1935-05-00: Paper Armada
Paper Armada
IC Date May, 1935
OOC Date 1/3/10
Location Hogwarts Library
Cast Est Petrus Wendy
Description Petrus is beset by disruptive Hufflepuffs.

May is a very fine month, one of the few that has a higher balance of not-miserable days than miserable ones. Who's cruel idea was it then to put exams just after that, forcing students into study nooks and crannies such that they might win freedom just in time for blistering heat and crashing thunderstorms? Est, like most of the Hogwarts population, in the library, but unlike the more studious of his brethren is showily not working. Instead he's building paper airplanes at a table close to the entrance. He's well on his way to a sizable fleet.

One to take exams a bit more seriously, though, is Petrus; a sixth year student of the Slytherin house. Always found with a book under his arm and a very serious attitude towards academic achievement. He is seated not far away, a large scroll before him on to which he is scribbling fanatically. It is very obvious, however, that he is disturbed by the armada of paperplanes constantly moving in his field of vision; but he has no choice but to stay with the Library so full.

Wendy is also hard at work. Or has been until just now, anyway. She's spent the last few hours plowing her way steadily through Arithmancy exercises, with sheets and sheets of complicated charts piled neatly by her elbow, and a few helpful volumes for consultation. But even she needs a break from her labors, on occasion. Leaving her charts and books unguarded (who's going to want them?) the Hufflepuff girl scrambles up from her chair, stretches, and begins to move briskly around the tables. She pauses by Est's table, eyes the paper planes, and shoots him a thoroughly disapproving stare. "Prince, don't you /ever/ study?"

Est grins, and gently lobs a plane at Wendy. "Price, don't you ever /not/? Where's the fun?" he says, teasingly imitating her inflection. The rest of his fleet are arranged in neat lines across his table, ready for take off and gloriously taking up room that could be put to more practical applications than 'airfield.'

Finally losing some patience with the disturbance; first planes and now talking! Petrus puts his quill down and shoots a fiery look towards the two, "For those who learned to read, the sign at the door states Library." he hisses, "There are certain niceties to observe when in here." he fumes. He pulls out his wand, beginning to remove sentences from his parchment that clearly have not met his standard.

Wendy automatically reaches up to catch the plane as it wafts her way, delicately pinching it between finger and thumb. "I have plenty of fun," she says, with dignity. "But /some/ of us have to try to keep up Hufflepuff's good name, y'know, and -" She is cut-off midway by Petrus. Voice testy, she says, "Oh, do please keep your socks on. I'll be on my way in a minute."

"I'm due to get kicked out in about-" Here Est makes a great show of scrutinizing his watch and peering out a window as if to check the position of the sun. "-two minutes, eighteen seconds." He starts stacking the planes for carrying, being careful not to crumple the parchment. "Might as well save the librarian the trouble, I'm sure she's /very/ busy assisting those /hard/ at work." This is said with utmost sincerity and concern for their dear librarian's time, although a pointed look at Petrus accompanies it. Managing to have one arm free for gesturing even with an entire flight of planes to carry, he sweeps it at Wendy. "You are most welcome to that one, splendid catch by the way."

Petrus finishes erradicating passages in his parchment with his wand. Stowing it away, he picks up his quill again, "Thank you so very very much." he replies with a bit of acid to his tone. He then glances to Wendy but offers only a nod before he sets the quilltip back on the parchment, scribbling the first words. He mutters a few words in some slavic language.

"Why are you in the library, anyway?" Est's compliment about her catch seems to have appeased Wendy, who favors him with a faint smile and a friendlier tone. She's lowering her voice this time, though it might not be enough; she's a loud girl, with a tendency to boom. "I'd think the common room'd be a better -" There's a pause, and then Wendy narrows her eyes at her Housemate. "You got tossed out for being a nuisance, /didn't/ you, Prince."

Est doesn't grin any wider, but only because he can't. Grin width is already cranked to 11. So he makes do with a sweeping bow at Petrus and a wink at Wendy and moves on like a herd of buffalo, seeking new pastures to get kicked out of.

Petrus lets out a sigh, dropping his quill once more. He stares at his parchment before standing up as well. He slams the book closed then rolls up his parchment, "Commonroom. There is an idea." he mutters, then starts to yank down two more books, "If I can only persuade that old gargoyle to let me check these out." he mutters, too audible then intended.

"Didn't you hear?" Petrus's comment wasn't aimed at Wendy, but like that's going to go stop her. "She's not letting anyone take anything out anymore. Doesn't want to have to hunt people down to reclaim her prizes, what with it being term's end." The girl delivers this news a trifle more cheerfully than is warranted. Or kind. "But good luck trying." She tosses Petrus a small nod, and then briskly continues on her way, vanishing into the stacks.

"Oh, I think I have a few tricks up my sleeve." Petrus mutters to this. He grabs his bag and slings it around his shoulder before he takes a quick look around. He then begins to stalk down the shelves in look for the librarian; always good to know where your prey is before you give her the slip.

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