1935-08-12: Malt Shop Etiquette
Malt Shop Etiquette
IC Date August 12, 1935
OOC Date 02/15/2012
Location Central London — Central Diagon Alley — Uric's Oddball Malt Shoppe
Cast Lenten Mairwen Trahaearn Trey
Description In which the Blevins twins take a break from shopping, and Mairwen lectures Trey.

Trey opens the door for his cousin as the two enter the malt shop, "Cor Moll, you're always gettin' lost back 'ere. Ya'd think you're a bloody yank."

Lenten cuts her eyes across at her cousin as he opens the door for her. "I just don't usually go out much is all." She flapps her umbrella twice as she enters the door of the building, shedding it of rain. "Table or bar?" She takes in the room with a curious gaze. She hadn't actually been in the malt shop before.

Trey grins and walks to the bar, making a point to not actually respond to her question.

In the early evening of a breezy London day, the Blevins twins find themselves sitting in the malt shoppe in Diagon Alley, puting off their much-needed shopping. Trahaearn is dressed plainly, in slacks and what appears to be his old Hufflepuff sweater. He has a malt in front of him and is apparently in the middle of a conversation with his twin sister. "All'm sayin' is it'd be fun, right? A tiny, potted whompin' willow on the livin' room table?" His voice has a steady, calming effect; with the surity of moss on a boulder, while maintaining a casual Welsh accent. He enjoys a spoonful of his malt and grins at his sister.

"I don't want a whomping willow in my living room, Tray." Mairwen rolls her eyes at that, shaking her head and tossing her hair back over her shoulders, "I don't want it whomping Kitty when she's polishing the table!" She pokes at her own malt idly, "I need to get new quills, anyway." And quills are more important than a dangerous potted plant, after all! The shorter twin is content to dress in her robes, probably more evidence that she came straight from her shift at St. Mungo's than that she actually chose to wear them.

Trey walks casually past the bar, nearly bouncing on his short legs. He looks back at Lenten to make sure she's still following as he sets a small black book on the high counter, never stopping his stride "'ere's fine, dig?" His smile as he looks at her is infectious and rehearsed, as he turns and walks towards the soda fountain preparing two cokes when he arrives. "Moll you want cherry in yours?" He calls out, shrugging the far too big Ravenclaw letterman which hangs more than sits around his tiny boyish shoulders.

Lenten seems to not even notice his lack of response as she follows him to the bar. She fiddles with the sleeve of her black, turtleneck self-consciously, a small tell of her anxiety. The tall, thin girl attempts to stay close to her more confident cousin. She spies two people sitting down the bar from them and notices one is in a Hufflepuff sweater. She wrinkles her nose ever so slightly, worried about her upcoming fate. What house did she belong in? She hoped for Ravenclaw, of course, but what if the hat thought something else to be more appropriate for her? "Yeah, of course." She is unsmiling as she takes her seat and waits for Trey to bring her back a drink. He asks if she wants a cherry, she knows he is only being polite. "Yes, thank you." She eyes the black book and rolls her eyes. What new conquest could he possibly be planning on making while with her, school shopping, in Diagon Alley.

Tray's grin stays in place, his eyes twinkling as he says, "It'd be a tiny one, scarcely a foot tall. 'Whomping Willow' would e'en be a misnomer; perhaps more…'Tickling Tinder'?" He chuckles and glances over at the young children that have just entered, nudging Mary, "Don' look now, future cohorts of yours have entered," he says quietly, then continues, "But, yes, there are more than a few things I've been meaning to kip off and grab while in the Alley."

Mairwen shakes her head, "Just no. Don't even think about it." The senior apprentice healer (just judging my her robes) reaches over to lightly poke her brother in the arm with one finger before scooping up a small bite of her half melted malt, "If you want it so bad, you can put it in your room." Hey! It's a compromise, of sorts… Then she's being nudged and she looks over at the young kids, blinking a couple of times at the too large jacket on the boy, "Are you sure? Seems to me that that jacket's a little big for him." And everyone had expected both of them to end up in the same House, preferrably Slytherin, but look where those expectations ended up: Him a Hufflepuff and her a Ravenclaw.

