This character is retired, and is no longer in play. After an unintentional rescue from Durmstrang Lois and her surrounding family thought it would be good to start fresh and moved to Australia.

Mama Lioness
Portrayed by Bianca Pisciola
Name: Lois Clara Pym
Aliases: Pym, The Pym
Birthday: Nov 13, 1920
Position: Currently a hostage of Durmstrang
Lineage: Half-Blood


5'3" in her stocking feet, Lois is compactly built, with the healthy, sensible prettiness of a classic English Rose. Her bistre-colored hair hangs a little longer than the current fashion, to her mid back; gleaming ringlets bespeak careful use of a curling charm. Fair skinned and dark eyed, she has a soft, rounded face, with a certain good nature hinted in the set of her full mouth. The teenager is already a deft hand with cosmetics, and rarely appears without a discreet bit of color on her lips or powder on her nose. Above her left ear, a bakelite pin has been nestled, holding a curl away from her face. Shaped like a cartoon dalmatian's head, it's been charmed to mirror its wearer's facial expressions in comically exaggerated fashion.

Miss Pym is currently clad in the soft grays of a Hogwarts uniform, its gold and scarlet accents marking her as a lionly Gryffindor. Over a crisply maintained white shirt is a gray vest, neatly buttoned, with a gold-striped scarlet tie providing a spot of color; she tends to wear it over, not under, the vest. The pleats on her gray skirt are near-invariably of starched perfection, with gray stockings over trim legs, and nicely polished black shoes. Out and about in the school, she usually has her robes on as well, with their black exterior and scarlet lining. Pinned between collarbone and heart, a telltale golden 'P' against a scarlet and gold backdrop, Gryffindor lion rampant, marks her as one of her House's prefects.


When a Pure-blood of impeccable lineage marries a Muggle-born, it often is a deeply romantic affair. When Lois's Pure-blood mother married her Muggle-born father, it was cool-headed pseudoscience. While at Hogwarts, Lloyd Pym had introduced to some of his fellow students the Muggle concept of eugenics, of which he was a staunch proponent; her mother, Lillian Yaxley - part of the Aberdeen Yaxleys - had become enraptured by the notion. Coming to the conclusion that marrying a Pure-blooded second- or third-cousin would risk producing unfit children who would be a drain on society, Lillian, fond of Lloyd but not particularly in love, made a businesslike proposal of a match. They were both bright students, physically attractive, and forward-thinkers, after all: they would make a good pairing. If her family wasn't altogether enthused about it, well - she needed to look after /her/ potential lineage first, after all, didn't she?

The Pyms would go on to become magical researchers based out of Kingston upon Hull, with an informal sideline as loud proponents of diversifying Wizard bloodlines. The pair have four daughters, raised in their efficient household run along all the newest lines of thought, both Muggle and Wizard: Lois, Leona, Lucy and Linden. As the eldest - and a girly-girl from birth, who mothered her dolls obsessively - Lois became accustomed from early childhood to acting as a sort of supplemental mini-mother to her young sisters, especially as their newfangled parents were both believers in the idea that children weren't to be given too much open affection, lest they become spoiled and weak. Throughout childhood, Lois's protective streak blossomed into a feminine-flavored chivalry, one that landed her in Gryffindor when she headed for Hogwarts.

Lois's tenure at Hogwarts thus far has been unexceptional but solid. She is not a genius student but a steady, thorough plodder, with stellar marks in Charms and decent marks in everything else. What she is mostly known for is not her academic achievements, though, but her motherly personality. From the moment she hopped on the train in First Year Lois has been taking care of fellow students, or at least trying to. Biscuits before big exams; darning socks and fixing ripped uniforms; mending bangs and scrapes. Not that she hasn't gotten into her share of Gryffindor shenanigans and tussles… but Lois's aggressive and mischievous sides are very much secondary to her need to protect.

Although her initial life goal was to be nothing more than a happily married housewitch with a bushel of babies, since Fifth she's acquired a new driving goal: to use her talent at Charms and nurturing temperament to become a Healer. In Fifth she also acquired a new responsibility: years of mothering (harassing) her peers brought with them a shiny prefect's badge.

