1935-05-00: A Chance Meeting
A chance meeting
IC Date May 00, 1935
OOC Date 01/01/2011
Location London street
Cast Michael Klio
Description A chance meeting brings these school 'chums' back into each others lives

Typical rainy day in England. Overcast, clouds hanging low, it's just a matter of time before the heavens reopen to give the country yet another bout of rain. Pedestrian traffic all have their umbrellas and their macintoshes, and the livery traffic (hansoms and doubledecker busses) are a popular conveyance.

One on foot, and currently in lively conversation with one of Scotland Yard's 'finest', is Albert Michael Thompson, his hands moving in rapid gesture in echo of his words. With them, something of a young man who looks all the world as if he wants to be out and away from the company. Words can be heard here and there, "… so you see… with the prices… apples… fresh fruit…" from the bespectacled Michael to the constable, who is in turn looking somewhat sympathetic -and- sternly at the lad, if that was at all possible.

It's not long, however, that the 'confrontation' ends with the payment of the merchant and a stern warning from both Michael -and- the police officer.. and the disappearance of said street urchin.

Turning away, Michael's lips press thoughtfully and mutters, "I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing him again.."


The Urchin not paying much attention to where he's dashing while pulling out a /very/ well hidden filched pear barrels right into the lovely red dressed and bonneted Librarian that was walking home from the Library. The couple of books she was carrying knocked out of her hands as she quickly moves to grip her umbrella as the natural and zipping urchin wind blows the protective shield away from her.

"Coor watch it!" Blinking stunned when the little brat's only response is to leap purposefully into a gutter puddle that tsunami's oily dirty water over her and the books that are sprawled out on the sidewalk. A few pages flap about and it might just be a trick of the wind but it's almost like the pages rattle together a moment like a child razzing at the human child before the cover snaps closed to hide the swirly lines of text typical in Wizarding books and newspapers and the like. Obviously the woman is restrained enough to keep from jynxing the poor muggle boy as he goes dashing away into an alley to disappear. With a deep settling chuff a delicate gloved hand lifts up to dab and swipe at the mess that's splattered up so high it's gotten her face!


The zipping off garners Michael's attention a great deal faster than it does the constable's, and having to sidestep and tread carefully along the steps of the avenue, and he calls out, belatedly, "Hey.." and there's the thanks he gets for his troubles…

It's a couple more steps, and the attempt is made to get to the overhang of a building as he pulls out a handkerchief in order to offer aid; after all, he does feel something of a responsibility— if he'd have allowed the constable to 'take in' the urchin, this wouldn't have happened…

"Here, let me.." begins, and ends abruptly as he peers in potential recognition from behind his glasses. His hand lifts again, the handkerchief in offrance, "Ah.. I know you.." Rather weak, certainly..


Mud is delicately flicked off of her gloves to the street. As Albert is getting into position to help she's moving to elegantly bend at the knees her skirt held modestly in place as she reaches down to scoop up the books that fell. She looks up at him when he offers the 'Here, let me..' a kind smile is offered for his kindness and after she's righted herself up she takes the handkerchief and — uses it to dry off the BOOKS! "Thank you very much, glad to see even if the younger generation doesn't know the word, Chivalry is not yet another victim in our dying vocabulary." She gives a soft feminine chuckle before offering his handkerchief back along with her hand - which is quickly pulled back so she can pluck it off and offer her clean bare hand. "Miss Klio Katrina Kreirwy of Wales. Do we know each other?" She takes him in a moment and seemingly sensing a fellow scholarly spirit adds, "The Library perchance?"


Michael makes efforts to help fuss, even if no contact is intended; aiding in righting the books, checking to be sure the mud hasn't marred the dr— books?

When the handkerchief is handed back, he looks at it a moment, and without hesitation, pockets it under his mac before taking her hand, under her fingers as if to raise them to his lips to kiss. Nothing that forward, certainly, but the gesture is there. "Ah.. yes," the uncertain smile gives way to something a touch more broad. "Miss Kreirwy.. Klio. Michael Thompson. From school. You arrived when I was in 5th level." He had made it a point all through school to learn who the new students coming in were. "That was, ah.. well, you've changed." He nods to the books, almost divining what could be within those pages. "The Library now?"


