Character Information
Portrayed by Josh Hutcherson
Name: Logan Flint
Aliases: None
Birthday: May 7th, 1920
Position: Private Investigator
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A man of only slightly short stature, this young fellow stands near five feet and seven inches in height, several inches below the average for his gender. He is not overly out of the ordinary, with hair of a raven black cut within a few inches of his scalp and skin of a soft white that shows European lineage. He is a handsome fellow, possessed with a squared jaw and faintly angular features complimented by high cheekbones. A pair of deep brown eyes rest even upon his face, with a pair of lips touched with curves upon their edges that lead to an ever present, if faint, smile. His physique stands well beyond the norm, comprised of an athletic build and ample muscle that easily shows where no clothing touches or lies too tight. Whenever he smiles two rows of dazzling teeth shine bright white as fresh snow and without flaw or blemish.


Logan Flint was born on May 7th, 1920 in the city of Holyhead, Wales. Granted an easy life by his parents, Laurance and Tena Flint, the boy was given ample opportunity to flourish in any endeavor his little mind settled upon. He was not an only child, possessing an older and younger sibling, Sarah and Marcus respectively. However, due to the actions of a dark wizard, he lost his older sibling when he was nine years old, and she fourteen. After the death of his sister, his parents become isolationists, taking their remaining children with them into isolation until they were given chance to attend school.

Following tradition of his family, Logan found himself sorted into Slytherin House. The boy excelled in charms, defense against the dark arts, and care of magical creatures alike, and would obtain N.E.W.T.S. in all three of those fields. While every child has their specialty, so to do they have their failures. For Logan, it was Transfiguration and Potions, barely passing his O.W.L.S. in those two subjects and miserably failing all attempts at flying a broomstick. While in his last years at Hogwarts, he obtained an internship with the Hit-Wizards of the Ministry of Magic, obtaining some knowledge in magical law and investigation while amongst them, though he would not join the Hit-Wizards in the end.

In recent years Logan has found work as a private investigator, trying to obtain official Ministry of Magic cases to boost his reputation and earn coin to survive by. Due to the actions of prior Headmaster Flint, he found it extremely difficult to gain work from most wizards because of his family reputation. This would, in the end, lead to Logan seeking less reputable work amongst the underworld of the wizarding community, accepting shady and barely legal contracts merely to survive. Thanks to Elysia, a friend from Slytherin House in Hogwarts, and a man named Marcus, he’s managed to keep a semi-steady line of work.


  • Acute Sense: Sight
  • Code of Honor
  • Habit: Finger Drumming
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Private Eye - Working as a private investigator is not an easy life, especially in the magical community. From official Ministry of Magic cases to less savory, off the books jobs, he will take on just about anything… For a price.
  • Socialite - A lover of gatherings of all sorts, be it a pub night or an elegant dance, you can find him there chatting up the locals for information and to get his name out there. And, often, dancing.


Logs featuring Logan Logs that refer to Logan



The John: A man introduced to Logan by a mutual contact, he has hired Logan several times to snoop about. Though not the most well known chap, he seems passable enough to take regular work from.


The Common Room Pal: A classmate of Logan, though more intelligent than her year would suggest. A bit of a bully, Logan was often her partner in crime. Though, these days, she's often an employer of his services.


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