1935-05-00: Dark Chocolate Arts
Dark Chocolate Arts
IC Date May, 1935
OOC Date 1/04/10
Location The Three Broomsticks
Cast Aldercy Claire Gwenaelle Megaera Petrus Wendy Wolfgang
Description Wolfgang Vulf's concert in the Three Broomsticks

The 'stage' in the Three Broomsticks is more like a very simple wooden dias that is added to the fireplace so the fire backlights the performer that is up on stage sitting at a standing piano turns askew so most everyone can see the Irish Gyspy as his fingers dance over the keys, a wolfish grin on his face proof that he loves to entertain and has the stage presence to back it. Dark brown hair glossy and stiff with gel bounces slightly in time with the slow whimsical jazzy musical intro. When it's time for the words he simply reaches for the microphone stand and it sliiiides across the floor and then tips so it nestles down into the crooner's awaiting hand, just in time for the first verse, a certain lady or two in the audience is winked to as he begins to croon in sultry romantic tones. "Dark Magical arts weave through my mind - they call to me, beckon me - like a warm welcoming home." With a wave of his hand the piano continues to play as he cups and holds the mic and it's stand as he stands up never missing a beat or note of the song, "A siren's song that crashes me against the rocks. - It makes me sink into the muddy mire of my mind." The young man can certainly croon his heart out, he even makes a someone ridiculous love song about Dark Chocolate Arts sound like Shakespeare.

A very curious third year sits on the steps, having been pushed to the side by the older students, especially the ones of the female persuasion who were anxious to get the closer seats. Since she doesn't know that much about the crooner yet, she just finds a place where she can sit, propping her chin on the railing, and tucking the short blonde hair behind her ear. Gwenaelle watches with a little smile on her face, and her feet tapping to the music.

Much like always, Petrus is here alone. He studies alone, he spends most of his free time alone and he goes to the Three Broomsticks alone to listen to soapy romaticn singers. Atleast the butterbeer is good. He has chosen a stool alone to sit upon and watch the show rather then sitting at a table where, Merlin forbid, he would have to socialize with others. He does not seem to be considering enjoying the entertainment much, but yet he remains, silent and watching.

Wolfgang manages to make eye contact with every girl in the room and all the men get a nod of greeting, but it is the girls that is the focus right now he tries to make each and every female in the room think it's him singing just for her, though his gaze does linger on a couple of girls, one in particular a little bit longer because the song really is meant just for her maybe? "My only salvation is your sweet delicatessen - the way you melt on my lips, you make my tongue heavy. - Elevating up, from the dark art muck. - Lifting me like a cloud in the sky. - Dark Chocolate, I'm crazy for you!" He swoons himself, putting on a performance with every lyric so that he's just not just standing there singing like many crooner's do. His eyes obviously focusing on a certain greek lady with rich dark brown hairs as he melodically belts out how crazy he is for Dark Chocolate, not to mention the reference of Siren's aren't they greek as well? Anyone in the know must realize exactly who the song is for. But for the moment the song is for everyone and Wolf paces the edge of the stage reaching into his jacket over his heart and removes a palm sized wrapped solid dark chocolate heart wrapped in foil that has a picture of Wolf with his Mic and his name and his album name under the picture, fan by fan he personally offers those closest to the stage the dark chocolate treat.

Wendy is, perhaps predictably, sitting on the steps near Gwenaelle. There's a small parcel in her lap, neatly wrapped up in brown paper; she keeps idly toying with the string. The Hufflepuff girl seems to be enjoying herself, though she can't resist the urge to shoot some of the more dreamy-eyed girls looks of mild disgust. She leans over to mutter something to Gwenaelle, a hand raised to shield her words from traveling beyond their intended recipient.

Cameron almost leaves when she opens the door to the Three Broomsticks and hears the music flowing out. Like she really needs the noise drowning out her thoughts. But she continues into the pub after just a split second of indecision; heaven forbid she does something that suggests she might not be in perfect control of every situation. She orders a butterbeer at the bar, growing more irritated when she has to repeat her order. "BUTTERBEER!" she hollars, at the inopportune time of the lull between verses. A light trace of red colors her face, but her eyes never stop drilling holes in the waitress.