Realization dawns and her eyes sparkle like gems. "Oh of course! I'm sorry. I see so many faces every day, but yes, of course, you helped me find the Library my very first time." Her fingers squeeze down around the hand she allows to rest on the perch of his hand until he's decided to release it. The act of showing her a library might seem triffle to most, but to Klio it was like he lead her to a whole new world to call her own and explore. "Yes, well I work several blocks away." Finally her hand is lifted from his to gesture towards the direction of the London Library. Perhaps a bit slyly the books that are a bit on the pillow book epic fantasy romance sort and then there is one lone muggle book at the bottom of the pile that has some sort of Sci-Fi planet scape on the book cover are all slid in such a way down to her side to hide their contents better. Her speckled cheeks grow even more rosy and she offers him quite the smile. "I can't believe the coincidence. It is so nice to see you, you've changed too. For the better of course." She adds a touch nervously, her eyes hoping that he thinks she's changed for the better as well. But not wanting to overstay her welcome she begins to have a little fight with her umbrella that is half flipped up and over extended. Juggling the fight with the umbrella and keeping the books secluded seems to be a bit perplexing to her as her coppery brows start to knit together.


Michael is guilty of not letting go of her hand, lost as it were, in the memory of what the girl was and what the now obviously grown woman is currently.. and looks a little embarrassed as she retrieves her hand, finally, a touch of colour tinging his cheeks. "Yes. Seemed the thing to do."

Turning slightly to the side, once again, he offers his services in holding out his hands for the books. He is currently unburdened with anything, and so, "Here, let me take those for you and I'll walk with you.. to the library you say?" Or was it that she worked at the library and wasn't actually heading there?

"I had wondered how you were getting along after I'd left, but with everything…" he'd lost contact until returning again, "I do go back now and again." He gestures before them, his head ducking slightly, in a silent 'shall we?' that isn't really to be ignored.

"I have to say that you've certainly…" changed for the better? Grown up? All.. not good choices, no; particularly for a compliment that he's wanting to pay her. She's lovely. "Well, you're quite a lovely lady, and I'm sure a mile long's worth of suitors are pestering your father for your attention." A little better, perhaps.

Though she did say 'Miss'…

"To the library?"


Klio has always been very particular with her words, since she first learned how to string them together into sentences. Her title given purposefully if subtle hint. She blushes to his compliment. "I'm on my way home actually…" When he offers his help she blushes a bit more and does move to place the books into his hands. "Only if you promise not to judge." She playfully puts a condition on him helping her. She decides stepping under the overhang with him is the best place to fiddle with repairing her umbrella. Though it proves to be quite stubborn and she peeks left and right down the street and the side walk. Turning about to face the building she whispers, "Cover me." She doesn't wink per say, but her eyes twinkle in that wink like way as she discretely pulls her wand out and whispers under the drone of the street as she casts 'Reparo'. The Umbrella snaps into the right angles and she lifts it back up. "There we go." After her wand is slid away she offers to take the books back. "What brings you here?" She is interested in his story these days as well, but she obviously just humbly takes his compliment well, though she doesn't say anything about the suitor's comment, thinking her telling the truth of 'No, not a one.' isn't very flattering. With her personality and love of her work at the library she has plenty of friends that find her to be 'sisterly' but long ago did the actual 'suitors' well dry up. This is really the first time in years has she been so treated by a handsome man.


Michael takes the books in hand, a quick glance at the titles taken, he considers teasing her on her choice of reading material, but he has his own guilty pleasures in pulp science fiction that he really is in no position. Of course, she doesn't know that! "Never.. though.. space ships?" He cants his voice lower, imparting a secret, not able to keep the smile from creasing his face, "I'm a Buck Rogers fan, myself."

Straightening again, his brows rise in silent askance as Klio asks to be 'covered'.. and the moment the wand comes out, he makes a couple sputtering noises, his tones lowering again, hissing, "Don't.." but once it's done, it's done.. and all that's really left is to not make such a big deal of it, until after?

He doesn't allow for the books to be retrieved, however, more than happy to accompany the lady home. "I've got these." His manner and mien is right back in place, and he's more than back at ease with his company.