Going into Sixth Year, Lois's time is divided between preparing for her N.E.W.T.s, mothering her classmates (and her sisters especially - only Linden is still too young for Hogwarts, and fellow Gryffindor Lucy is especially fussed over), and entertaining herself with her friends. Pretty Miss Pym gets a fair bit of flirting with boys in there, too.


Birch, 10 1/6 inches, dragon heartstring core, flexible.


Horace Walpole. Deaf in one ear, with a shy and skittish temperament. Despite her name (it's a long story) Horace is in fact female.

RP Hooks

  • Rampant. Pureblood. Inbreeding: Lois is related (through her mother) to the Yaxleys, and by extension many of the oldest Pure-blooded families in Britain. Are you a relative?
  • Healing: A Healer at St. Mungo's? You've got Lois's dream job, and she'll have plenty of questions for you. A mildly injured student? Lois is known to patch her comrades up after they get little nicks and scrapes, especially those acquired illicitly.
  • Prefect: Lois is one of the Gryffindor girls' prefects, and available for trouble-quashing on the regular.
  • Girliest of Girls: Are you a fellow disciple in the ways of femininity? Lois would love to talk sewing, knitting, cooking, babies, and cute boys with you. It's getting her to stop once she's started that's the tricky bit.
  • Newfangled Notions: Lloyd and Lillian Pym are noted proponents of applying Muggle theories of eugenics, scientific efficiency, and childrearing to the Wizard community. Lois is, as a result, well-versed in such things, and can be drawn into discussing them.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable: The Pyms are not rich, and Lillian certainly won't be getting a drop of Yaxley money in any of her relatives' wills. But they're comfortably middle class, and none of the Pym sisters have ever lacked for the essentials. Lois tends to invest most of her pocket money into buying herself clothes.
  • Girly Girl: She knows makeup. She knows babies. She knows half a dozen hair curling charms.
  • Mama Bear: When the well-being of younger students is on the line - or anyone else who triggers her parental instincts - Lois turns into 5 feet 3 inches of sheer fierceness. Whether her charges want her to spring to their assistance is quite irrelevant.
  • Meddlesome: Lois knows what's best for you. You just don't know it yet.



Cousin in Gryffindor. The two share their House and year, and are on good terms despite their very different interests and temperaments. To help please Aunt Madeline, Lois has been entrusted in helping Mabel girly-up her image, a task she relishes.


(NPC.) Mother. Lillian is extremely newfangled and strongly influenced by her Muggleborn husband: she is an atheist, a vegetarian, a teetotaler, always has lots of open windows and very little furniture in her house, and is a proponent of a more 'scientific' approach to life, including a belief in eugenics. She had four children because she believes herself to be of particularly sound genetic stock, not because she is particularly keen on mothering; Lois is, in fact, the only one of the Pym sisters who's ever gotten much attention from their mother. Born into the Pureblooded Yaxleys, Lillian is on extremely poor terms with most of her family, especially her parents and her sister Edyth.


(NPC.) Father. Born into a Muggle household, son of a surgeon, Lloyd's interest in Muggle science did not dim when he unexpectedly was invited to study at Hogwarts. As a Ravenclaw he was mildly notorious for his advocacy of cutting-edge Muggle social ideas being applied to Wizarding society, and as an adult he remains an advocate of 'modernization'. Like his wife, he has a wealth of newfangled ideas.


Sister in Ravenclaw. Two years younger. Prissy, with a pronounced tendency to worry, but very bright and very competitive. As a child Lois domineered over her sister without quite meaning to, and an older Leona maintains a little distance as a result.


Sister in Gryffindor. Four years younger. The daring one of the family, with a whimsical and independent streak. Despite this, she's thus far tolerated her older sister's mothering - it helps that Lois had just become a prefect when Lucy arrived at Hogwarts, and with a House full of charges cannot focus her energies on her sister.


Still at home; Linden attends Hogwarts next year. Six years younger. The baby of the family, Linden is also the only Pym sister to strongly take after their parents; she is strongly attracted to New Things. Prone to whining and tattling, to her sisters' annoyance.

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