(2016-06-29) Branwen's Exit
Details for Branwen's Exit
Summary: Open Transparency Log for Branwen's Exit
Date: June 29th, 2016
Location: Pages and Chat Channel

You paged Branwen with 'Howdy, do you have time to chat?'
Branwen pages: I just looked over here to see if I'd heard yet
Branwen pages: Yes
Long distance to Branwen: Boo just wants to make sure that you are aware of our policies and that this game is 18+ because I expect people to act like adults and adhere to our policies. It's not 18+ so people can curse on channel and be overtly sexual. There are concerns about your behavior and I just want to make this point abundantly clear.
Branwen pages: Concerns? Strange.
Branwen pages: Considering I haven't even played or even really had anyone talking to me yet, that's weird.
Branwen pages: I feel like you must be confusing me with someone else.
Branwen pages: Until this I've been basically ignored since I got here.
Branwen pages: So I find it startling that you're accusing me of bad behavior out of the blue
You paged Branwen with 'Unfortunately you've arrived at a time that's a bit rough RL for me. So approval is going to be slower. We just had some trouble with a player that took her "Flirt" quirk a little too far and "Boy Crazy" has us making sure the ts are crossed and i's dotted to make sure right out the gate that this is not ShangrilaMU.'
Branwen pages: So you confused me with someone else's behavior, I see. Well, no harm done.
Branwen pages: I don't know what ShangrilaMU is I'm usin gMudlet.
You paged Branwen with 'I hope you could understand that I am just ensuring policy has been read and that you will behave appropriately to policy wether it is on channel or in pages with anyone on game. Shangila is a famous Adult/XXX MU. That encourages people to behave inappropriately. I am hearing/seeing warning signs from you, not confusing you with someone else. I was coming to you in effort to make sure that you get along well on this game. I'm trying not to hear you in a snippy tone in your responses, but it's proving difficult. So I think this is a good point to end this convo. You've been informed, that was my only intent. Have a nice day.'
Branwen pages: You said there were concerns about my behavior, which is a weird thing. ?You're making accusations against me while your staff has virtually ignored me for a week.
Branwen pages: I guess this game isnt' very welcoming to people like me who are new to this stuff. At least it doesn't feel like it to me. Other games have been much more helpful.
Branwen pages: They dont' make weird accusations that Im' secretly another person.
Branwen pages: I really don't want to play somewhere, where people will ignore me until the want to accuse me of weird stuff.
Branwen pages: So I'm going to cancel.
Branwen pages: So you can make false accusations to other people.
You paged Branwen with 'You are doing your best to continue to prove that you have their very same behaviors. We're very welcoming to people that can behave like this isn't a sex game where it's cool to discuss 14 year old characters in a sexual way.'
<Chat> Branwen says, "I guess this game likes to make false accusations to new people who were ignored by staff for a week, so I'm canceling my "application" I don't want to play here now. Boo decided to ignore me for a week then tell stories about me that aren't true."
You paged Branwen with 'This game is very welcoming to people who don't get snippy when help is offered.'
Branwen pages: You didn't offer me help. You lied about me.
Branwen pages: And when I pointed out you made a mistkae, you coudln't apologize like a big girl and admit you were wrong.
Branwen pages: Maybe you should read your own website about apolgiizing when you were rude and made a mistake.
<Chat> Boo says, "You clearly don't read policies or the mandatory to read bb. So you're right this isn't the game for you if you can't realize that this week has been a hard one."
Branwen pages: You learly don't practice what you preach.
<Chat> Branwen says, "Maybe when you grow up you can learn to apologize and admit when you made a mistake, by confusing me with someone else when you made your false accusation of behavior."
You paged Branwen with 'There is not mistake that you've been behaving in a way that warrents a polite talking to.'
<Chat> Gamine says, "Not cool, Branwen."
<Chat> Branwen says, "so where's the cancel command"
<Chat> Gamine says, "You can just log out."
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "Branwen, it's ironic you talking about maturity right now."
Branwen pages: I haven't DONE anything for a week.
Branwen pages: So sorry, you're just lying. I've been ignored for a week here.
You paged Branwen with 'My grandmother is dying, so sorrry I don't have much time to approve your character.'
<Chat> Branwen says, "You people ignored me all week and now suddenly accuse me of bad behavior."
<Chat> Branwen says, "I guess you just have truth problems"
<Chat> Adrian says, "Please leave now."
<Chat> Branwen says, "and instead of admitting you confused me with someon eelse, and apologizing, you're just pig headedly"
<Chat> Branwen says, "going on and ignroing your own wiki's rules."
<Chat> Boo says, "You are proving to be just as bad and we were right to worry."
<Chat> Branwen says, "so cancel my application I don't want to be here."
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "Branwen, enough. Go then."
Branwen pages: I don't believe you, you're probably just saying that to make an excuse instead of admittin you're wrong.
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "If you don't want to be here, then please go."
<Chat> Gamine says, "Indeed."
<Chat> Branwen says, "I'm new to this I don't know how to cancel it."
You paged Branwen with 'Read bb1 the mandatory reading board!!!'
<Chat> Gamine says, "Type 'logout'"
<Chat> Branwen says, "since you blowhards ignored me all week."
<Chat> LilDragon says, "Just log out and leave, Brandwen."
<Chat> Gamine says, "Or 'quit'"
<Chat> Branwen says, "I don't want to log out I want to cancel, since I put in an 'application' and I don't want further communication from lying Boo."
<Chat> Boo says, "I've just been accused of lying about my dying grandmother. Someone boot her, my hands are shaking I'm so livid."
<Chat> Branwen says, "I don't want emails. I dont' want any communication."
<Chat> Branwen has disconnected.
<Questions> Branwen has disconnected.
GAME: Branwen has disconnected.
<Chat> Gamine says, "Ugh."
<Chat> Gamine says, "That was ridiculous >.<"
<Chat> LilDragon shakes her head, and lovons Boo.
<Chat> Gamine nuzzlenuzzles the Boo.
<Chat> CreepyDoll chucks. delightedly.
<Chat> LilDragon says, "Boo, I hope you know I completely understand RL right now for you, and in no way any hurry for my own stuff! Take care of yourself, your family, and RL. *hugs*"
<Chat> Gamine says, "Yush. We all love you, Boo <3"
<Chat> Enigma hugs as well.
<Chat> CreepyDoll joins the hugfest
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "bad piece of business, that. onward and upward."
<Chat> LilDragon says, "I lost my grandmother earlier this year, so completely understand."
<Chat> Boo needs a bit just shaking like a limb.
<Chat> LilDragon agrees, Dolly.
<Chat> Gamine says, "Go get in-person lovons from Pirate <3"
<Chat> LilDragon seconds that! :)
<Chat> Boo says, "Getting them."
<Chat> Gamine says, "Good!"
<Chat> LilDragon awwws. :)
<Chat> Josie gets back from a short AFK, acks, and belatedly hugs! That was just awful.
<Chat> Boo pauses lovons so he can ban her from the wiki.
<Chat> Gamine nodnods. "After the satisfying banning, more lovons for you!"
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "it really gets on me when i repeatedly page someone offering help and then they play the 'i was ignored' card after they never answer."
<Chat> LilDragon nods, "Same here, Dolly."
<Chat> Gamine says, "Not even worth dwelling on."
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "She also logged in for the first time about three days ago. This "ignoring me for a week" thing is bull."
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "too true."
<Chat> Gamine says, "Yeah, there was nothing she said at all that could inspire an ounce of sympathy."
<Chat> CreepyDoll says, "must be the weather lately."

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