In the front, where else? Are the Slytherin pair, and Aldercy sits with a mug of butterbeer in front of her. She doesn't put on the sickening display of doe eyes and fulttering eyelashes, no heartfelt sighs when his eyes turn her way. She lets the candlelight catch the silver in her hair, to catch his eyes, and listens with a small knowing smile on her face.

Gwenaelle's hair falls across her face as she leans forward to listen to Wendy. She giggles and nods, then cups a hand around the other girl's ear to whisper something back before she straightens up again, still tapping her feet and listening.

Wether or not Petrus knows there are any from his house in here, he does not make a move. He is simply seated still for now, listening to the music and sipping on his butterbeer. There is a bit of a calculating look on his face, almost studying the man singing. He does not seem to be in an particular hurry to finish his drink.

Wolfgang the typical entertainer out to please teenagers and piss off parents croons in sultry cadence as his magic tickles the ivories behind him, "People may schoff, - when I rip your wrapper off - but I'm crazy for you! - You save me time after time - you even drive me to rhyme - Dark Chocolate you are a piece of heaven - that money can actually buy." Now he pulls out from his jacket more hearts of chocolate that of course on the underside have the most famous chocolatier brand label sealing the underneath where the foil meets. It's a break in the verse when 'BUTTERBEER!' Is called for and though the piano doesn't stop he breaks his song long enough, "Here you go, Chocolate goes great with some Butterbeer, don't you think?" With a light toss that probably is guided with a bit of magic itself to land on the bar next to Cameron's fresh bottle of butterbeer. Then the song continues and he didn't even miss the cue with the interruption. "You saved me so many times, I can't recall. What will happen I fear, when you are no where near - and darkness is at my door?"

The 'rip your wrapper off' line leaves Wendy looking rather scandalized. And slightly entertained. But mostly scandalized. Whatever Gwenaelle says to her, it makes her grin, and she promptly leans over to whisper a response. She points towards a girl in the crowd - a Gryffindor fifth year, stuck towards the back, who looks about ready to burst into tears at her inability to elbow closer to the stage - as she does so.

Sipping her own butterbeer, Aldercy smiles as she watches the chocolate soar through the air, and gives the tiniest incilnation of her head when she sees who it lands next to. Turning her attention back to the stage, she raises one eyebrow, her eyes looking to catch Wolfgang's and mouthing, "beer break?" to him, with a suggestive look to the chair at the table that she has kept clear by sheer force of her presence.

Gwenaelle bursts out laughing at Wendy's whisper and nods, "count on it!" she says, then covers her mouth as she looks around. The sound would have a hard time carrying with all the noise around, unless the music should happen to pause or stop. Then she blinks, and laughs again, as if suddenly realizing a joke. Her eyes follow the candy longingly, chocolate being more attractive than a crooner way too old for her, not matter how good looking he is.

Petrus lets out a light sigh once he has finished his butterbeer. He puts the glass aside, giving the stage one last glance before he stands up, straightening his robes. He eyes the door leading out with a longing glance before he begins to move for it, trying to negotiate his way through the crowd.

Wolfgang begins to wrap up the song by actually stepping onto the pair of Slytherin's table. He then sits on the table the mic practically on it's side as it is still on the stage and in his hand. He caught the offer for a beer break and in this break between verses he leans in to kiss the Silvery Snake to take his 'beer break' from the taste of her lips. He gives her a cheshire cat grin, "Thanks." When he drops out of song it's not difficult to pick up the difference in accent, his 'normal' accent sounds very thickly Irish and more so heavy with the Shelta or Irish Traveler dialect. Then his puppy dog brow eyes swing to Megaera and to her alone he serenades the final verse, "For that reason alone, - I will forever call you my own, - and keep you always near. - Chocolate my dear, - I need you." He then begins to lean in again to steal a kiss from his personal little greek siren with dark chocolate hair.