"I've gone back to the school here and there as a guest lecturer.. when invited, of course. On the growing interdependence of the Departments in the last couple of years and the importance of paying attention for the next couple." He cants his voice low, but the intensity is certainly there, regardless, his blue eyes shining behind the glass. "Otherwise, I work to support my mother. She's not interested in any prospects, not that I much blame her."

The walk begins, at least he looks to see the direction Klio wishes to take and is more than happy to attend, "And what has taken your attention since departing?"


To his not quite tease about her reading books on space has her face puckering a hint in that 'no teasing!' expression, but the look is instantly gone and replaced with an almost childlike expression when he brings up Buck Rogers. "I finished the last story a few weeks ago, and was hoping this one could tide me over til the next comes out. I love having my world expanded, and what better way to have that done then to be taken to another planet entirely, soaring in a space ship." She rockets her hand up at an angle but refrains from adding noises. That would just be too out of character for her. "That sounds like a fascinating lecture you provide. Almost makes me wish I was still in school, -almost-." When he speaks of his mother her expression softens and she moves to step closer to him and even if he'll allow slip her arm in and around his so she can hold the umbrella then in that arm so they can walk under the black shield above together. "I hope your mother is doing well." Now Klio never new Michael before his father died, but she does remember the intensity in which the boy that showed her the library wanted to leave the school even to take care of his mother, and she even begins to remember why he wanted to as their discussion brings back more and more childhood memories.

"Who me? Oh well I've really not changed all that much since Hogwarts, just the location of the Library I haunt has changed. I've started a few programs if you're interested, I do storytelling hour once a week for the children, and then another hour for the adults later in the week. I've also started a Book Club, enthusiast sit around and one by one we read passages of a voted upon book, until we go squinty and hoarse." She chimes another giggle, excited about the Club just talking about it. "You really must join us." Excitement and a soft touch of pleading in her voice as she gives him a little squeeze.


The joy in which Klio describes her love of books makes it difficult to keep a smile from returning to his face, and as the gestures and gesticulations commence, he laughs easily. "I'll remember that when the next installment comes out in the movie houses." It's a date, then? "We'll find out if Buck has to fight the Tiger Men of Mars again." Last year's movie. "Of course I don't mention it to anyone at the office," is added, a touch embarrassed. A grown man, watching the science fiction serials!

Michael moves his arm slightly to invite the sliding in of the arm as they begin to take the stroll back to her house. "I'm afraid I probably bore them to tears. After all, what do second and third levels care about it? I just want them to be able to look back and say, 'Oh yes, I seem to recall Dr. Thompson mentioning that..' and having them be able to act." If nothing else.

His head ducks slightly, and bringing a free hand, reaches to pat her hand gently at the offerance of brief commissuration. "She is well, thank you. Different woman than the one I had growing up. Mother is becoming a little more.. eccentric, I suppose it could be described. Finding her way again after being denied through her married life. And, in a way, probably a little disappointed in me." He chuckles dryly, "She'd gone with Gryffyndor, I'd rebelled and gone Ravenclaw. She is now embracing everything, and I'm playing.. halves, I guess is the best way to describe it."

"But," his voice rises as he moves to change the topic, his tones taking something of a cheerier cast, "Book clubs sound rather interesting." And as Klio's own tones begin to rise and dance, he is infected with her enthusiasm, "Adult storytelling.. that does sound quite.. interesting. I should have to come by, I think. Just to hear the tales told."


His arm is given another little squeeze though she gives him a slightly chiding look. It's really quite easy to see why most men find her easily placed in a sisterly position. "Don't be so hard on yourself Michael, you've always had a way of explaining things to people. I think you'd be a wonderful lecturer. If anything remember you look like a shining star in comparison to beloved Professor Binns." She shakes her head with a smile of remembrance.

"I'm also positive that you are no disappointment to your mother. Do you know how many sons would just say, 'It's not my responsibility'? Especially at the age you made your choice. Your mother loves you, and she would if you were sorted into Slytherin! If anything she is only perhaps a bit uncomfortable with her son being put in a position to take of her. I know if I was put in her position I'd feel like that." Once again a hug to his arm is given and her still bare hand moves to rub his hand that's patting her gloved hand. Her pace slows down and she comes to a muggle loft building. "Well here we are, thank you for walking me Michael… do you have time to come up and have a cup of tea?" He would literally be the first person besides her and her parents to see the inside of her loft.


