(2017-02-19) Future of the Game
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Summary: Discussion of the future of the game as it's suffering a very bad population and activity drop.
Date: February 19th 2017
Location: Chat Channel
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<Chat> TopHat says, "What's up?"
<Chat> Boo says, "I am keeping tabs on the FB posts, on the TinyKittens Fixathon Live event going on and chillin. You?"
<Chat> TopHat says, "FB posts?"
<Chat> TopHat says, "And about the same. Been a long week work wise, so I am just hanging out."
<Chat> Boo says, "All of the polls and requests for feedback and information going on on the WiWi FB Wall."
<Chat> TopHat says, "Are you thinking about putting the MUSH down?"
<Chat> TopHat says, "With the poll about if people are planning on playing or not?"
<Chat> Boo says, "There's a lot of posts on the wall. Right now as mentioned taking a census, gauging interest and seeing what people think about some ideas I've got."
<Chat> Seamus would probably try and start his characters over.
<Chat> Boo says, "Yeah, that's probably what I would recommend IF we do the re-boot. I would prefer just to see a surge in motivation and continue along. But even I have to admit I would like to have a bit of a fresh start with lessons learned and all of that."
<Chat> Boo says, "I think cleaning things up would also be nothing but healthy for the game. Fresh start, people that stick it out get to keep as much or as little of their story as they want. Fresh. Fresh and Fresh. ;D"
<Chat> Josie says, "Chat Starting over would work great for Daedalus, I barely started him off anyway. Josie I practically would have to start over, or maybe go in a new direction altogether. So much of her history, her personality development, ties down to events and interactions with other players. Without that history, I wouldn't know how to play her. But, I do think that, the more I think of it, it might be the way to go. So many of the original players are gone now. A fresh start would make new players more comfortable, I think. They wouldn't feel like they're coming in at the end of the story."
<Chat> Boo says, "That's what I'm finding Josie, it's hard for the new players to feel connected because so much has happened. So much happened in a whimper that it irks me. Just RL/OOC crap that knocked me out of play and doing what I wish I could have. I mean it's not like we're wiping the game out or anything. It's like a board game, this one is maybe played out, time to clean the board and set up again and see what a new batch of characters and happenings will happen."
<Chat> Boo says, "Though I do have to admit for pure transparency sake, the Fantastic Beasts movies have me a bit in wary mode about doing things still in this era."
<Chat> Josie would also be very cool with moving to a new era. I like this era, but I like history in general and there's other interesting eras. :) Maybe ones where we can create our own villains.
<Chat> Boo says, "That is a predicament I was faced with. On conception I was all, Oh and we would be dealing with Grindelwald and the like and then someone pointed out that it's very canon that Grindelwald did nothing bad in the UK at this time for fear/respect for Dumbledore."
<Chat> TopHat says, "Going back before Grindlewald would be cool. Or when Dumbledore and he were children."
<Chat> TopHat says, "Or on into more modern-ish times."
<Chat> Boo says, "I'm with you in the history loving thing, as you very well know. Of course there's a part of me that for simplicity sake would do 2017, yeah."
<Chat> Boo says, "Cause ahem, there's plenty of (muggle) villain fodder for a 2017 game. ;P I shall say no more cause it's political."
<Chat> Seamus thinks one issue is people have a hard time though with the behaviors and styles of the past.
<Chat> Boo says, "Yeah, a historical game does narrow the interst/knowledge pool."
<Chat> Boo says, "I've been mre seriously toying and looking into what it takes to put a MMO together. A pure RP-LOVIN MMO. The two big ones say they love RPers, but they don't really do anything to support RPers or provide nice tools for them. It's all Raids and PvP and World vs World focus."
<Chat> Josie says, "Chat"
<Chat> Josie sighs.
<Chat> Josie says, "That could work too. We have to deal with a few more feature characters. But, I'm cool with that. Our own take on the Cursed Child era could be fun. And yeah, it would be a lot easier for modern sensibilities. Given how high-tech 'Muggles' are in this era, a technology versus magic theme could even be kind of fun to explore. Muggle born kids having difficulty adjusting to a place where technology doesn't work well. A dark wizard, perhaps a Mulciber, who comes up with the idea of using Muggle technology against them and against the more traditional and clueless Ministry. (Just brainstorming here.)"
