(2016-12-16) Surname Punniness
Details for Surname Punniness
Summary: Boo turns the Channels Black and Brown with her Pure-Blood Surname Puns.
Date: December 16th, 2016
Location: Chat & Questions Channel

<Questions> BadRobot says, "So, I'm trying to figure out where Eugene stands in the grand scheme of House Umbridge. I see Cassiel is listed as the head of the House, but it also mentions that he and his wife didn't get much help from the greater Umbridge and Rashley lines… so is he head of the family as a whole, or….?"
<Chat> Boo lovons!
<Questions> Boo says, "If you like I would love the help fleshing out the Umbridges and getting their family page completed. If things change, then they change, but the upfront truth of the matter is I had very little to work with so the only PC retired Umbridge became the Head of House cause nothing else was laid out. ;D"
<Questions> Boo says, "Though Might have to wait for this evening or over the weekend cause we have plans for Rogue One in about 15 minutes. <3"
<Questions> BadRobot chuckles. "I wasn't going to be able to get to wiki type things until tomorrow, anyways. I might bounce some ideas around later this evening, though! Enjoy the movie!"
<Questions> PirateSpice says, "Maybe something happened with the previous Umbridge head, and it fell unexpectedly into Cassiel's lap?"
<Questions> BadRobot nods. I'll just tinker with family tree drawing for now until after the movie. :)
<Chat> Boo says, "That was exactly the sort of thought process I had in mind when it landed on Cassiel."
<Chat> Boo says, "Ewps"
<Questions> Boo says, "That was exactly the sort of thought process I had in mind when it landed on Cassiel."
<Questions> Boo says, "We've decided to go to a later showing."
<Questions> Boo says, "So I'd be up/down for Umbridge talk."
<Chat> Boo says, "Unless you take Umbridge with that. *kneeslaps*"
<Chat> BadRobot says, "Boooooooo, Boo."
<Chat> John has connected.
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "Boo! Go to your corner!"
<Chat> John says, "Why is Boo being sent to her corner?"
<Questions> Nia has connected.
<Chat> BadRobot says, "Bad puns."
<Chat> Boo says, "Cause I'm so PUNNY!"
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "Staaaahp."
<Chat> John says, "But every time you make a pun a kitten goes hungry. Do you want kittens to go hungry?"
<Chat> Boo says, "Ya'll just need to see the Greengrass on the other side."
<Chat> John says, "."
<Chat> Boo says, "I'm sorry, I know I drive a hard Borgin."
<Chat> Boo says, "Wait, that sounded naughter than intended!!!"
<Chat> John says, "That one did sound pretty naughty."
<Chat> Boo says, "Guess it's a Black mark against me."
<Chat> Boo says, "I just Bulstrode right into that."
<Chat> BadRobot says, "You have no shame, Boo. None."
<Chat> PirateSpice slaps Boo. "Snap out of it!"
<Chat> Boo says, "No need to be Flinty!"
<Chat> Boo says, "Ya gonna Gibbon me a Lowe and Lestrange Longbottom for all Max Lovegood you're giving me! *sniffles*"
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "Rogue One is amazing"
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "I hope you two enjoy it"
<Chat> John says, "I think Boo may have a problem."
<Chat> Boo says, "I do Nott!"
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "I don't think we're going to the movie. You think I'm gonna sit next to Punny McPunface here for two hours?"
<Chat> Boo says, "Gosh, so Moody Spicy."
<Chat> John says, "Well, if she's making puns during the movie then she's movieing wrong."
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "Oh, don't be such a Crouch."
<Chat> PirateSpice points his wand at Boo. "Crucio."
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "you can't just crucio someone avery time they pun"
<Chat> John says, "Yeah, you have to -mean- it."
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "I hate you all."
<Chat> AceCards smirks. "Guess we're 'Unforgivable' then?
<Chat> Boo says, "Jeeze Pyritespice, that's just how I Rowle. For goodness Sykes, you need a Merrythought, or you're just going to Parkinson your Rashley Rosier bum at the theatre whilst I can Potter and Fudge about at home. Hmmmph."
<Questions> BadRobot says, "How does inheritance work? First-born gets it all? First son? Split it all amongst the kids? Hunger Games and the winner inherits?"
<Questions> Boo says, "Depends on the family. ;D"
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "Welp, I'm off to strangle my wife. It's been nice knowing you all. Maybe I'll have wifi in prison."
<Questions> BadRobot says, "Any suggestions on how the Umbridges would probably go about such a thing? Old purebloods strike me as kind of a 'first son' bunch, but maybe that's just me."
<Chat> Boo says, "You know you're gonna have to Crouch o do that. Don't worry these days Avery prison has wifi."
<Chat> John says, "RIP Boo. We'll write to you in prison, PirateSpice."
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "I'd keep my expectations lowe"
<Chat> BadRobot says, "Just Potter in an institution so she can get the help she needs, strangling seems a bit much."
<Chat> PirateSpice says, "Thanks, man."
<Chat> Boo says, "I Lovegood ya'll! <3"
<Chat> PirateSpice has more stranglings to hand out. Just keep it up, punks.
<Chat> Boo shall now Lovegoods instead of lovons. ;D
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "he's getting max moody"
<Chat> PirateSpice sets the MUSH on fire.
<Chat> CinderSkye says, "taking serious umbridge here"

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