Sisterly for some, perhaps, but Michael is in the position where she wasn't a sister during the forms in school, and the light that shines from her countenance now makes it difficult to cast her into that role now. Michael looks down and offers that touch of a smile in acknowledgment and a nod, a chuckle following, "Thanks. If anything, I'll be less of a target. Always moving." Once he gets started, it is difficult to keep him pinned down in one spot.

"Well, mother isn't making any noises for me to find a nice girl of my own and settle down, so apparently she doesn't mind my being around." After all, to Michael, it wouldn't do for his mother to be on her own, with no income other than his. Such were the times, and there is no talk of mother finding employment. It just isn't done!

Slowing his pace as Klio does, Michael looks up at the building area, his head tilting as he looks at the loft. "I.. uh..". He offers a gentle squeeze of her hand again as he considers, "Tea?" There is the question of propriety, but they are 'old friends', such as can be argued. School mates.. attended the same public school. "Yes, that'd be nice, thank you." Stepping forward, he reaches out to take the door in hand to open it in advance. "Then you can fill me in on your choices of books for the Book Club so I can attend prepared."


Klio is extremely smart when it comes to bookish things, but when it comes to social things such as the propriety on inviting a man up for tea is a bit lost. Perhaps she should read the latest edition of proper etiquette. Though she's very sophisticated she's in very foreign territory here.

Fighting to get the umbrella closed up without parting herself too far from him. Like stepping up on a pedestal she rises above him to hover on the third stair up to look down on him with a soft little smile. "As far as your mother goes again, I can hardly blame her for wanting to keep you all to herself." Now that she's finally had the opportunity to fully compliment him in return for his earlier 'lovely' compliment she turns back around to ascend the stairs without looking back again.

"If you are available this weekend, it's when we have the Book Club, we've just finished up our last book and so we'll be voting on the next read. So your timing is as impeccable as always Mr. Thompson." As she takes to the next flight of stairs she starts to unbutton her outer red tweed trench coat and slide the still splattered thing free of her shoulders.

Her hourglass figure even more on display as the red chiffon dress she is wearing is quite tailored to her and a glossy red leather belt cinches her waist. "Do you have anything in particular you'd like to share with the club? The Adult storytelling is mostly groups of very lovely, if uneducated adults who never grasped reading and writing. So I read aloud to them. But the Book Club is a bit more filled with intellectuals who want to sup on every word like it was a four course meal. Which is why I thought you'd might enjoy it." Not to mention it's her way of asking him out like he did with Buck Rogers.


"Now, I don't mean to give you the impression that I'm at her every beck and call, Miss Kreirwy." And it's back to formality for two 'school chums'? It is a little easier for Michael to fall into 'norms', particularly with a vision of beauty that stands just above him on the step. "I'm certain if given the opportunity, she'd be more than willing to share." Apparently there simply hasn't been the opportunity?

Stepping into the vestibule area at the bottom of the stairs himself, Michael takes the opportunity to remove his wet raincoat, and holding it with one hand, keeps hold of her books with the other. The hat, now that he's 'under a roof', after a fashion, also comes off. Following her path up the stairs, Michael is given more of a display of the woman that Klio has become, and it really is all he can do not to offer up a whistle, as heard in the theatres..

His attention is thus taken that it does take him a long moment before he realizes that he's being spoken to again, and in a quick stutter, moves to cover for his inattention. "I may have some time this weekend, yes." Any plans, anyway, are now officially pushed off until such time that he will re-attend them. "As for which books to suggest," each step is taken with a breath out, "it depends upon what your group enjoys. Mysteries, science fiction," that one, he truly enjoys, "the short story for those who have little time to take in an entire novel.." Michael chuckles as he ascends, "I think I will at that. Thank you for the thought. We can plan for the group over tea, if you'd like, giving me your ideas, or perhaps we can find a coffee house as a change of scenery and you can tell me what you hope to see coming out of a meeting of the minds."


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