Cameron closes her eyes and clenches her jaw, breathing deeply through her nose. Having chocolate thrown at her is probably not a justifiable reason to take umbrage and storm out, is it? No. With a tight smirk that could be taken as an attempt at good humour, she lifts the sweet and nods her head. A silent, 'Thank you kind sir, I'm touched.' Taking hold of the shouted for butterbeer, she slips deftly through the crowd (some of the crowd, mostly those who have suffered one of her broken-arm bludger specials, make way for her in earnest) to find a table.

Taking full advantage of the kiss, Aldercy does indeed give him a taste, then she leans back and finishes off her butter beer. Looking around for a refill, she notes a newly familiar dark head making his way towards the door. She tips her head, and then a slow smile crosses her lips. Pulling out her wand, she points it to her throat, talking in the young man's direction.

Did Wendy look scandalized before? She looks more scandalized now. "Good heavens, /her/?" the Hufflepuff says, in her usual (loud) tones. She remembers to lower her voice again when she leans over to mutter something to Gwenaelle again.

Petrus, almost at the door, looking slightly in need of leaving the bar and its buttery atmosphere, comes to a sudden stop. He coughs once, looking around himself as if someone just flicked his ear. Scowling some, he lands his eyes on the table with his Slytherin collegues..and poof goes the scowl. An incline of his head and then he begins to approach that very table.

Gwenaelle is still laughing from her recent revelation, so she simply nods and continue to laugh to her friend, although she does say something in return unheard in the applause that comes at the end of the song. She claps herself, although she seems more intent, now that the song has come to an end, on the package that Wendy is fiddling with in her lap.

Wendy joins in the clapping obediently, though she's still looking a little startled, and more than a little disapproving. With the lull in the song, her attention turns fully back to Gwenaelle, and she notices her Housemate's interest in her package - which she promptly tucks under the elbow furthest from the other girl, grinning. "Ah ah ah, Nell. No peeking!" It must be something interesting: Wendy looks extremely pleased with herself.

By the time Cameron has reached the front table, all signs of ire have faded from her face. She looks almost pleased to be here, or at least resigned. Sliding into a seat that faces the door more than the entertainer, she raises her mug in the crooner's direction until she's settled enough to clap appropriately.

Aldercy notices one of her chairs being taken, and greets the girl quietly as she waits for Petrus to approach. Once the older Slytherin has reached her table, she stands gracefully, beckoning him to meet the crooner standing on the table. "Drachony, I don't that you ever had the chance to make a true acquaintance of Wulfgang when he was still at Hogwarts," she smiles between the two young men before making a more formal presentation between the two.

Petrus comes to a stop once he reaches the table of Slytherins. Trying to keep a very formal air around himself, he lets his eyes settle on Wolfgang before his head inclines once, "Petrus Drachony." he introduces himself, hand shooting out in greeting. He looks to Aldercy, "No, I do not think I ever had the .. pleasure." he returns his gaze to Wolfgang, "Very interesting.. singing." he offers in a practiced tone of voice; social appearances must be kept

Gwenaelle puts on a playful pout as Wendy tucks the package away. "You look like the cat that swallowed the pet canary," she teases. "Just a little hint?" She nudges the girl with her knee. "Come on."

Wolfgang is Petrus' polar opposite while the younger Slytherin is crisp Wolf is languid and laid back as he shakes the lad's hand. "It's just a little silly little thing. The girls and I would stay up all night back in the day and we'd play a game all night. I went through 10 different lyric books because of that game. They'd give me 10 words and I'd write a song using all the words. Well as you can imagine it was a very late Valentine's Day night and we were all through the several chocolate boxes we had and well, Megs gave me ten words and there you have it." He gestures to the stage indicating the song.

Aldercy chuckles low, a sultry timbre to her tone that isn't often there. "And somehow you managed to make the most scandalous song ever from that late valentine's night," she mentions, giving the singer a wink. A new round of butter beers arrives, with one for each of the people currently present. Aldercy hands them around, and takes a sip from her own. She indicates the Ravenclaw that's joined their table, "Wolfgang, Drachony, I'm not sure if you've met Cameron, yet. She's quite an intelligent young lady. Not surprising, as she's in house Ravenclaw. Cameron, I'd like you meet Wolfgang Vulf and Petrus Drachony. You will undoubtedly be seeing more of them in the future. Especially Drachony, at school."

