspects of Transfiguration covered: Transformation magic. There are a number of new spells that broadly cover the variety of transforming effects one might achieve. The new spells are: Simple/Standard/Complex/Superior/Master Transformation Spell, Lesser/Greater Switching Spell, and Partial Transformation Spell.
  • Magic: The "Types of Magic" section has been reworked a little to give more detailed information on Transformation magic. In addition, all of the Conjuration information has been consolidated under this section.

— Reply by SeanCee at Wed Nov 19 06:31:14 2014 —

  • Lore Thresholds: A new method of gauging whether or not your character should be familiar with a given piece of obscure knowledge.
  • Actor Suggestions: This is getting a makeover. It's still in progress at the time of this posting, but this is to give everyone a heads-up so it's not confusing.
  • Directory: Likewise, the Directory is in the process of being updated and retooled to make it easier to maintain and update.

— Reply by SeanCee at Mon Jan 05 01:25:14 2015 —

  • Spells: Much like we did with Transformation spells, we've now got some fundamental Conjuration spells. They are the Simple, Standard, and Advanced Conjuration Spells.
  • Family Pages (NEW!): We're going to start making unique pages for important wizarding families. Maybe one day we'll have a page for every family, but it's going to be a slow process.
  • Timeline (NEW!): We've got a timeline of important events in wizarding history, including those unique to our game. It's not a complete history, but it covers the major stuff.

— Reply by SeanCee at Wed Jan 28 23:51:59 2015 —

  • Sorting (NEW!): Some things to consider when choosing a Hogwarts house for your character. It's not as straightforward as you might think!

— Reply by SeanCee at Sun Apr 05 23:47:22 2015 —

  • Plot Spells (NEW!): A repository for spells that aren't really suitable for PCs to be casting, but which are good for using as plot devices.
  • Web Font: Okay, this is just me boasting that I finally got web fonts to work on Wikidot. But check out the snazzy page titles and Heading 1 font!

— Reply by Boo at Sat Nov 07 16:24:56 2015 —

  • Tags for Characters Page: Boo has gotten around to adding links to the tags found on http://wandw.wikidot.com/tags-for-characters so that with one click you can go to the cloud of that tag. This is particularly useful to those wanting to help out for cookies. Down at the bottom of the page is where you'll find our WIP tags. Want to know who or what needs a desc, because you like doing descs? Go to that page and click on the wip:desc link and you'll get sent to the list of pages needing descs! Example +request Desc: <Name>=<Desc> and you will get at least a cookie for trying to help out!

— Reply by Boo at Mon Jan 04 22:08:24 2016 —
Did some tweaking to one of our Policies. It is the Actor/PB Policy. The Years have been grouped up some so the age limits have expanded some. Please see: http://wandw.wikidot.com/policies#toc7
This is a POLICY so please familiarize yourself with it. Ignorance of the policy will make it obvious that you've not read the policies and this will of course upset staff.

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