<Chat> Josie says, "Chat"
<Chat> Josie says, "I'm trying to set up a mush client alias so it will automatically 'ch' when I start align with.. that word, which I apparently can't even say now.. Since Dragon has an easier time with words then commands like that. :-)"
<Chat> Josie says, "her, start a line"
<Chat> Josie sighs.
<Chat> Boo says, "We've been enjoying Emerald City lately. So yes, a Science Vs Magic concept does pique my interest a great deal. You're fine love. Fine tune all you need."
<Chat> Josie says, "Chat Testing.."
<Chat> Josie says, "Okay, one more time."
<Chat> Boo says, "Huzzah!"
<Chat> Josie says, "Awesome. :-)"
<Chat> Boo says, "So yeah, at this point I'm really open to whatever. The most intensive war stuff on grid The Blitz is over and went by with a whimper unfortunately. So, how to procede is a bit too open for me to figure out with so few people on the game. Doing something either really old. Like Authurian Era HP or ultra modern like 2017 are the other eras and themes I have ideas for. Or we can as I've already said, re-do this and actually try to get the ideas I had done for it actually done. ;D"
<Chat> Boo says, "And again, something/time that I'm not going to be dealing with new canon being an issue."
<Chat> Josie would vote for 2017. Arthurian would be very hard for players to get in the mindset for
<Chat> Boo noddles!
<Chat> Boo says, "The only problem for me with 2017 is I RP to get away from the RL turn of events going on…"
<Chat> Boo sighs, "I just dunno! I also told myself that I'd always just leave this place open to run it's course for anyone wanting to continue playing here. I think the re-boot is in the long run the easiest way to freshen up the game w/o me having to put a whole lot of effort into a new era/setting for what might not bring back any players. I've got my own original setting that's taken a 5 year side line for this place.
<Chat> Boo says, "It's a whole lot of checks and balances and effort and demand and such. I'm glad I'm to the point where I can have it all on the table and hopefully get it worked out. Been feeling stuck in limbo for months now and not having it in me to get this conversation going. Thank you for the discussion guys! <3 Love you! That's never changed or ever will."
<Chat> Josie says, "A simple reboot, would be probably easier. But, then you are still dealing with how Fantastic Beasts might come along and change things all over again. And yeah, there is no guarantee oh that it will draw in new players after all. Either way, however, there is a lot of potential for work involved, for possibly little gain."
<Chat> Boo nods, "Exactly! It's nice to see you understand. Another thought bumping around in my brain is to let this game go quiet. Focus on S4P (said original setting that I enjoy to the point of there's no real care if nobody turns up. It's my baby, those close to me love it and will play it…I would love it if many here came and grew to love it too. So I don't mind putting tons of work into it. I already have!" ;D
<Chat> Seamus says, "S4P?"
<Chat> Boo says, "Search For Paradise, you might recall me …. @$^#@# missed greeting a guest in the log-ins. … I was talking about it when we originally opened here a bit. It's a setting I've been developing and working on since I was pregnant with Sage, and she's going to be 16 in May. ;P"
<Chat> Seamus says, "Is that the one I helped with some coding on?"
<Chat> Boo says, "I think so. The code got corrupted and Day accidentally wiped out 1 year of work out, so it'd be a start from scratch thing in regards to Code System and Grid."
<Chat> Boo says, "Tree!! <3"
<Chat> Tree says, "Hi Boo!"
<Chat> Tree says, "How are you doin'?"
<Chat> TopHat would start a MUSH if he knew how in the world to code.
<Chat> Boo says, "Yes, that is what I have really learned through all of this. Know how to Code or don't start a MU. ;P"
<Chat> Boo says, "I think I need a nap before I continue making dinner."
<Chat> TopHat waves to Danger.
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "Hey Top."
<Chat> TopHat says, "How's it going?"
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "I'm mulling things over, you?"
<Chat> EvilFerret says, "Mewwww"
<Chat> TopHat says, "Mulling things over?"
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "The things that were put on the FB page today."
<Chat> TopHat says, "And not much. Just relaxing and waiting for the Allstar game to start."
<Chat> TopHat says, "Ahh, the restart?"
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "Indeed."
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "I dont' know if it would fix the issues I have with my character, or make them worse."