Cameron watches the introductions over the last dregs of her butterbeer with interest. Mouth shut, eyes and ears open, that's the best way to keep from coming across as an idiot. One wants to do one's house proud, after all. "A pleasure," she murmurs, when the introductions come to her. Cameron's words are brief, but she goes through the appropriate motions of polite company well enough.

"Shan't," Wendy tells Gwenaelle, cheerfully. "You'll just have to find out in a week, when I spring it on somebody." Having uttered those suggestive words, the Hufflepuff girl stands up, rolling her shoulders in a stretch and brushing dirt from the stairs off her skirt. "I've got another errand to run, so I'd better scurry. See you back at the dorm tonight!" Package securely under her arm, she edges her way through the crowd and out the door.

Petrus takes in what Wolfgang says with forced interest, blackgrey eyes however never straying. With the hand shaken, he sits down with a nod of thanks to the round of butterbeer offered. He looks then to Cameron, just silently studying her a few moments before responding, "I dont socialize much with Ravenclaws." he offers plainly. He takes a sip from the glass, leaning back in his seat a little. Eyes return to Wolfgang, "So.. you make up lyrics from .. random words?" he repeats, "And this pays well?" he glances around, "I assume it does, considering the responce.."

Gwenaelle chuckles, making a mock dive for the package as Wendy hops up, then shrugs, reaching forward to swat at a bit of dirt the girl misses on her skirt. "See you," she replies, then she settles her chin back on the railing, content to people watch for the time being.

Aldercy doesn't look back at Petrus as he denies socializing with Ravenclaws. "Too bad," she mentions lightly. "The more people you know, the better chance you have of getting what you need." She takes another sip of her butter beer, and shifts a little in her chair so that it's closer to Wolfgang's. She doesn't respond to the dismissiveness of Wolfgang's career choice in the other Slytherin's choice of words, although her glance to Megs is heavy with unspoken words.

"I don't socialize much with idiots." Cameron offers plainly. Ravenclaws… are less of a gamble. I hold few illusions about my house, but I'll give them that. There is always /something/ a Ravenclaw will blather about for hours given the chance. The rumour that they're all recalcitrant bookworms is wishful thinking."

"Then I guess we have more in common then I would have guessed." Petrus replies cooly to Cameron, taking a light sip from his butterbeer. He offers a sidelong glance to Aldercy, "That is, ofcourse, one philosophy to follow." he comments to her words, "We can not all follow the same philosophy, however. If we could, and were, the world would look a lot different." he takes another sip of butterbeer, "Much to the dismay of the majority." he adds with a light twitch of his lips.

Wolfgang studies Petrus for a long moment as he comments about Ravenclaws with a blank expression and then he can't help but smirk a bit at Cameron's retort. Without asking, in a familiar friendly way he 'steals' up Megaera's butterbeer for a swig. As he settles down between the girls his arms slide around behind them. With current company he keeps his accent clear and British almost a too perfect Oxford accent. "If the world all followed the same philosophy the world would be a lot more -boring- a place. That is the truth, it's just a shame the world is filled with ignorant supremacist that can't see the beauty and perfection in those and that around them." His eyes linger on Cameron, "Or that which is right there before him." Spoken like a man who has traveled all over the world and who has striven to see just that. His eyes then go back to Petrus in a way that hopes he's made his point clear that everyone that's come to his performance are to be respected, even if they aren't fans per say.

As cool as Petrus's nod is to Cameron, is Aldercy's nod which acknowledges without agreeing on his response to her philosophy. The ice in her eyes for his lack of graciousness towards another guest at her table gives him one steely look before she turns to Wolfgang, changing the conversation. "I hope that your travels will be turning up north to Caithness this July. I happen to know of a certain party that will be taking place that you simply must attend." With the shift to a more pleasant topic, her face shifts as well, returning the warmth of before.