Trey pays for the sodas and drops a cherry into each, pausing just long enough to look over his shoulder before grabbing an extra of the sweet little fruit and adding it to one of the dark drinks. Slouching more so than usually he moves back to the counter where his cousin sits, casting shifty glances at the shop owner, and the two other patrons in turn. Trey moves onto the barstool next to Lenten, smiling at her as he slides her the soda with the extra cherry, "Don't say I never did nothin' for ya." he pauses a moment, "'ey, you check out the too old folks behind us? You think those two are pure?"

Lenten watched her cousin with a surreptitous eye as he slinks back over to the counter. He *would* take an extra cherry. They were probably be free anyways. What was he trying to prove? Never the less, the corner of her lip turned up slightly when he slid the drink her way. She hadn't assumed it was for her. "Thanks, Trey." She says, an slightly bashful tone to her voice, a blush barely coloring her colorless cheeks, not a common occurrence when speaking to her best-friend. Her olive eyes look over to where the two adults are once more as her brow creases into a frown. "I don't know, Trey. How would you suppose you could tell?" She arched one delicate, black eyebrow as she raised her cola-cola closer to her face and took the straw between tiny, pale lips. She takes an extended sip before gently setting the drink back down, muffling the noise by padding the underside of the glass with her finger.

Trahaearn shrugs and quietly comments, "Well, hopefuls at least? Anyway, I can keep it in my room, aye. Though, I still think our house needs…/something/ to spruce it up, eh? Perhaps a dog…." He winks at his sister and takes another spoonful of drippy chocolate goodness, "By the way, I was thinking this week we'd have lunch with mum. I assume you'll be there?" He looks over at the kids again and smiles blythely, remembering that age.

The blonde woman turns her attention on the youngsters again, giving them a calculating look that could be considered rude, "You may be right…" Mairwen turns her attention back on her brother when he agrees to keep the mini-whomping willow in his room, nodding in satisfaction, "Good-" She cuts off when he mentions getting a dog, "You better be joking, Trahaearn Blevins… I refuse to have a dog in my house. They're smelly, dirty, and have fleas. I do NOT want fleas!" She wrinkles her nose, "Anyway, do you really want to make me hide on top of the bookshelf all the time?" Wait a minute… Maybe he does! She gives him a suspicious look until he mentions having lunch with their mother, brightening somewhat at the prospect, "Aye! Of course I'll be there." She flashes a smile at him, "Is Da going to be there, too, or do you think he'll be able to get away from the office long enough?" For her part, the kids have been dismissed for the moment. They're healthy, after all, and don't need her help, so she isn't going to bother with them.

Not unless one of them suddenly starts spitting slugs, or something.

Trey chuckles at his cousin, taking a long sip of his coke afterword. "Ya see Moll, that's why ya need me around. You'd be taken for a ride by the first twit you said he was the Real McCoy. You're a smart doll, take a look at the two and tell me which of them ain't on the level." He takes another long sip of his drink before speaking again, "The bloke with the Hufflepuff sweater, see Pops says ain't nobody in Hufflepuff ever did anything worth while in the whole history of wizardom, and that's the goods! Cor blimey Lent, I'd expect an abercrombie like you ta know that alright!" His voice slowing rising in his excitement, a rare moment of 'knowing' something his cousin did not had led him to forget his surroundings. He peers over his shoulder to ensure the very large target of his malicious humor did not hear him.

Lenten's eyebrows seem to be trying to escape her high forehead the way they moved into the air further with every statement leaving Trey's mouth. She screws her tiny mouth up, pushing it to the side as she considers him for a moment with quiet annoyance. She knows she should probably just let it go but it bother her. "Trey, that's an awful thing to say!" She hisses under her breath, also glancing at the man in Hufflepuff wear, hoping he didn't hear her cousin's outburst. Her eyes shift a little, "Really think about where you're at and act appropriately." Her fingers run through her dark hair nervously brushing through the perfectly straight locks. "I can't believe you buy that dribble." She rolls her eyes, not considering what her own concerns about sorting say about her bias.