<Chat> EvilFerret says, "Two of my characters could port okay, not so sure on Lissie"
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "Last time we went backwards it screwed everything up for my main alt. It took a long time before I returned to the game after that."
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "PS mentioned something on FB that might be worth looking at."
<Chat> EvilFerret is good with whichever
<Chat> Adrienne says, "Since I haven't, techincally, RP'd yet, I'm good with either too."
<Chat> BadRobot waves.
<Chat> Adrienne says, "Hi JJ."
<Chat> Boo says, "If we do swap era/setting, which might be the easiest thing if people are down for it. Moosh Aftermath and WiWi and do a Small Town American Potterverse Game. ;D Do the Science vs Magic. Have the prominant minister that's very NOT SUFFER A WITCH like, a few families of Pure-Blood Purists in the hills that scoff at muggle society and Bad Things (tm) happen to muggles that wander in the wrong place in them hills. Give people the chance to play descendants of their characters here. Use WiWi as the History of the new game, a bit loosely because the Fantastic Beasts Movies migh hork everything we've done here. To keep things from being too on the nose real, we do make up a fictional president."
<Chat> Josie says, "That sounds really cool. How would schooling work? Full on Ilvermorny or just run with the idea of homeschooling?"
<Chat> Boo says, "This era and setting does make things pretty easy to do and manage. The grid - well I'll just steal Aftermath's. ;D The wiki, sounds like Spice already has a brand new one in the works, because we've been thinking of updating re-working how it works for a long while now, but the load of doing all the logs and bios again in the update was cringe worthy, so din't do it. ;P"
<Chat> DangerKitten says, "We could always user an era of what would be considered canon peace. It give the freedmon to make our own problems with out working about ones that might end the world."
<Chat> EvilFerret says, "Eh."
<Chat> Boo says, "A few things would have to be tweaked because it wouldn't be Post-Apoc style. I would really want to re-read all of the American Magic and History J.K.'s established, but having the Magical School on the Rez REZontates with me. *kneeslap* Yeah. Doing it 2017, post books, in america, on the WEST Coast of America would allow open play book and freedom to create unique stories w/o worrying about the headbutting of JK and Boo head canons. ;P"
<Chat> Boo says, "People wouldn't have to second guess technology and styles."
<Chat> Adrienne says, "Hrm"
<Chat> Boo says, "I wouldn't have to cluck my tonuge and shake my head at most of the women wearing pants in 1938! ;P"
<Chat> Boo says, "More things to mull over. Heh."
<Chat> Boo says, "Off to do some prep work on a romantic dinner. BBL if I don't pass out food coma style."
<Chat> Josie says, "It'll be an experiment, but that could very well work for us. There's been a lot of Hogwarts mushes, so something new could draw people in. And a more American type school, a local town school, could be a fun twist since it wouldn't keep the kids and adults separated like Hogwarts does. But, the setting of Hogwarts is a draw for some people too, so we might lose others."
<Chat> Boo says, "Thank you everyone for the discussion. All good points! <3"
<Chat> EvilFerret says, "Eh. I really don't like modern-day settings, to be honest. I'd prolly pass on it."
<Chat> TopHat says, "I would worry that combining the two MUSHes would heap loads and loads of work on you that aren't really needed."
<Chat> EvilFerret says, "What's Aftermath, anyway?"
<Chat> TopHat says, "I kind of think restarting the MUSH would be easier, while just progressing the timeline forward some would also be easy. If you do what you are talking about it would require massive theme overhaul and a staggering amount of work."
<Chat> Josie says, "post-apocalyptic small-town America mush. Think Jericho you, but a little more ruined world."
<Chat> Adrienne hrm. "No, I don't like that idea. I'm alright with the 2017 portion of it, it wouldn't be that much off from HP books, but not post-apocolyptic."
<Chat> TopHat doesn't care much for the post-apocalyptic HP theme either.
<Chat> Josie says, "I think the idea is to take the small town grid and take out the post-apocalyptic stuff"
<Chat> Adrienne says, "I wouldn't mind that, although I'd have to reboot my character."
<Chat> Boo chimes in before konking out. "I mentione earlier that it wouldn't be post-apocolyptic so some tweaking of that grid would be needed. It's be small town america in that option/scenario."

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