Cameron hides a small grin at the rebukes to Drachony in her butterbeer. So fortuitous that mugs are curved like that. Swallowing her amusement she leans into the conversation. "There's always a certain conflict to be expected though, when two incompatible philosophies meet. Because of course mine is right, otherwise why would I follow it, and you should think so too." The inflection of Cameron's voice makes it clear that the pronouns are in the general sense of the world, not the specific instance of the table.

Petrus grip around his mug tightens some for a few moments; not at Aldercys words or look, not at Camerons hidden smile or her words, but at Wolfgangs words. He takes another sip of his butterbeer before he puts the mug down, leaving half its contents in it. He then stands up, "I believe I have been missheard quite enough for one evening." he says through clenched teeth, face cold. He inclines his head once to Aldercy and Megaera before turning with a swish of his robes, intent on leaving for the door.

Aldercy chuckles to Cameron. "Of course, and as long as you agree with me, everything will be fine," she continues in the same vein of an almost sing song teasing. Although she doesn't look fully on the man, the corner of her eyes catch the tightening of Petrus's fingers. She turns as he stands and raises her eyebrows at his displeasure. "As you wish, Drachony," she replies agreeably, a subtle pleasant push underlying the words. "Good evening."

Wolfgang slides his arms a bit more around Aldercy and Megs drawing them both a bit closer. He gives a big grin, "It was very nice to meet you. Though a bit of advice for the future in not being misunderstood. Speak with your nose lowered and not so high up in the air, and you'll find people much more understanding of what you are saying. Language is such a complicated thing, isn't it? Do enjoy the rest of your Hogwarts weekend, and thank you for dropping in and listening. Speaking of, I think I was asked for another song. Any requests?"

A string of what must be obscenities uttered in some slavic language leaves along with Petrus as he makes his way for the door, removing atleast one big cloud of bad weather from the Three Broomsticks.

Wolfgang finally can focus on the more important matter now that Mr. Gloom and Doom High and Mighty is out of the room. "You know wild horses could not keep me from your birthday party." He assure Aldercy with another soft fine for public, but not exactly chaste either kiss. His accent also starts to slide. "Coor is -that- the sort what the Hat picked out for Slytherin when I wasn't lookin?" He manages to keep the Shelta dialect from entering just yet but his Irish Brogue gets stronger with every word.

Aldercy manages to keep a straight face until Petrus has fully left the building, then her lady-like demeanor slips a little bit, and she nudges Wolfgang in the ribs. "You really are bad," she tells him before the kiss lands. Their lips part with a chuckle from her. "You'd better not." Her butter beer is raised to her lips again as she allows some of the attention she's been receiving to be directed to Megs, and she shrugs. "Unfortunately we seem to be saddled with the ones that think that think way too highly of themselves. Interesting case, really. He wants to have influence, but fails to see that your sphere of influence will be quite small if you only associate with a chosen few."

Cameron is not comfortable with the level of comfort Wolfgang shows the other two girls. Though they clearly all know one another quite well, it leaves Cameron being a fourth wheel (the irony that this makes a perfectly serviceable wagon is not lost on her). Glossing over that, she rolls right on to talking about people behind their back. "Perhaps he's going for a pyramid scheme? Unless he requires his associates limit their associations as well. Then that is a bit of a bubble."

As Wolfgang lavishes his attention on Megs, Aldercy turns hers to Cameron. "It's possible," she muses. "However, since he's ditched his little cronies he had gathered around him the past couple years, that doesn't seem to make sense. He seems to be going to for the lone wolf idea." She takes a sip of her butterbeer. "He just fails to see that the lone wolf is cut off from the pack, and therefore easier to cut down."

Wolfgang smiles and moves to stand up he reaches across the table to offer to shake hands with Cameron, "Very nice to meet you. Stimulating, honestly." He then gives Aldercy a kiss on the cheek, "Good luck on exams, I'm going to take Megs for a bit of a trip…" With that he smiles down at Megs offering his hands to her to help her up, when she's up he kisses the knuckles that dangle on his hands and as he walks away overhearing Aldercy's comment about wolf something he grins over his shoulder as he's strolling away with Megs, "Aye he should leave the wolf act to the professionals." He grins playfully and then lifts his chin up to croon a sultry howl up to the ceiling and then continues along his way.

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