Character Information
Portrayed by Blake Michael
Name: Maurice Lorcan Parkinson
Aliases: -
Birthday: October 12th, 1925
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


A teenage boy of rather weedy appearance and at around 5'4'' not yet fully grown. His remarkable feature is his thick black hair which falls down to his shoulders. Equally dark eyes make his thin face appear even paler. Yet his features - large eyes, straight nose, full lips - could almost be called handsome and there is a chance he might yet grow into a good-looking young man. If only he'd lose that slightly unnerving stare with which he likes to fixate others and that perpetual half-smirk.

He is wearing a Hogwarts school uniform in the classical green and silver coloring of House Slytherin: Well-fitting black trousers, a white shirt, a rather badly tied green tie with silver stripes and a grey vest of fine cashmere. The ensemble is completed by a black cloak with dark-green lining.


Maurice Lorcan Parkinson was born on 12 October 1925 in London, the fourth and last child of Danielle and Dean Parkinson, a pure-blood family with a long history in potion making. As the youngest child, Maurice was rather spoiled and doted upon. He never thought much about it, the wealth of his family or the fact that they were pure-bloods - it was just the way things were. Things changed however when Maurice started to attend Hogwarts. He resented the attention bestowed on him as "another Parkinson" and the high expectations of both teachers and family. He grew into a moody teenager and let it be known that henceforth he wished to be addressed by his second name, Lorcan. While he doesn't actively dislike his siblings, he is right now anxious to keep his distance and work life out for himself.

Lorcan started to attend Hogwarts in 1937 and not surprisingly did best in potions, bringing all the family knowledge with him. Otherwise he didn't really excel at any subjects, which is due more to laziness and his mindset than anything else. He doesn't like sports and since he knows he can't excel anyway, let alone make the Quidditch team, he rather pretends to have no interest in it at all. He joined the Knights of Walpurgis because he felt he was getting along with these guys who had similar (pure-blood) minds and the chess club, because he felt he -had- to do something. He isn't really big at hobbies, but he does like to pluck at his guitar and pen songs filled with woe and teenage angst. In his wildest dreams he'll become a great star some day - though he certainly won't share that thought with anyone.

Lorcan is muddling through in school, dabbling a little on the darker side of things with the Knights and might or might not have noticed that pretty girl in Transfiguration class. If asked, he'll totally deny it.

RP Hooks

  • Music: While he's not terribly good at it, Lorcan loves to play the guitar and pen songs. Talk to him about forming a band or simply about favourite singers.
  • Dark Arts: Lorcan has recently taken an interest in the Dark Arts and can often be seeing dragging dusty tomes from the library's back shelves into his room.
  • Knights of Walpurgis: He's one!


  • Not as Smart as He Thinks He Is
  • Emo Soul
  • Short Attention Span
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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Dean Parkinson Jr
Father: Lorcan has no particular opinion of his Dad. He's rarely really strict with him and lets Lorcan get away with plenty. Which he quite approves of.


Danielle Parkinson nee Bonnesante
Mother: Lorcan is rather close to his Momma. She reinforces his belief that Muggles are worthless creatures who are rarely up to any good and are definitely not to be trusted. Which suits him self.


Sister Sunny is his oldest sister and an annoying over-achiever who set the bar way too high for her younger siblings at Hogwarts. But all in all she's quite tolerable.


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