Trahaearn scoops the last of his malt into his mouth and chuckles, "I think Da might make it, but we'll see, then." His ears perk as he hears the boy's comment, causing him to half-turn and look in the boy's direction. A stern frown is spared for him, with an almost pitying look at the kid. "Anyway, Mary, I was going to stop at Madam Malkin's and eye some new dress robes. Want to meet up there after grabbing your quills?" He stands with a voluminious stretch of his large armspan. The young man looks over his shoulder again and the kids and shakes his head quietly, then bends down to plant an affectionate peck on the top of his sister's head. "Plus it'll give me time to find your birthday present. I almost forgot it was your birthday." He laughs and heads slowly for the door.

The ignoring only last until Mairwen hears the boy badmouthing her brother. For a moment, she just goes stiff, a silent snarl twisting her face as she hunches her shoulders, her eyes narrowed as she slowly turns her head to glare at the boy that DARED to speak badly of her twin brother. She's only distracted when Trahaearn speaks up about lunch with their parents, nodding stiffly, "Aye. I'll meet you there, Tray." She rests her hand on his arm for a moment in silent encouragement, chuckling softly at the reminder of their birthday, "And how could you forget my birthday, ay? It's yours, too!" She shakes her head as he leaves, her smile fading as she once again turns to eye the kids.

Slowly, Mary slips down off of her stool, leving the last quarter of her malt where it is, and glides over to stand near Tray, "Oy! Boy. Where do you think you get off badmouthing your elders? Every House has their place." She eyes them both up and down, "And you can't always tell what a person does by how they look when they aren't working." She's standing with her head up and shoulders back, spine straight as a board, "Just because someone is wearing a hufflepuff sweater doesn't make them worthless, I will have you know!" Uh oh… Sounds like she's just getting wound up to give this little boy that dared to call her brother worthless a heafty piece of her mind.

Trey swivels in his stool, shock and fear plastered on his boyish face. "Oh dear Ma'am!" He yelps, hoping to divert her obvious anger his tone instantly changes from that of a cocky little snot to an *almost* genuinely apologetic child, instantly kicking on all his defense mechanisms. "I'm so very sorry Ma'am," he whispers, eyes downcast and shoulders drooping, "I didn't mean no disrespect, I jus' can't help but know what I'm taught, dig?" He squints slightly and looks up at her hoping that his attempt at puppy dog eyes will obscure slip of slang. For added effect Trey sticks his bottom lip out slightly as he looks back down.

Mairwen narrows her eyes at the boy that… is the same height she is. Oops! Her face is lightly flushed with anger and her hands clenched in her robes at her sides, "Oh, you better be sorry, kid, or I'm going to make you sorry." It's a good thing Trahaearn isn't here to see her like this. Else, she'd have him yelling at her. The squinty puppy dog eyes just has her narrowing her eyes a little more as she does her best to loom over him, "That man that you dismissed so easily, just because he's wearing a Hufflepuff sweater, is one of the best men I have ever had the honor of knowing! He was a beater on his house quidditch team for four years."

Trey's eyes widen in total complete fear and abhoration, "Cor blimey lady! I'm jus' a lad! Ya think beatin' the knuts outa me is gonna ya man any pleased with ya?" He shakes his head, trying to wrap his mind around an adult physically threatening him, and a nurse at that. He glances at Lenten but quickly realising he'll find no help there returns to looking at the woman and simpering. "I said I was sorry, why you need ta put the squeeze on me?"

It's only when he accuses her of thinking about actually hurting him that Mairwen blinks and seems to regain her senses, swearing sofly in Welsh, before addressing him, "I'm not going to hurt you." She pauses for a beat, her comment absent, "And he's not 'my man', as you put it; he's my brother." She gives herself a little shake and reaches up to tuck a stray lock of hair back behind one ear, "Just be careful who you speak badly of, young man. You might talk about the wrong person someday…" Message delivered, the young woman turns on her heel and stalks towards the door.

Trey watches the woman reach the door before turning in his stool and returning to his drink. The shuffling of pages can be heard as he opens his little black book and begins jotting down notes.

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